Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview

  “Taylor, why were you passing yourself off as a ‘Ford’ for so many years?”  One of the questions that Baba will never ask Shana/Traylor…

According to Radar… here Barbara Walters will get the first interview with scammer Shana/Traylor Armstrong.

“Taylor would likely feel the most comfortable with Barbara Walters,” the source says. “Taylor expects to be asked the tough questions, and will answer them.

OH!  PUH-LEEZE!!!  There will be a Bravo rep and also Shana/Traylor’s own PR person by her side at any interview…  Shana/Traylor ain’t gonna be asked any “tough” questions.

                                                                                                      “I’ll just cry if you ask me any tough, mean questions, Barbara… I will!  And YOU will be looked at as a very mean person!”

Why?  If Shana/Traylor were asked the REAL “tough” questions, it would be looked upon as very bad press… asking the grieving widow the real questions that everyone wants answered would be considered just bad… and mean!  Oh, please, Barbara Walters… ASK those questions!!!

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38 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview

  1. When will it air? You know we won’t get the answers we want! She’s just WAY to shady

  2. My feeling is that if you signed up to be on a Reality show because you want fame so desperately, then something happens that sparks curiosity, you have an obligation to answer tough questions. You cannot have it both ways; there is no “privacy” to be respected because you purposefully decided to let the cameras you love so much follow you around everywhere.

  3. I think the FBI and CIA should be interviewing Shana Hughes. Period.

    She is not even a D-list celeb and does not deserve this kind of attention, much less any pity. This should be a crime investigation, and she needs to come clean about who she is.

    Watching her speak literally turns my stomach, but I will try to watch as much as I can out of morbid curiosity.

    • Agreed. The investigators need to look into this Ali person. Its very odd to me that a man that owns a nice home and supposedly has his crap together all the sudden turns as useless as tits on a bore when it comes to handling the awful business of what went down in his own home. I think its off that he allowed(needed) another man(Mr Martin) to take charge and make the 911 call. Very off.

        • to be fair, radar is never really right about things. they always have blatant lies and don’t bother to check sources. They said that Janet Jackson was at Lisa vanderpump’s daughter’s wedding when it was really Latoya Jackson. I’m not sure why that site is the go to site for so many bloggers… If you read Taylor Armstrong posting on that site from months ago, you’ll see what i mean about the lies.

  4. After seeing your husband hanging from the ceiling, you cry out for yor shrink? What the hell was that? Afraid your daughter will hear how he died at the funeral? She SAW her dad hanging there, no mention of that til the 911 call came out…now a Bravo Special on Russell’s death, with all the “ladies” commenting on him and how wonderful is was to know him? They couldn’t stand him when he was alive, This show is really sick and so are the woman on it.

    • Ok I didn’t know she Saw him hanging there…..I just thought she was at the house.

      • Maybe your right, either way she was there with all the screeming going on…she had to see or hear something…the guy was saying to get her out of the room.

  5. Wait what? Barbra gets the Traylor interview and the the Anthony interview is being done by a hack? Dis world is upside down.

  6. Of course it’s Barbara……she has the soft lighting Taylor demands.

    I hate it when people say Barbara gives “tough interviews”? To who exactly?? She’s one of the biggest ass-kissers out there and her interviews are clearly nothing but putting whoever she interviews in the best possible light.

  7. If Bravo is owned by NBC then how is it that another network got the interview? Massive loophole in the contract?

    • I don’t think it’ll happen for the very reason you cite, wrong corporate parent. I don’t see how Bravo will let this get ratings for someone else. Plus, the quotes in the Radar article read more like Traylor’s PR rep trying to get Baba to call Traylor for an interview, not that it’s a done deal.

  8. This skank/media whore/liar/cheat/disgusting woman should get no attention for her despicable behavior. What kind of mother does this to her child? If Taylor really was ‘abused’ – then why would she subject her own daughter to it? Why wouldn’t she leave and move forward with her life in a positive manner? Why would she try to publicly destroy her daughter’s father? Why would she be focused on the media when she should be focused on the well-being of her small child? Why would she allow the child to be present at her father’s self-murder? A decent mother would have taken her child out of that situation immediately. Without being told to do so!!! Taylor is the abusive one. She is emotionally and mentally abusive toward others. She is a bully. I would not give her one ounce of power in this. Stop talking to her and about her. Let her melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. She is a nobody who has done nothing for herself or society except poison us with her lies and deceit.

    • Point taken. I don’t like giving her anymore attention than I do Mikela Slami. The main reason this continues to be discussed IS her lies and deplorable behavior. Both deaths of these men need to be investigated to the fullest. But other than just nailing her to the wall like so much Jello, you are right , she deserves nothing.
      That careless ruthless histrionic behavior demonstrated on the 911 call with regard to her daughter is prolly her standard operating procedure and no doubt would drive a Mother Teresa to beat the hell out of her much less a stressed out man that is fed up to the gills with her bs and hates himself for making a baby with the likes of her thereby subjecting his child to a mother like her. I can totally see how a punch or two to the face MIGHT have been thrown but then again the chick is a liar so… either way I am not apt to throw her a bless-your-heart over it.

    • mrsc: Why? Why, you ask?? Because Shana/TraylorTrash is a stone cold scammer. SH has been tellin’ anyone who would listen about Shana/Traylor for nearly a year now… that Shana/Traylor is a high-level con artist/scammer. TFC!!! SH

      • Thank you for exposing her. It’s obvious I am beyond disgusted…..but I keep reading the posts and keep posting my own responses nonetheless…….I think the thing that disgusts me the most is it seems like Taylor is getting away with, and even rewarded for, her behavior. I hope Bravo and the rest of the media stop giving her a platform and everyone else keeps exposing her.

  9. We all know Mr. Cohen reads the blogs so he has to know that Traylor isn’t exactly farting rainbows…

    • But seriously that could be why he is not even bothering to interview her for the What A Swell Guy Russel Was special

  10. is it possible that she is so deluded that she thinks that by doing these interviews that she will some how become more famous and somehow more glamorous and a step closer to the life style that wants so badly?? Can it be that she has no real idea how she is truely precieved and with each addtional public appearance or comment that she even more reviled? I think she belives she is a Lisa Vanderpump and she is really a Danielle Staub.

  11. She’s ‘more comfortable’ with Barbara? Why? Are they friends? NO….I’m sure Barbara offered the most money….not to mention that Barbara’s interview would be more ‘high-profile’ too. And there will be no hardcore questions…the subject is too sensitive at this point and Russell’s family is just waiting for Traylor to defame him so they can sue the crap out of her….I love that she already has a new boyfriend….I guess she wasn’t as ‘devastated’ about their breakup as she purports to be. And BTW, if my ABUSER killed himself I wouldn’t have a tear to shed for the bastard….she is laying it on thick, too thick, it’s laughable. She ‘found’ his dangling body and shouts ‘I need my psychiatrist’?? WTF?? How about ‘I need a knife! a scissor! I need to get my ‘beloved husband’ down from that rafter! But NO, she makes it all about HERSELF!….Worst Mother of the Year Award goes to Traylor for allowing her child into that house after seeing a preview thru the window….she sickens me..

    • Alright, I’m just gonna say it… y’all think what you want. This has been my opinion from get and when asked, and she will be; she’ll lie about it. I don’t think Traylor “found” Russell” body. I think she took their word for it that he was… there and never saw for herself. THAT’S what we’re dealing with. Case in point “I need my Psychiatrist.” and that entire display with the call, please they were at that house for 3 hours before they even called. Alright, let me have it…

      • I agree. Something is off. Also now that we know she had her a little sumpin sumpin on the side, she probably spent some of the pre 911 call time calling him to practice her frantic/shocked/sad voice. Since they had been “inseparable” one would think she could have just left her daughter with him after she crawled out of his bed to go check out the sit over at Ali’s house. But she intentionally took her. And Mary you make a good point too about not shedding a tear for an abuser. I have always thought she lied about that,

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