Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… DATING JEREMY LARNER… Shana’s On To Bigger And Better Things

Shana/TraylorTrash Armstrong and Jeremy Larner, 33, of Malibu have been dating before Russell Armstrong’s death and are reportedly inseperable… more here.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is said to have started a relationship with businessman Jeremy Larner after the breakdown of her marriage in July, America’s In Touch Weekly reports.

It is not known if Russell, 47, was aware of her alleged romance with the younger man.

‘She was with this guy Jeremy Larner, just days before Russell killed himself,’ a source is quoted as telling the magazine. ‘She is always with him.‘  Note:  If this is fact, interesting that there have been no photos…

Larner, according to In Touch, is a 33-year-old businessman from Malibu, California.

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                                            The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Kyle Richards, Shana/Traylor, Lisa Vanderpump, Kim Richards, Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof

Russell Armstrong’s mother begs Bravo to delay the premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… here.

John Ann Hotchkiss has blasted the network’s decision not to delay the September five season premiere, despite her son committing suicide just a weeks ago

The debut will now include recently taped remarks from various cast members regarding the death of Taylor Armstrong’s husband.

NOTE:  Despite Russell Armstrong’s mother’s protests to Bravo, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season two premiere will debut as scheduled on September 5…

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32 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… DATING JEREMY LARNER… Shana’s On To Bigger And Better Things

  1. No wonder Traylor’s been in hiding. Once word got out that she already had her next boyfriend/victim when she was barely separated, the whole “grieving widow” thing wouldn’t look so good. But her publicist had good timing to hold it back a while, she might get some people to think “good for her, she deserves some happiness,” even though it’s only been 2 weeks.

  2. So sick of seeing this woman! Media has given her too much media time and attention!
    Media whore! Needs a man to pay for her life-style! She has NO TALENT OR LOOKS!
    I call her horse face!

  3. Oh look who’s talking … Star Jones! Yep, on the Today Show. Saying she was at the Vanderpump wedding, discussing the suicide with all the HWs in attendance. They quickly cut her off and moved on to another segment.

    • Interesting. Since they are parent network of Bravo they probly have to keep as much commentary/inside info about it as mum as possible till the big “special”

    • that’s funny cause latoya jackson was there as well and she is really good friends with some of the housewives. i wonder if they got along?

      • Oh that reminds me, remember that video a while back showing Wretchen and Slade making a show o themselves while dining out with Ne-ne and Gregg? That was at Villa Blanca and one of the shots the paps got was of Lisa leaning over the railing chattin them up-this was pre-BH days. So there are lots of intertwining HW’s. I wonder if Ne Ne got iced out of the wedding because of her issue with Star?

        • Wha??? No Slade/Wretch at the wedding? But they kissed up, I mean had a nice time chatting with Lisa at her restaurant. Guess they aren’t as charismatic as they think. Poor TubbaWubba :-( I’m totally full of it. I don’t know if the Slimes went or not… But if there’s a camera, Wretchy will find it… Didn’t see em in the pix is all.

          • Aint that the truth. They totally tip off the paparazzi if they so much as step outside to get the mail.

          • yes, Gretchy and Slime love the camera! Pay back for Gretch the OC Golddigger!
            She was only with Jeff for his Money! She received 1million house out of Jeff, not too mention jewelry, car and clothes! Slime is too sorry to work for a living! Vickie is correct he hasn’t paid kid support! Hs no job! His job is to live off any of the OC GALS! SLIME

          • Grandi: Believe it or not… Ms SH still has Andy’s New Year’s Eve Party saved on her DVR and will post that argument… and Nene’s boobs poppin’ outta her dress… and Tamra layin’ one on Andy (I think he really liked it!). Oh, there were so many nuanced things that went on during that party… the looks that Nene was givin’ KimZ… there were just too many to count!

            I loved Andy’s New Year’s Eve Show… obviously… I mean, I saved it for 9 months!!! IMO, it was a cross between Playboy After Dark and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse… I’ve watched it numerous times and see something different each time.

            But, you are correct… there was no love lost between Nene and Lisa! Interesting that Nene and Taylor swung by Villa Blanca and hung out with Lisa a few months after Andy’s NYE party… anything for a bit of PR!!! TFC!!! H

  4. By her own admission during the 911 call after Russell’s suicide, Taylor is under psychiatric care. Her first response was that she needed her psychiatrist. Since a psychiatrist is an M.D. who specializes in treating serious psychiatric disease, I believe Taylor is an unstable, mentally ill person. Unfortunately, her irrational behavior is fueled by her cohorts and ‘yes’ people in L.A. This explains her troubling behavior; lying, cheating and swindling. I hope those around her will stop pandering to the insanity. I can see where Adrienne would be very upset by Taylor playing the godmother thing out in public. Taylor once again uses an innocent little girl, and the feelings of a castmate. Adrienne is a legitimate businesswoman. I doubt she would want to muddy her own reputation and hard work with this woman. She would be wise to draw a very clear boundary and keep this woman far, far away from her.

    • Ditto: MRSC!
      Traylor is a wack-job, no-pun…Now, she will play, the Poor Me Card!
      I can’t stand to look at Leech-Lips! Don’t think Adrienne will allow, Traylor
      to sucker her into the Traylor Pit! Sister, NEEDS CASH! Traylor is on the Prowl
      for more Palm Grease.

  5. I just cant figure these women out. Most of them seem to have lots of money. Adri has a family with millions. Why are they putting their lives and dirty laundry on television? I got it most of them are promoting businesses. But when you have that mush money you really can afford to pay for publicity. I also understand the ego thing….Ya know,”hey look at me!” Still. I notice how adri tends to sit back and let the rest of them make fools of themselves. She also looks angry alot of times. So,whats up with that? Lisa seems to have plenty also. I see that this group of women as the ones who dont swear all the time like the O.C wives do,Atlanta wives, and the Jersey ladies. Yes couple act like white trash but for the most they act like ladies. Again i ask. Why? Wouldnt showing potential business clients, partners and friends the bad side of yourself and your life be a bad thing? Bad publicity can be more costly in the long run. Wives is it worth it? The ones with kids how do you think someone is going to invest their money with someone who cannot control their children(Tree)? Or the mothers who spend no time with their children(Countless,Ramona etc)?Is it worth it wives? Divorce. Mayhem. Death. How much are you wives willing to give up for whatever it is your looking to get out of this……Just asking….

    • While it might that they have so much money, I don’t think these BH Housewives are as secure as we might assume. Adrienne’s family isn’t doing as well as they once were, they had to sell most of their interest in the Palms. SH reported on this at Kim rents and may be living off the her baby daddy’s money. Kyle’s doing a lot better now because of the show, I think they just bought a bigger house.

      Now don’t get me wrong, they’re all still rich. But the rich tend to stay rich by pushing for more.

          • Yes, but Mauricio had to pay Brandon Davis a finders fee, but they still made out… even though the house sold for only $85 mil… it’s original price was $150 mil. Candy really wanted to get rid of it…

            • I cannot believe that Ecclestone chick bought that outdated mans. There was a nicer, modern estate on the market you would think would be better suited for someone her age at the same time. She likes the attention…

            • I read somewhere that she actually wanted another estate nearby, it had been updated etc but the owners wouldn’t come down on price as much as she wanted so now she gets to spend a small fortune redoing the house that Candy built.

            • So basically she’s gonna end up spending about the same and have to deal with all the re-done bs… idiot.

            • deep-sigh: you mean the House that Aaaron built! Candy never work!
              Tori, said her Mother was addicted to shopping and especially QVC.
              Tori, quoted Momma had entire fllor or wing that was dedicated to shopping on QVC.
              Most items were still in the original boxes. Sad, state of affairs!

      • AOM: Awww… thanks so much for citing a post from SH!! That was just so nice of you…

        You are correct about Kim, and Kyle did just buy a new house that Mauricio got a fabulous deal on… Fay Resnick was doing the interior design. TFC!!! SH

    • I’ve often wondered why Adri does the show as she has real money. My husband said very simply “she likes the attention.” Maybe, it’s as simple as that – they like the attention, regardless of how much they already have.
      And, Traylor. I, like everyone else, am sick of her and her whining. She crucified Russell last season and I can only imagine what the edited out scenes with her would be like this season. Again, when I explained the Traylor/Russell relationship to my husband, his response was “so, they are hustlers.” Again, so simple, but so true. Russell may be gone, but his hustling wife is still here. How will she explain “Taylor FORD Armstrong” and the con she and Russell ran on the investors. I think the only reason her new bf wants her is for those big fat juicy lips and what they do for him. So, add that up and we have hustler and whore. Good work Traylor.

  6. Was hoping that last season would have been the last we saw of Shana/Traylor, but no such luck. Bravo doesn’t care about the type of people they showcase on their shows. Both Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong (may he rest in peace) were both scammers… they scammed their way across the US… from FL to CA.

    I LOL’d when I heard her say last season… “See… you can all live in Beverly Hills and have a fabulous life, just like me!” I was thinkin’ who the hell are you? And WHY would I want to live in BH like YOU?? YOU are a scammer!!!

    IMO, I believe that she set Russell up… and was a big factor in his decision to take his own life. Yes, he is the one who made the final decision, I get all that. The reasons behind his decision will never be known… BUT, I’d lay money on Shana/Traylor being a factor in his decision.

  7. Hey, did anyone else see the comment about the difference in events of when Russells body was found between Shana/Traylor & the owner of the house????…..that is all that I heard, not the actual difference in what happened…..I’m with you Bitter Kitten…I think this is set up & I’m also wondering about that 911 call now…along with her “show” at the funeral.

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