Real Housewives Stuff: Blind Item Solved! … Andy’s Friend Tells Him To Knock Off The Wine Drinkin’ on HW Shows!!!

                                                  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ “Friend of Housewives” Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler

There was a blind item posted on SH via CDAN:

Yep… it was Brandi Glanville!  And Gerard Butler the ‘A-list movie actor’ who was the number three guy that day!   They are all over the place now!!  From MusicNews… here.


                                                                      Uh, yeah… about that request you asked of ME, BravoBigShot Andy Cohen, about the wine drinkin’ on the HW shows.  Yeaaaaahhhh… that’s not gonna happen.  ‘Scuse me… I gotta take another sippa ma Maker’s Mark…

Just a quick, little article out of Seattle… the author wants the Housewives to lay off the wine that is consumed on the shows… here.

The most interesting tidbit was hiding in this article:

Lamm has complained to his pal Andy Cohen, the Bravo vice-president who helped develop the Real Housewives series, that his cast members are obvious candidates for interventions.

“There’s a lot of wine going down on those shows,” Lamm says, decrying alcoholism’s destructive effect on families.

OH!  Can you just hear Andy laughin’ at this request????  Wonder how that conversation went??