Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… At Fashion Week

                                                            Super-model-turned-jewelry maker-turned-“writer”… KKKelly Bensimon

Oh, that fashion icon, KKKelly Bensimon!  What!?  You had no idea KKKelly, one a the New York Housewives was a fashion icon???  Yeah, well, hardly anyone else did either until she informed everyone via becoming a Housewife on the Real Housewives of New York.   KKKelly was at Jill Stuart’s show during Fashion Week this week… wearing this ridiculous dress.

                                                                                    KKKelly Bensimon… wearing a boy’s bedspread that she got on sale at JCPenney’s.

It IS hard to believe, but KKKelly claims that she was once a highly paid super model, who took all of her modeling experience and her fashion know-how and turned all of that into her foray into jewelry making and being the author of coffee table books, i.e. “The Bikini Book.”  Uh, yeah… KKKelly’s an ‘author’ just like Tree Joodice… they’re both ‘awthers.’

                                                                      KKKelly Bensimon… coffee table book ‘awther’… was sittin’ front row at the Jill Stuart show this week.  In THAT boys bedspread dress!!!  KKKelly won’t be gettin’ a front row seat at next year’s Jill Stuart show…

KKKelly actually goes around bragging that she’s ‘written’ several books!  Ya know, gettin’ your ex-hubbend to provide you with leftover shots of girls in bikinis and you arranging them for a book does not an ‘author’ make… it does qualify KKKelly, however, to be an “AWTHER“… just like Tree Joodice!

                                                                                            OMG!!!  KKKelly wearin’ her boys bedspread dress wit doz huge feeta hers!!!  She got some biiiiig feet!!!

Would anyone know about KKKelly, watch her idiotic instructional videos, purchase the books she’s “written” or the jewelry she’s “made” had she NOT married photographer Gilles Bensimon?  Nope.  Hell, she wouldn’t even BE KKKelly ‘Bensimon‘!!!

Unfortunately, KKKelly is one of the New York Housewives who received a stay of execution from Bravo because of Russell Armstrong’s death… and for those who wish to continue to watch the Real Housewives of New York will be subjected to “still-thinks-she’s-a-thirteen-year-old” KKKelly for another season.

(Thanks to cc/mc for the KKKelly photos!!!)