Real Housewives of New Jersey: The “New” Jersey Housewife… Does SH Haveta Write “Exclusive” All Over This???

                                                                                Teresa Giudice… sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga

So, all the talk is about one of the New Jersey Housewives leaving… bets are on Jax for the Housewife that is taking off.  Jax’ storyline is exhausted and she seems exhausted from being on the show.   Nice to have known you, Jax… your daughter, eh, not so much…

Soooo… the question is:  Who will be Jax’ replacement on the Real Housewives of New Jersey???

Answer:  It’s Sheila Giudice!

Sheila Giudice is married to Juicy’s brother, Pete Joodice.  These Joodices (Sheila mentions on her twitter account that “Joo-dice” IS the way to pronounce their name…) are also in deep debt problems… just like Tree and Juicy!  So, that Bravo money would come in very handy at this point…

Pete Giudice and his wife Sheila filed Chapter 7 with the United States Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey on June 29, 2010.  The couple lists their monthly income as $7,000 with assets totaling $1.3 million but liabilities of nearly $2 million, leaving them at least $400,000 in the hole.  According to court documents, Pete only has $400 to his name in cash.

Pete’s debts are consumer debts “incurred by an individual primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose.”  The number of creditors is estimated to be between 50-99 with claims ranging from $160 to $46,000.

The couple also filed a notice through their Trusteee, Nancy Isaacson, to abandon their $1.3 million New Jersey home.  Their next hearing in US Bankruptcy Court is scheduled for October 25., 2011.

How does SH know that Sheila Joodice (might as well call her “Joodice” from the get-go!) will be the next Housewife on RHONJ???  SH’s extremely well-placed and never wrong source tells SH that Bravo has been hashing out the details with Pete for a few months now…

                                Yeah, we’re callin’ in reinforcements for the Joodice side… my brother, Pete and his wife, Sheila.  You like dem, dontcha, Tree?  Yeah… let’s even up the sides on dis show…

OH!  ONE MORE THING!!!   My irrefutable source tells SH that the Joes (Joodice and Gorga) were having a very pleasant dinner together at a sushi place in New Jersey just recently… just the two of them!   Hmmm… is ALL that animosity toward each other for real… or is it the product of ‘producer-inducement’???

PS:  This IS a SH “Exclusive”… let’s see how many other sites jump on this one and call it their own “exclusive” and not give SH credit.  That just pisses SH off to no end!   If you happen to see this item on another site screaming “exclusive”… please let SH know… thank you!

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75 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: The “New” Jersey Housewife… Does SH Haveta Write “Exclusive” All Over This???

  1. SH- i read some of sheila’s tweets, seems shes not a fan of Tre- she retweeted an Ashleeeee tweet that she is “Team Melissa” but the brothers get along. I think Tre gets along with the OTHER brother and sis in law, Maria & Douma (i think that is their names)

    any idea?

  2. Also – kind of annoying that they cant go OUTSIDE of these families for cast in NJ. There are tons of other families who would be better options. This is the only RH franchise that does this.

    • Amen! How much more “we’re Italians, that’s how we are,” “we love hard, we fight hard,” “family is the most important thing to me” can Bravo peddle? Bring in an outsider, let her stir the pot.

  3. I was wondering how the all survied the Hurricane..I know Paterson NJ was completely evacuated the Brownstone still standing?

  4. In the Twitter picture Shelia looks like she has Danielle eyebrows. Nice exclusive Ms SH. I have the same question about Shelia and tree as Team T does.
    Also if the Manzo’s are aware of this new addition AND they know its faked animosity for ratings then would that explain the iciness fro Don?
    Also will the Paps Guidice offer of i/2 mill for a male giudice heir be part of the story line?
    And here we go with the name thing again! I want someone to interview Ole Man Guidice and once n for all get the answwer straight from him about which is right?

    • I am Italian (my parents were born there) and the correct way is Joo-dee-chay, like Teresa has said it is. The first season, I kept telling people that she was pronouncing her own last name wrong. One of my college friends went to HS with Sheila and she truely hates Teresa. I don’t know why but would love to find out!

      • Belladee: Hope you find out why they hate each other. That could possibly shed some light on why everyone hates Tree so much!

        • I haven’t spoken to this friend in years. We comment on each other’s facebook pictures, but that’s it. I have been debating about emailing her but decided not to since I will look creepy sending an email out of the blue. I am in the closet about my reality TV obsession! That’s why I love this site so much!!

  5. I love this site!!

    Why don’t they just call the show the Real Family Feud and stop calling it Real Housewives? It’s not even about housewives anymore — just crazy extended families and disrespectful and undisciplined children.

    I have seen enough of this twisted mess to realize that my family with all of its quirks is a truly loving, classy, blessed group of people who love each other and only want the best for each and every one. Money is not our god, and social status is built on moral character and our deeds done in private. I really love my life and am not going to waste another minute of my time on this dysfunctional cancer on society that is happy being publicly recognized as the scum of the human gene pool (That is assuming they aren’t apes, which is debatable).

  6. Well in Italian the last name is 100% pronounced Jew-de-chay. “CE” sounds like “ch”. If the last four letters of the name are dice, it’s pronounced dee-chay.

    • Gregg in San Francisco. YooHoo. Which reminds me, how come Mamma Manzo didnt take Albie and Chris with her to gaze at the beautiful female belly dancers the other night?

        • oh yeah thats right-the coffee table book on various contraptions to poop in. Maybe they swing by notAshlee’s place while in Cali and have her illustrate it for them.

          • I thought the toilet book was supposed to be a review of public restrooms around the country, more like a user’s guide. And if so, wasn’t that one of George’s ideas on Seinfeld?

            • AOM: There really are toilet books… for real. Giudes to the best public toilets in NYC, Chicago, LA… blah, blah, blah. Maybe Critterfer was gonna take one a those books and just blow up the pixters in ‘em… and viola! there’s his big idea toilet book!

  7. Yes, if they wanted someone on the Tre/Joe team they should have cast his other bro in law and sister- Tre said they get along now but it did take some time.

    I dont think its that big a deal they dont get along. Does everyone REALLY like their in laws? But i think its trash that Mel and her sisters are using that to make Tre look bad and get famous. Her sisters are super trashy and annoying.

    they are really the only franchise where they are all housewives, but i wish they would cast from outside that area, so many other good families from Jersey would work and so many other wealthier areas

    • It’s Thicker than Water The Marinos about four siblings and their families. It premiered on Bravo two weeks ago. I liked it. They’re real close and loud…

      • Romo: Watched the Marino show… and didn’t like it at all. It was different than the HWs, but just did not like it or the people on it.

        • I liked how they’re always over at the one sister’s house and it’s just supposed to be ok. And how her father in law’s always bull dozing. Reminds me of my dad… I actually like the ones on the show that aren’t even Marinos the best, now that I think about it. ;-)

          • What is wrong with the youngest brother’s wife? Why is she so clingy? Get a life; fix yourself up; get a life. He seems as though he loves her, but she just does not trust him. Get dressed and go with his ass!

            • That girl has issues! He tries to talk to her and she goes all egg roll and cuts his clothes up. Just sit down and talk to the man? Some hubbies aren’t willing to hash things out like that… He’s a passionate dude and you’re right, she needs a comb thru the hair every once and a while bc he wants to hang with her! Like those kids said, that bich is crazy.

  8. That actually sounds like a good choice, ’cause they’re pretty desperate for that Bravo money! The NJ Housewives will be more producer influenced that usual by adding more Joodices…

    • I know what you mean but honestly that has been Bravos formula for a long time. Highlighting the delicious hypocrisy of it all.

      • They probably have the same chick do their eyebrows at the salon. Shelia just walks in for her waxing and says “Give me the Danielle”

  9. I found your site and am in love with it. RHoNJ is my guilty pleasure. This Sheila doesn’t have Danielle’s eyebrows. She has no eyebrows. Another housewife with financial problems? I swear to God, Giudice must be Italian for bankrupt.

  10. I wish they would stop adding more family, especially the extended family of Teresa. No doubt there are many interesting and fun ladies in NJ unrelated to Teresa. If it’s drama they want, we’ve seen it happen when you put several ladies together. So what if some close friends or enemies bicker and talk behind the back of someone, but families…I don’t like to see families torn apart.

    Frankly, I don’t want to keep watching family members go at each other, especially when we see the effect it has upon children. Enough drama to bring in the ratings could easily be had by throwing some random ladies together. I also don’t feel like watching infomercials or listen to a singing housewife or creepy househusband.

  11. I’ve Never seen this Sheila character? Were, I’ve have been?
    Thought, I privy too most of the NJ shows. Splain…Lucy, Ethel needs help with placing Sheila?

    • Well this is a Sh exclusive . Ms SH has inside info. Some of us the watch the twitter feeds noticed a brand new Twitter account set up for Shelia and the way we know this is her first people to tweet howdys to were team Mel people(mel, kathy, the sisters) crazy huh? She popped on the Twitter scene the next day after Danielle did her tweet to Mel calling her out for being in contact with her back when Tree and Danielle were goin at it. Basically confirming that Mel was the leak behind the whole “why didnt you visit your nephew in the hospital?” comment at the reunion that threw Tree into a rampage.

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