Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… The 911 Call

                                                      Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Russell Armstrong.  Russell was not fonda these chicks…

TMZ has the 911 call to the LAPD… here.   

                                                                                                                Francisco Martin called 911…

Not only was Shana/Traylor present when Russell Armstrong’s body was discovered… so was their daughter, Kennedy.

“Perhaps the most heartbreaking part is when the caller reveals Russell’s 5-year old daughter is also at the house. At one point Francisco Martin says, “Taylor, have your daughter go away please.”

Entire TMZ post… here.

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81 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… The 911 Call

  1. This is simply horrific! I find it very telling that Shana thought of herself first! Jeez! Not her baby, not Russell just herself! Sick! The man on the phone is the only voice of reason. I cannot believe that he has to tell Shana to get Kennedy away, twice.

  2. The woman has no sense whatsoever. It was bad enough she aired his alleged dirty laundry for all to see (including his children, for the rest of their lives), but to take a child through this horror is too much for a person to bear. I’m not going to watch this show and am seriously considering giving up my other favorites, RHONJ and RHOC. It’s just gone too far.

  3. hmmm…thought Kennedy didn’t know about it? No wonder Kennedy has to have counseling. Her abusive and neglectful mother had to be told to get the daughter out of there. Can you imagine what that innocent victim saw?? If I was a betting gal, I’d put it all on Taylor’s PR Supersonic Spin Cycle Machine trying to confuse the news all of this time, trying to make her an object of pity, and DID NOT want this audio out. The contradictions, allegations, and spectulations, along with lack of photographic evidence or eyewitnesses to back up these allegations shot rapid fire to all paparazzedia before the autopsy report was out, just looks like a house of cards in a hurricane.

    As more things start oozing out, the worse Shana is going to look I fear. The curtain is about to be pulled back. My prediction is that Shana is in a lot of trouble and the shiite is going to hit the fan soon, and I do hope she gets the help she needs.

  4. It seems Giggy has run off in this picture.

    I agree, chrysty, she isn’t heard saying anything about her daughter, just that she needs her psychiatrist. Whatever led up to it, his actions have made this a part of the rest of his kids’ lives.

    • Yeah, these are things that poor little Kennedy will never be able to erase from her memory. Just awful….it seems these shows are getting so out of control….thanks Andy! Embarrassingly I can’t stop watching! Sistah! Yes! She said she wasn’t even aware of anything! But how can that be? Kennedy was right there! Liar!

      • That’s what I was thinking. The fact that I didn’t hear lil Kennedy screaming uncontrollably tells me she didn’t see her daddy. That’s a relief! But it would have been nice if Taylor could have first thought of her daughter instead of thinking of herself while screaming out for her shrink. Kennedy’s thoughts were running wild, I’m sure! Wondering what’s making mommy cry so hysterically. Maybe Taylor should’ve called Kennedy’s (ahem) godmother to pick her up and get her outta that inappropriate scene! smh

      • Andy Cohen had nothing to do with Shana not keeping Kennedy away. Even indirectly. To say ‘Thanks Andy’ like he had a part in that, is so unfair to him. He did not make Shana who she is. I’m almost positive that she is the way that she is, WAY before Bravo came into her life.
        Everybody has the brains to choose or not choose. No one forces anyone to do anything.
        It’s so tragic. My heart breaks for that little girl, and Russell’s family, but the blame game…it solves nothing.

        • Ok! NOT playing the blame game! Gosh! He had problems, but I do think that Bravo has a “little” to do with the drama. My heart breaks for ALL his children! I am a mom of four, ages 22.21,17 and 6! There is no blame game! But Bravo is starting to get kind of extreme! Don’t attack me! I did not do anything……!

          • It wasn’t an attack, and I’m sorry if it came off like that! I was just stating my opinion is all. Alot of people are blaming Bravo, blaming Andy Cohen. Bravo has EVERYTHING to do with the DRAMA,yes, but nothing beyond that.
            Obviously there were problems with Shana & Russell before Bravo, and no one forced them to do the show, that’s all I was trying to say.
            I do agree, the Housewives series has, sadly, became all about the drama. I’ve watched every single one and I miss the first season of RHOC when all it was about was a glimpse of a life that I would never know.
            Now, it’s all about conflict and drama. The RHNYC was so absolutely horrible that if they don’t change the cast, I’m not watching next season.
            Anyway, I do apologize if you thought I was attacking you.
            I am also a mother of 4; 27; 25; 20 & 19. :)

  5. Talk about devastated. Bet she isn’t prepared for the tsunami that is headed her way now.

    What an awful person; what a horrible mother!! TWICE?? Really? She can say she is protecting Kennedy until she is blue in the freaking frankenface. She is a lying sack of hairy boogers. Good for Kyle thinking of Kennedy’s well being, and I have to believe she is really trying to protect Kennedy from Shana. How anyone can be in the same room with that souless piece of skin, Shana, is beyond me.

    That poor baby!!

    I pray that Tiger 21 is somehow involved w/ he and his friend’s suicides and that he really could not be so selfish and uncaring to leave his daughter in the care of a psychotic, sociopathic, malignant, narsissitic, pathologic liar. I think it is time for the Armstrongs to get it together and circle around Kennedy and his other children. Shana is bent on crazy.

  6. The guy on the phone is a colossal butthead. what the hell is the stonewalling about Russel’s age all about. Just answer the 911 operators questions and get over your self punk!

  7. Also I smell a huge amount of overacting for benefit of the 911 call. Didn’t someone say they chilled out 2 hours before making the call?

    • That time was to steal the jewellry and watches. I read somewhere that she stripped the place of the things (valuables) he had there.

    • I thought , god forgive me if I am wrong, that it sounded very acty on Shana’s part. The fact that she screamed “I need my phycatrist” instead of “oh my poor daughter” or even “Russel” I find repulsive. I don’t get that woman one bit. If that was real and a real reaction she is horribly selfish. If that was an act like I think it was she is one of the coldest bitches out there.

  8. Who belongs to the male voice in the background Mr Martin was talking to when he said “I can not see my friend like that” or something like that?

    • Sounds like he says “I dont know Ali” who is Ali? Sounds like Ali was finding it out for the first time Where is the person who owns the house? The one that saw him thru the window?

        • The little feller was probably too skird to ask anymore questions for fear of “the friend” biting his head off. Right off the bat from the time he said “for the second time” I pegged him for pompous arrogant punk. Clearly the 911 operator was just doing his job but chitferbrains was too interested in controlling the call and only giving info that he deemed necessary.
          Is it obvious that that man set my teeth on edge?

        • Its ok though because if you notice the long detailed answer that “friend” gave in answer to a simple question will be enough to lock him into his story if there is ever a discrepancy in the facts and the call. People that lie tend to lie in very long winded rambling ways.

        • Now I’m thinking Ali told them… Saw him thru the window, whatever. Called Taylor and told her she needed to come over right away. AND she chose to bring her child! Sure he didn’t say what he saw over the phone, but she should have picked up by his tone that it’s not a good idea to bring 5 yr old daughter… Ali’s the neighbor maybe? The owner of the home is prolly at work.

          • Someone had to have a key to get inside. Cant imagine that Traylors presents would be needed. No need for an estranged spouse to have a key to the place the other was staying at.
            And isnt it odd that the other “suicide” didnt leave a note either.. He was a writer, a financial column, yes, but a writer nonetheless. Surely he would have wrote an email or something.

            • I don’t know if its still there but Francisco was the last person Alan “friended” on FB. Was that before or after Russell died? Did he discuss the way his friends body looked? Check out Alan Schram’s FB page and note that Francisco Martin’s wall is totally clear.

            • If the Feds want the content of Martin’s wall, fb network security folks can recover what he erased, right? Great find!

            • Others on his page cleared their wall too. Who does that? I also checked wifey’s biz pg, recently cleared…

          • Ok, finally read the TMZ story… Ali is homeowner that peeked in window. But why did he wait until Mon when Russ had been MIA since Fri and Taylor was so “frantic, contacting everyone” to find him? F Martin is CEO of that Beauty biz Traylor just started rep, right? …

            • That makes the call sound even more off kilter. Why didn’t Ali make the call from his land line? And so Martin was more of Traylors friend than Russel’s?

            • exactly… this is such a twisted story and it is all murder! He was cremated because he was nearly decapitated, not because he always wanted to be cremated. I swear, the media thinks we are all dumb.

              i don’t think taylor was a part of the murder conspiracy but she was invovled with the business dealings and is as much a culprit in the shadiness as Russell. That is why I think she needs to get the hell out of dodge and stop with the bs fame business. She will be murdered next.

            • Check out interests on his FB page for the answer… Taylor Armstrong and her business are both on there.
              What if Alan knew something?
              If there’s money hidden all around the world (and it was rich, powerful peoples money?) then how would have control of it now?

  9. I’m not at all a Taylor fan. Quite the opposite. But I think until you experience the horror of someone with whom you shared your life and a child having hanged themselves, then you can be in a position to fairly judge this call. The emotions from everyone on this call sound raw and real. What her calling for a psychiatrist says to me is that she is not well at all. If that was her first reaction she clearly needs help. No doubt she is staying with Kyle because Taylor is in no shape to parent. I just have this feeling that she’s pretty far gone and not stable at all.

  10. I had the unique opportunity to make a similar 911 call upon discovering the body of a business associate in his apartment. I have often said I would love to hear the tape, because I have really almost no idea what I said or how I sounded. It must have worked, though, because the police did arrive. I do recall questions immediately about who are you, why are you there–stuff to make sure I didn’t have anything to do with it. I would like to think I wasn’t as shaken up as Martin, but friends who came by for moral support while the body was removed assure me that I most definitely was!

    • I am sorry you had to deal with that Who. I have never had to make a 911 call myself but I would hope that I just answered the questions asked of me in a clear and concise manner without extra unnecessary commentary. It almost sounded like Mr Martin thought that the kid on the phone was suppose to hope in his honda and head of over there himself and he was wasting valuable travel time answering his questions. Surely everyone knows that assistance is dispatched as soon as the call comes in.
      But I admit the “for the second time” line was what burnt my britches up and that could just be a regional thing. It just seemed rude to me but I have had relatives in Ca and in Pa tell me that that’s just how people talk to each other in other parts of the country. So…

      • You make a very good point, MP, and made me think about the way the call was conducted. It sounded like he was more concerned about getting tangled up in his story by the dispatcher rather than calling in the alleged suicide of a friend and associate.

        Something’s not adding up. I think I read somewhere that they were at the house for 3 hours. Did it take that long for the coroner and police to arrive or did it take them that long to get the story straight? Was Shana panicked for the reason we all thought/think she was panicked for? Was the child actually there; did the police she her?

        I hope that the Armstrongs ask these questions. They are suspicious of her anyway, so perhaps they will. Maybe that is why they stopped talking…

    • “WHO” I too lived through a hanging. He was a man that was over 6′ about 160 lbs. I am 5’4” and 100 lbs. I arrived at his home with my 5 yr. old. I lifted him up to ease the weight, while my daughter got me shears, and I cut through the cable wire. He had lost all bodily functions. My daughter called 911 as I did everything to get him down. He survived. I’ll never forget that…it was her dad.

      • Oh click….. As you told me at some point, I wish I could reach out and give your little blue square the biggest hug. Oh click… All the other words I want to say sound so cheesy or wrong. I’ll just send you huge virtual hugs instead!

          • I am new here click, so you don’t me, but I want you to know that I am sincerely sorry to hear about this. I can understand how this story with Russell would affect you. God bless you and your baby girl.

      • A lil too close to home… Bless you all! I cannot begin to fathom what life has been like since that day for y’all. You and your daughter are two strong ladies and fortunate to have one another. Love ya girl

      • Click: I hope that your daughter found some way to live through that terrible experience and is OK… well as much as possible. And you! OMG! Truly hope you are OK after living with that for so many years (I assume). Your comment was chilling, so I can only imagine how chilling seeing and then assisting your daughter’s father down to safety. Hope you don’t mind this question: Was he thankful that you saved him? or Was he totally pissed off that he lived?? Just wondering, as I’ve thought many times that people who go that route… if they had one more second before committing the act, that they would NOT go through with it.

        • Good question, BK, I wondered that myself. I remember reading a story about the only person to survive jumping from the Golden Gate bridge, and he said that about a nano-second after he jumped he was wishing he hadn’t. I’ve known several suicides–attempted and completed–and as many have commented here, the reasons are as numerous as the people who do it–avoiding a prison sentence, avoiding a prison sentence that would strip away a nice fat public pension from the family, avoiding embarassment over some professional failure, jilted lover/spouse, anger–“I’ll show you”.
          Is it foolish? You bet. A friend’s son tried it with a gunshot to the temple and succeeded only in permanently blinding himself. I think the bridge jumper was paralyzed.

          And click, I am so sorry as well. I cannot imagine the strength it took for you to cut him down for your little girl to make that call or for you both to have to deal with that these many years.

  11. Taylor is disgusting. Her husband’s body is not even cold and she’s going through his belongings and taking all of his valuables?!?! Even when the poor guy is dead she’s taking his every last cent. What a pig. I really hope Bravo completely takes her off of the show. I will not watch Season 2 of the RHOBH if Traylor is on. Enough is enough already with these trashy wh*res.

  12. i was trying to figure out why everyone thought it was a suicide and now I see. The friend told the dispatcher that he hanged himself.

    It think it was murder.

    I’m not sure Shana had anything to do with it and as much as I don’t like her, I do feel she was in shock.

    i also think there should be a law against releasing 911 calls.

  13. I heard the following day his “friend” committed suicide. But I also heard Taylor/Shanna found out he was going to sites like Adam for Adam and Craigslist, going to the gym daily and his body wasn’t changing. Could his friend been more than a friend and something more was about to come out? Or was it just financial??

    Something is rotten in Denmark?

  14. While on TMZ, I read some comments. Stumbled upon this one…

    “I wasn’t going to post. But I live in AZ and Russell and me hooked up quite a few times and hanged out. He would fly here to hang out and for work, and to get away from Taylor. He was in the closet (bisexual), but he had felt the need to be there for their daughter. His daughter was the world to him though Bravo edited him to be this creepy character when he wasn’t at all. BRAVO TV & Taylor’s comments of domestic abuse, and also his in-the-closet fears have everything to do with his death.”

    • Crazy woman or possibly a man I guess. If he “hanged out” and hooked up with her/him and was a closet bisexual, then sorry, but that makes him “creepy” in my book.

      • Who knows? I assumed it was a dude. Just got my attention bc of that ep when they were in Vegas with the cast and he left her to go on a “biz trip” in AZ.

        • I thought someone had said the real story about the “Arizona Buisness Trip” was he was visiting his son. Makes it even more creepy if he detoured for a sexual romp burning up the limited amout of time he had to spend with his son so he could get his freak on. But I think its even more creepy that this person would kiss n tell after the fact. What is to be gained by it?

          • It was his mom that said he was actually visiting his sons… He goes to Vegas, then for 2 hours total time hangs with his kids? That would be maybe 30 min with all the travel to hang out. Ok

    • Of course, they always say, “I wasn’t going to post”… and then they post away!!! Interesting that he used the words “hanged out”…

  15. it makes me SICK hearing all the disgusting things that people are saying about that poor woman! she may not be my favorite person, but my hell where’s the compassion??!!…the woman was in shock for pete’s sake! how many of you men or woman would have reacted differently REALLY??!! you have no clue what you would do in that situation…picture the scenario, you dont hear from your husband/child’s father (regardless is you were in the midst of a divorce or not, he’s still legally your husband) for 3 days and you go over to check on him and have to bring your kid along and then you and his friend find him lifeless hanging by an electrical cord, regardless if there was love there or not!….IT’S SHOCKING!!!….our society has become heartless, LAZY, self-entitled, selfish, and ridiculous!…grow up people, you make me scared for my children

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