Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Finally! Official Word From Bravo…

                                                                  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… going ahead as planned

Frances Berwick, Andy Cohen’s boss has spoken… and Frances tells “The Wrap” that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will premiere as planned.

From The Wrap

Bravo will go forward with the Sept. 5 debut of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” it considered pushing back after the suicide of cast member Russell Armstrong.

The show, which is being re-edited, will also feature brief, recent interviews with the cast.  A person at Bravo told TheWrap the interviews would cover recent events, but would not necessarily focus on the suicide.

“Given that these episodes were filmed months ago, the producers of the show taped a brief interview this week with several of the cast members to introduce the premiere,” said Frances Berwick, president of Bravo Media. “Re-editing of the episodes is still underway.”

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4 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Finally! Official Word From Bravo…

  1. I bet they did have to redo some of the camera housewives interviews so they didnt look like a-holes when they laughed at Russel (which you know they did)


    • Yeah…I’m sure they had plenty of things to say about him but now that he’s “gone” those things are now in poor taste…


    • MP you always get me thinking I have to admit that was not the first thing I thought of but now you say it I whole heartedly agree with you, thats got to be it! How lame


  2. Oh, we can all breathe easy now that RHOBH will go on as planned! AND… that Bravo will be airng suicide PSAs along with the show. Puh-leeze! If someone has it in their mind, it’s doubtful that Bravo’s little blurb is gonna stop them. And, besides, they’re prolly not gonna be watchin’ a dumb Housewives show anyway!


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