Anderson Cooper: “Anderson” Show Opening… Anderson Takes A Tumble!

  Watch me as I open my new show, “Anderson”!!!

The opening of new daytime talk show, “Anderson”… Anderson rides his bike to work.   Trying to be very serious… bikin’ as he’s talkin’… he really shouldn’t do that!!!

Watch out, Anderson!!!

The opening of “Anderson” on The Soup… just a little bit different… 

16 comments on “Anderson Cooper: “Anderson” Show Opening… Anderson Takes A Tumble!

      • As long as he is not driving himself home after the show, that doesn’t bother me too much. Feel for his wife and kids though. My husband gets in the bottle once a week and it is not fun or enjoyable. I have never noticed McHale acting sloshed, but being that the show is just pure silly anyway, I could have not noticed. However, during Hurricane Katrina, our weatherman had to be called to cover and was 3 sheets to the wind. It was awful to watch, so I can see if you noticed that how it can be off putting.


        • oh nooo…just the opposite….I thought it was genius….you can tell no one on that shows takes themselves too seriously, Joel included….he looked like he had come in from a night of hard partying….unkempt clothing, scruffy face….kept losing his balanced. Luvd it!


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