Real Housewives Stuff: Blind Item Solved! … Andy’s Friend Tells Him To Knock Off The Wine Drinkin’ on HW Shows!!!

                                                  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ “Friend of Housewives” Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler

There was a blind item posted on SH via CDAN:

Yep… it was Brandi Glanville!  And Gerard Butler the ‘A-list movie actor’ who was the number three guy that day!   They are all over the place now!!  From MusicNews… here.


                                                                      Uh, yeah… about that request you asked of ME, BravoBigShot Andy Cohen, about the wine drinkin’ on the HW shows.  Yeaaaaahhhh… that’s not gonna happen.  ‘Scuse me… I gotta take another sippa ma Maker’s Mark…

Just a quick, little article out of Seattle… the author wants the Housewives to lay off the wine that is consumed on the shows… here.

The most interesting tidbit was hiding in this article:

Lamm has complained to his pal Andy Cohen, the Bravo vice-president who helped develop the Real Housewives series, that his cast members are obvious candidates for interventions.

“There’s a lot of wine going down on those shows,” Lamm says, decrying alcoholism’s destructive effect on families.

OH!  Can you just hear Andy laughin’ at this request????  Wonder how that conversation went??

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21 comments on “Real Housewives Stuff: Blind Item Solved! … Andy’s Friend Tells Him To Knock Off The Wine Drinkin’ on HW Shows!!!

    • yep Gerard is on my secret list ever since seeing 300!! To bad he skanked out with Brandi She is soooooooooo disgusting! Blek!! only thing worse would be if he went home with Leigh Ann Rhimes! haha

  1. From what I’ve read about Butler, he’ll take home anything with a pulse.

    But I concur, Made Piley–he IS hot!!

  2. Hey guys, I think he’s hot! I’d take him home and brag about it. Lucky Brandi…and once again, I’ll bet alcohol was involved…Never went to bed with an ugly guy, but woke up with quite a few. Not me. I just heard someone say that…uh huh…that’s the truth.

    • Ya he’s hot and a real man! Not like that doosh ex of hers LeAnn’s always bragging about. Brandi made a come up alright even if it’s short lived…

  3. I do not think brandi is remotely attractive. Plus her attitude in the previews for rhobh is disgusting. Not a huge fan of leeann rimes, but I don’t feel much sympathy for brandi. Frankly I’m tired of her getting so much attention when she isn’t even a real housewife! Fame-whore much? Gerard IS hot, but taking up with the likes of her just brings down his image. Not that he probably cared in the 1st place….

      • I do not find a single thing even remotely attractive about Brandi Glanville. She snags some hot guys too so I’m thinking she must suck chrome off a bumper or something…

  4. Oh & that wine article is ridiculous. Women have been drinking wine (or harder liquor) for decades, to say it is a recent phenomenon is ignorant and kind of offensive. What is his REAL point? Because the only housewife who abuses wine is Ramona. Nene & Kim drink it a lot but you never really saw them act insane every episode with a glass of it in hand.

  5. And let me just see I am not digging this new dark roots trend at all(Brandi’s pic). It never looks good on anyone and the worst offender was that lacey schwimmer on last seasons DWTS. There is no excuse for crap like that.

  6. The wine article is utter BS and probably written as a favor to that Lamm guy who is trying to sell his new book by latching on to the Housewives. Best line of the article, “although there aren’t any statistics supporting Lamm’s theory.” He’s just spouting off based on select personal observations without any actual statistical evidence. Who knows, maybe he just watches TV and assumes every woman acts like that. He must not be watching too closely cause so far, the real drunks on the show are some of the men, for example, Juicy JoDice.

  7. The underlying message to all the shows is not that the viewer should emulate these people in any way, in fact Bravo seems to pick the most damaged individuals they can find and highlight their failures(with family, business, and friendships) and the resulting drama. If someone watches these shows and doesn’t get that and says to them selves “I want to be just like so-n-so” then , yes that viewer needs help.

    • mostly true but I really adore Lisa I hope she stays awsome, I am afraid the housewife curse might get her. So far she does not fit the “damaged” criteria I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

      • I like Lisa too but clearly the chick has issues. She let Cedric hang around and sponge off her for years. That’s not exactly falling under the “normal” spectrum.

  8. BlindGossip and LaineyGossip are probably the only legit blinds imo. I honestly think CDAN makes up a large portion of their blinds, ALTHOUGH this particular one wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.

  9. This chick on the background is the new BH housewife? I think she has a very LeeAnn Rimes look in that picture.

  10. Andy probably just said, “Uh-huh”… like he was really listening to the guy. Kinda like he does on the reunion shoes…

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