RHONJ’S Milania Giudice… Outta The Way “G” to the “IA”!

September 9, 2011  9:26 am

                                                                                    Our lil Milania tweeted a photo of herself walking the runway at the Chanel fashion show in Paree!!!  ‘G’ to da ‘IA’ only walked the runway holdin’ hands with a big model.  Oh, ain’t Milania just the epitome of high-class fashion???

AND… our lil Milania has only been tweeting for TWO days!!!  Milania has packed those two days with some very esoteric musings pertaining to her life…

It’s just a great thing that SH readers were made aware of our lil Milania’s twitter account… ’cause she’s OUR lil Milania!  We’ve had an eye on Milania for quite a while now, as the REAL star of the Joodice fambly… and we just love her here on SH!!

So, we want lil Milania to do real good on her tweets and we’ll be watching you… our lil Milania!   Follow lil Milania’s twitter account… here.

              Our lil Milania… gracefully requesting sustenance from her parental figure.

Just another reason why we just loves our lil Milania…

23 comments on “RHONJ’S Milania Giudice… Outta The Way “G” to the “IA”!

  1. After I told my Team at work the “give me pizza ya old troll” story it has become our very favorite catch phrase. Milania has an entire team of professional people reffering to each other as ya old troll. LOL


  2. LOL, not me!!
    Thanks for the “give me pizza you old troll” photo SH, it’s funny even in a still photograph.
    Part of whats hilarious is that he actually does look like an old troll!


  3. I just went through the twitter page and I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Who is righting this stuff??


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