Top Chef Just Desserts: Johnny Iuzzini… Leave Him Alone!!!

Who makes these decisions at Bravo?  Specifically, who made the decision to makeover Top Chef Just Desserts co-host and judge, Johnny Iuzzini???

                                                        Johnny Iuzzini… Season One of Just Desserts

Does everyone who appears on a Bravo show have to go through the Queer Eye litmus test?  Was Johnny sent over to Rachel Zoe and she decided that he needed her touch??  And Andy gave Rachel the go-ahead???

                                                        Hey man… I’m just diggin’ my job and they asked me to do this show, so I said, “OK, why not?”

Loved Johnny on the debut season of Just Desserts… when Johnny had the pompadour hair, long sideburns and wore jeans with a pocket chain.  You were badass, Johnny!!  Goin’ totally against what one thinks as a stereotypical pastry chef.

                                                        Yeah, Andy “suggested” that maybe I should change my ‘look’ for the new season… and if I don’t go along with it, they’ll find another pastry chef.

Just Desserts started to get some good ratings from its first season… and things changed.  Bravo even changed the name from “Just Desserts” to “Top Chef Just Desserts.” Why?  Everyone knows that it’s a Top Chef spinoff.   Is this another “branding” opportunity?

Johnny is another example of Andy not knowing a good thing when he has one… and he had a great thing in Johnny Iuzzini… BEFORE he insisted that Johnny needed a makeover.  Andy:  Bring back the REAL Johnny Iuzzini!!!

Here is what they turned jeans-wearin’, pompadour hairin’, super-cool guy Johnny into:

                                                                                                                 Yep… the new, very uncomfortable-looking Johnny Iuzzini.  Pathetic.

NOTE:  As I recall, Johnny said during last season that he was living with or had a girlfriend.  If for some reason Johnny’s status changes and Andy Cohen sics da Stanker on Johnny… that’s it!  I will throw a brick through my TV set… and then shoot it to make sure it’s dead.