Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview

  “Taylor, why were you passing yourself off as a ‘Ford’ for so many years?”  One of the questions that Baba will never ask Shana/Traylor…

According to Radar… here Barbara Walters will get the first interview with scammer Shana/Traylor Armstrong.

“Taylor would likely feel the most comfortable with Barbara Walters,” the source says. “Taylor expects to be asked the tough questions, and will answer them.

OH!  PUH-LEEZE!!!  There will be a Bravo rep and also Shana/Traylor’s own PR person by her side at any interview…  Shana/Traylor ain’t gonna be asked any “tough” questions.

                                                                                                      “I’ll just cry if you ask me any tough, mean questions, Barbara… I will!  And YOU will be looked at as a very mean person!”

Why?  If Shana/Traylor were asked the REAL “tough” questions, it would be looked upon as very bad press… asking the grieving widow the real questions that everyone wants answered would be considered just bad… and mean!  Oh, please, Barbara Walters… ASK those questions!!!