Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump… Music Video Star

                                                               Lisa played “Samantha” in ABC’s 80’s music videos…

The Daily Mail picked up on Lisa Vanderpump’s music videos from the 80’s… here.  The Daily Mail said that Lisa’s “embarrassing past has come back to haunt her” in the video included in their article.  How dare they!?  Embarrassing past!?  Here’s something embarrassing:  Jillz and KKKelly scampering over to Atlantic City to be in Countless LuAnnie’s music video in 2011.

                                                           Lisa always had a fondness for big fur hats..

What the Daily Mail did not mention was that Lisa continued her role as “Samantha” in ABC’s hour-long music video “Mantrap,” which paid homage to 50’s espionage films…


(Thanks to SH reader “SnarkyGirl”)

3 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump… Music Video Star

  1. First of all (being a teen in the 80,s) I remember this, I never made the connection that was Lisa!! But how could I miss. Probably back then I was paying more attention to him than her. Lisa then compared to now I can safely say she is very well preserved is she not?? Of course she looks older now but no in a bad way. She very beautiful then and now and just as glamorous. I would rather be “Samantha” then the ZZ top girl. Back in the day I WAS an ABC fan, not a ZZ Top fan. I thought I was very cool and angst. This made me feel so old for so many reasons but I think the main one was( btw grew up in Europe till I was ten) when they went to Praha/Prauge(in english) was that it was still under communist rule, the iron curtian was still up. That’s why the gaurd when they get off the train. Also Martian’s white socks with loafers and the blazer’s with shoulder pads, very funny.

    P.S. I will not blame my bad grammar on growing up speaking more than on language like Tree, I’m just bad at spelling!! :)


  2. Lisa should be proud! I think she was in an episode of Baywatch too?

    Jeana Keough is in the best video clip of all the Housewives


  3. I don’t care what kind of snarkiness the other housewives throw this season about Lisa…she’s my fave and the only genuine personality on all the franchises…she wrote a book about entertaining at home…I’ve yet to see her pitch it on the show (and even if she does it will be w/taste no doubt) ;)


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