Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville… “Friends” of the Housewives

                                                                            Dana and Brandi… designated “friends” of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

So, how did Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville become “friends” of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and not, as publicized before the RHOBH season started, “Real Housewives?”

Bravo either had to call Dana and Brandi “Housewives” or tag them with another label (remember the Fernanda Rocha from Orange County dilemma?).  So, Bravo decided to just call Brandi and Dana “friends.”

                                      Yeah, give them all PO boxes…  

Another reason Dana and Brandi are “friends” is that, according to SH’s good friend, The Daily Truffle, Dana and Brandi are NOT in the correct area to be true Beverly Hills Housewives… details here.   Yes, Kim Richards is not in Beverly Hills, but she’s an exception… Kim is Kyle’s sister and Kyle is the cog in the middle of the wheel that brought all the Housewives together, so it don’t matter where Kim lives, she’s a BH HW.

Note:  While looking for a particular item for this post, I came across this very interesting article, calling Brandi Glanville “the head bitch” on RHOBH… from “Celebitchy,” dated June 17… here.

                                                                                        The Real Housewives of Orange County

NOTE:  If you do not recall the “Fernanda Rocha fiasco,” Fernanda was publicized as the first gay/bi-sexual Housewife in Bravo’s Housewives franchises.  Group photos of Fernanda were up on Bravo… until the Orange County season began.   Many of Fernanda’s scenes were edited out and her group photos as a “Housewife” were gone from the Bravo website.

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  1. Maybe it’s Russell/Traylor burnout, exhaustion from the endless NJ season or general Housewife fatigue due to Bravo airing multiple cities simultaneously, but I can’t get into Beverly Hills this season. I DVR the show and don’t watch for a few days. Then when I do watch, it seems like drudgery. I’m not looking forward to tonight’s episode and don’t really care. Anyone else?


    • I feel ya AOM and it sucks cause I was really looking forward to watching it this year. I think it sucks so bad because they edited so much of it. I feel like the super charged drama scenes we have seen so far are confusing because they have cut so much out trying to be “careful and responsible” which is ironic considering they never were before. It seems like we all have to dig to find the , read between the lines stuff. I personally think they should just be forth coming and say here is the crap we created have at it. I think all these ladies in housewife land in general have become so jaded and they are all chasing the Bethany Frankel Dragon it’s not fun anymore.

      new idea!! Real housewives of the trailor park!! At least it will be real!!


      • While they haven’t announced it, won’t Atlanta start up again soon? Then, since they’ve already been filming season 4 of NJ for months and might be done, that could start airing around Christmas or New Years. Oh, and they’ve got cameras rolling on the next season of OC so that should be ready by winter and NY has probably started filming with the cast changes and…….

        See, I think that’s the problem. Each season would be 10-12 episodes and there would only be one city on at a time. There would be a break and anticipation would build. But now it’s an endless twice-weekly infomercial and wellspring of Bravolebrities who get promoted everywhere in the Bravo/NBC world. Overkill. Big time.


      • Ummm, we prefer to be called Ladies of the Court. It’s a Trailer Court. Not a Trailer Park. Gawd, look down on us will ya, well it’s all fun and games until your husband knocks your tooth out then accidentally shoots himself squirrel huntin. Can’t afford to live at the Court anymore, so I’m gonna lose my title, and I can’t afford the very high space rent, so I have to find someone to fix the truck, so I can move the trailer out. Now where will I go? I guess back to Oklahoma to live in my moms trailer. I’m so afraid of having nothing, I grew up that way, I mean we had nothing. So I wish I did have a TV show to look back on and say- Look at me, Lady of the Court, I had it all didn’t I?
        Thanks for playin SD ;)


    • AOM: Yeah… I’m witha on your Housewives fatigue. Bravo’s decision re Shana/TraylorTrash has put a very sour note in viewing the RHOBH. Plus, the producer-induced scenes are so obvious (Adrienne’s chef complaining about “that English woman”… for example). What I do NOT understand is WHY are these women friends with Shana??? Lisa can see through her, but Kyle has been snowed by Shana… it’s difficult to watch and to understand the relationship. TFC!! SH


      • Perhaps, like a moth to the flame, Kyle is attracted to the camera time. She knows for sure that Traylor is a trainwreck, going through a crisis and will get lots of camera time. If Kyle sticks by Traylor’s side, she gets on air too AND looks sane, wise, balanced, kind and caring. BONUS! Plus, she can let Traylor get the main focus and keep it off her relationship with sister Kim and Kim’s rumored substance abuse problems.

        Now if Kyle is this deviously bright and conniving, she could be my all-time favorite. Or she’s just a simpleton who got taken by a con artist. Probably a toss-up, huh?


        • The way Kyle sold her sister down the river just to buddy up with the con artist… I think you’re right on her being conniving and has her motives. And like you, I’m gonna enjoy, sit back and watch the messed up show!


      • whether Kyle wants to admit it, she’s an enabler. She’s enabled Kim to a degree for many years, and seems to be enabling Taylor to be a victim, cause she likes to be needed. I like Kyle though.
        Umm, this a.m. I saw a preview for ET with another part of Shanas interview, and she’s claiming Russel; video monitored her 24\7, cameras under her desk, etc. My question is, What desk? She had her own desk?


  2. AOM, How can I get past that, when all I keep thinking is, they are already filming next seasons RHONJ. Once is all I watch. But, You must remember Giggy. I ooh and ahh, and then have sweet dreams.


  3. Dana Wilkey looks like a chubby 16 year old who doesn’t pay attention to her hair. I mean Cmon, when your up against these girls, you have to at least get someone to show you how to do your hair. And I only say this, because it’s like lookin at myself from 1986. Luckily someone told me to get a perm, showed me how to curl my hair, and BAM!, one year later I looked like any other teen from the 80’s. I lost the chubby by going on a pure Smarties diet. They are fat free ya know.
    Your Welcome Dana


  4. Hi Everyone, I’m new but read this site daily. Great stuff!!! Didn’t Bravo film season 2 of NY with an added cast member only to edit her out of the entire season except for a few cameo’s? I forget the details.

    I think Bravo has jumped the shark with season 2 of bh. They should have reshot it without taylor and just started fresh.


    • agree auntie bella…all the franchises have jumped the shark…and how they got new, richer, more socially prominent cast members for ny is beyond me. being on that show will be a source of embarrassment and ridicule for every single cast member for the rest of their lives. I guess there will always be people desperate for attention….I just could never be one of them


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