Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kathy Wakile at the “Just Desserts” Judges’ Table

Kathy Wakile from the Real Housewives of New Jersey offers her homemade desserts to the judges of “Just Desserts”…

Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini… seem to love Kathy’s desserts!

Hmmm… maybe Tree will be offering up her “recipes” to Top Chef judges, Tom Collichio and Padma Lakshmi!?

Yeaaah… doubt if that would ever happen… what with all those ingredientszennsees and all… that and she can’t cook!


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16 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kathy Wakile at the “Just Desserts” Judges’ Table

  1. Maybe Kathy isn’t messin’ around with her cooking! Johnny gave her a job offer… nice going, Kathy!!

  2. I betcha Kathy wants to make the smooth “hey I’m classy and to good for the housewives” transition and follow in Dina’s footsteps.

  3. Teresa must be freakin’ out over Kathy’s success with her cooking…Mellissa has the green eyed monster looking over her shoulder too. Good luck Kathy!!!

  4. I agree with all of the comments here! I like Kathy as well. She has values and great
    example for raising her kids to be kids! Her children are NOT SPOILED! Her son saved
    his money to purchase his Mother a laptop computer for her catering business. Kids, respect
    the parents and the grandmother. Refreshing to see them in the home for family Holiday dinners.
    Kathy and Dina are my favorites! Bravo, should make a show around Dina and Kathy…
    cooking and entertainment show. THESE TWO LADIES WOULD CLASS UP THE PLACE!

  5. Teresa could never do something like this. She has to be in extremely controlled settings where there is no chance of someone asking her an off the top of their head type question about…….well, cooking.

    • Same reson why she would never make it onto DWTS. Can you imagine her standing there and taking critiques after the performance? She knock Bruno back to his Elton John days and mop the floor with the ole English gent. And heaven help Brooke if she has to say “You just got a 15 out of a total 30, how does that make you feel?”

      • Teresa – “15 outta 30?? I don’t care, dats youz guys opinion. Youz are awl gabage! I got 4 beautiful healty dawters and Juicey Joe and a cleanzy 5 million dolla home, youz tink I care wat youz guys tink? I came hea to, ya know, cut a carpet and dance like der’s no tomorro night and dats zacly wha I did. MILANIA GET AWAY FROM DAT STAGE! Good girl, HIGH-FIVE!”

        • lol yeah Milania could pull a Tonya Hardin and get all busted knee cap crazy on the competition.and say “give my momma a 10 you old troll!!!”

        • OMG, yous almost made me choke on my quesadilla … Now I just want them to put Tree on DWTS and I will vote for her crazy, dimwitted azz to stay just so I can witness alls THAT! You got her down! :-D

            • It’s so freaky if you’ve ever seen Nancy Grace out of “her element” (her show). Her voice is totally different, soft and her whole affect is almost demure. It’s a little disconcerting. You know her fans that call in every night to tell her she is Jesus’ favorite and that the twins are so cute will be out in force. (It could just be the same person calling over and over– they always say the same thing.)


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