Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… At Fashion Week

                                                            Super-model-turned-jewelry maker-turned-“writer”… KKKelly Bensimon

Oh, that fashion icon, KKKelly Bensimon!  What!?  You had no idea KKKelly, one a the New York Housewives was a fashion icon???  Yeah, well, hardly anyone else did either until she informed everyone via becoming a Housewife on the Real Housewives of New York.   KKKelly was at Jill Stuart’s show during Fashion Week this week… wearing this ridiculous dress.

                                                                                    KKKelly Bensimon… wearing a boy’s bedspread that she got on sale at JCPenney’s.

It IS hard to believe, but KKKelly claims that she was once a highly paid super model, who took all of her modeling experience and her fashion know-how and turned all of that into her foray into jewelry making and being the author of coffee table books, i.e. “The Bikini Book.”  Uh, yeah… KKKelly’s an ‘author’ just like Tree Joodice… they’re both ‘awthers.’

                                                                      KKKelly Bensimon… coffee table book ‘awther’… was sittin’ front row at the Jill Stuart show this week.  In THAT boys bedspread dress!!!  KKKelly won’t be gettin’ a front row seat at next year’s Jill Stuart show…

KKKelly actually goes around bragging that she’s ‘written’ several books!  Ya know, gettin’ your ex-hubbend to provide you with leftover shots of girls in bikinis and you arranging them for a book does not an ‘author’ make… it does qualify KKKelly, however, to be an “AWTHER“… just like Tree Joodice!

                                                                                            OMG!!!  KKKelly wearin’ her boys bedspread dress wit doz huge feeta hers!!!  She got some biiiiig feet!!!

Would anyone know about KKKelly, watch her idiotic instructional videos, purchase the books she’s “written” or the jewelry she’s “made” had she NOT married photographer Gilles Bensimon?  Nope.  Hell, she wouldn’t even BE KKKelly ‘Bensimon‘!!!

Unfortunately, KKKelly is one of the New York Housewives who received a stay of execution from Bravo because of Russell Armstrong’s death… and for those who wish to continue to watch the Real Housewives of New York will be subjected to “still-thinks-she’s-a-thirteen-year-old” KKKelly for another season.

(Thanks to cc/mc for the KKKelly photos!!!)

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35 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… At Fashion Week

  1. She says on her website that she was the face for Clarins….I cant find any pictures of her…Ms SH, have you seen any? I’ve only seen 2 pics of her prior to RHONY…the one with Gilles & one where she has shorter blonde hair.

    Also, I read her 9/11 message this weekend and it really irked me…she said that she lives 2 blocks from the towers & took her 2 yr old & dog for a walk that day…her daughter asked what was all over all the people & she said it was snow…..WHO on earth takes your kid out in the middle of that? If people were covered with the soot & ash, that would mean it was after the buildings collapsed, doesnt it? Arent you supposed to protect your children?

    Now she’s selling some red tote bag to commemorate 9/11….are you kidding me?

    I just dont get it…

    • duffy: You have to realize that Kelly is an over 40 yr old idiotic teenager. She has no sense…at all. She’s basically walking through the cremains of everyone who died in those buildings… and she’s calling it snow. She truly needs help… and they need to pull her off of RHONY. Knowing how screwed up she is makes it very difficult to watch her… TFC!!! SH

    • Her 9-11 message was really over the line. Just awful. It was all first person pronouns and questionable memories. For example, most people who lived within blocks of the WTC were forced to evacuate. Not like, “you should evacuate” but like cops went door to door. Water and electricity were spotty. If you left your building, you usually were allowed back in. I think she’s lying or at least so delusional she really needs help.

      Then KKK gave up Twitter and Facebook for the day – who does that honor anyone? Oh wait, it’s about her and how she’s spending the day.

      Wow. Just wow.

    • If that stupid broad is saying she took her 2 year old on a walk that day 2 damn bl0cks from the towers on freaking Sept 11th, she’s either 1. Crazy. 2. Lying. 3. Insane. 4. Not telling the truth. 5. Stupid. 6. All of the above.
      Please. PUH-LEEZE. The reason she is saying that is because in her ‘itty bitty barely hanging on by a thread’ brain cell, she thinks people will think she’s a good mommy for telling her 2 year old in the middle of the explosions, falling debris, people jumping to their freaking death, sirens and bloody people running for their lives, that it was SNOW and not DEBRIS FROM A TERRORIST ATTACK. See? She’s being a great mom by telling her little girl that. Cuz she doesn’t want her little girl to be scared. See what I’m saying?
      Kelly doesn’t have ANY self awareness. I mean ZERO. She’s completely clueless to the fact that, instead of people thinking she’s a great mom for telling her little girl it was snow and not ash, they’re going to look at her like the lunatic she is cuz she TOOK her little girl out in that horror to begin with.
      And the bag….or geezus, do NOT get me started on the damn bag of hers.

  2. if i’m not mistaken, she has stated one of her books is being used as a textbook….see dick run. run, dick, run.

  3. UGH….UGH….UGH….I cant stand this woman- man – child – stoopid hair AND clothes, I swear if she takes her hair one more time and puts it behind her ears I will stalk her down and rip it out. How many of you agree w me tht NONE of these stars, reality or not have the length of hair tht they portray,I am even beginning to question Kyle’s hair, I never believed it but time and age DO effect our hair and it’s length. I was never blessed with thick hair but I did have really lonnnng hair less than 10 yrs ago and now I cant get it to grow past my shoulders. Of course that could b to the fact tht I never go to the salon….

  4. Her dress reminds me of a good one… would be nice if she would be like the wise owls on her craptastic dress. ;-)
    A wise old owl sat on an oak;
    The more he saw the less he spoke;
    The less he spoke the more he heard;
    Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?

        • Insightful indeed. Kelly wouldn’t understand it if you’d owl it from a rooftop… Perhaps if you were a 70 year old pedophile and owl’d i in French, she might get the gist.
          Ok. I’ll stop. Feeling punchy and my new perspective of her ex is messing with my head.

          • my thunker your too funny! I always kinda wondered about the Gil thing to its amazing how many things these women over look in a man when he is mega rich. Does anyone know if he was married to KKKelly or Elle McPherson first, I’m guessing Elle but I guess you can say the man definately has a type, Elle is still sporting that hairstyle too.

            • MP and sd: Elle was first–they divorced in 1989; he and KKKelly divorced in 2007. And KKKelly is true-to-type, especially the hair-do! (Or hair-don’t?). Kinda like John Derek who went from Ursula Andress to Linda Evans to Bo Derek–and in Bo’s case, she was 16 he was 46. Creepy.

            • when she runs in the other room and climbs under the desk with only her legs sticking out she looks like a mini wicked witch from the wizard of oz the one trapped under the house with the stripped socks!

  5. you ladies are a HOOT! Love the play on words!
    Maybe??? Kelly is from Hootersville? Zsa Zsa was from Hootersville
    and she played the air-head housewive. Lisa Douglas had a Much
    Better Personality than Kelly. Green Acres, television show., talkin about :)

  6. Bwahahaha!! You kill me with the flipper comments. Since a friend told me about your blog/postings i can’t get enough. I’ve been told im sarcastic but u have upped my game! It’s like i’ve finally found my biologcal parent.

  7. That dress besides the owl pattern…which we can all see is hideous, makesher look really big!! I know shes not that big but dang that dress does not do a thing for her. I think this woman needs a psych eval really bad.

    • Hi Hoothoot. I was thinkin the same thing. Her pose in the first picture looks “off” like she has a deformed rib cage…OR… a crackhead did the photoshopping on that one.

      • Hi Made… a crack head very well could have done it for her LOL!!! At this point nothing would surprise me. Yes deformed rib cage…that sums up!!!!

  8. Listen SH: I had that bedspread when I was a boy (yes, we had bedspreads way back then) and I’ll thank you very much not to mock it. [Great call by the way!]

    But doesn’t it look like it’s more of the Countless’s style? Faux – Native American to go with her turquoise jewelry.

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