Real Housewives of New York: New Housewife… Carol Radziwill

                                      Carole Radziwill, widow of Anthony Radziwill.  Anthony was the son of Lee Radziwill, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ sister.  Anthony died two weeks after John Kennedy Jr died in plane crash…

                                                                          Carole and Anthony Radziwill…

According to a very excellent source, Paula Froelich… the same source who told SH readers three days ago which New York Housewives were getting the boot… one of the new Housewives chosen for the Real Housewives of New York will be Carole Radziwill, widow of Anthony Radiziwill.

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  1. wow, that whole clan has been intensely private for soooo long I am amazed she agreed to do this. I wonder whats in it for her, can’t be money. Maybe she hated Alex and Simone too and only agreeded to do it if Bravo gave them the boot.


  2. Wow…too funny….I never thought I would see someone from my “family” on a reality show, much less National Television……


  3. Honestly, the franchise needs to be classed up quite a bit. But do you think any self respecting member of New York society would agree to do this show with these wanna-be-upper-echelon gals?
    Remember when Jillz repeatedly said she worked in her Baw-bee’s fabric store? When was the last time you saw her in there or actually speak about it?
    It’s time to get back to the real stories that made us watch these shows in the first place. I want to see gala’s of the fabulously rich, the children of Manhattan Society, lavish parties in the Hamptons!!!


  4. I must say my dear Miss SH, you deliver the goods in a most expeditious manner. I am most grateful to you. Mrs Radziwell should make a most interesting addition to the cast. I doubt if we will find much pride no less vanity on her part which is not duly earned. At the very least this is my hope


  5. Hi SH,

    I just wanted to briefly note that “Carole” is misspelled in your headline (i.e., lacks an “e”). As a granddaughter of a late, ardent “Carol-with-an-e”, I’m looking out on her behalf!

    Thanks so much, and for your endlessly entertaining site,
    Meghan (with an “h”)


  6. I’ve read Carole’s book. It was poignant but not very gossipy at all. She made her points in subtle fashion about her relationship w/mother-in-law and other less than perfect relationships within the family. She had a bird’s eye view.

    I thought she was a class act. I can’t imagine her sitting across from Ramona at lunch doing housewives drama. My prediction is she’ll be more like Cindy, “how’d I get here” facial expressions deer in headlights look. Cindy didn’t seem to enjoy the ride and I don’t see how Carole will either.


  7. Carole is a gold digger with a degree. always was. Scratched her way to what she thought was the top; leaving her family behind. She actually walked past her own mother on the street once while in Anthony’s company because she was too embarasssed to acknowledge her mother. You refer to her as Royalty. Not even by association. Lee wanted nothing to do with her and saw right through her. I knew Carole and my own belief is she had some twisted idea that she could get to John via Anthony. She underestimated how close they were. Trash with a capital T. @Joan I also know Ramona and she is more genuine than Carole could ever hope to be.


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