Real Housewives of New Jersey: Our Lil Milania Goes Shopping…


Oh, the gold that was waiting to be mined from last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!   Our lil Milania went on a shopping trip to Corrado’s grocery store with her little sister, Audriana, and her mother, Tree.

Our lil Milania was Milania!  The only thing missing was Milania was not choking, hitting or assaulting in any way her younger sister, Audriana.  Instead, lil Milania went a just a bit bonkers in the grocery store… picking out tomatoes, apples, oranges for her mother.   You know, helpin’ her mother choose all those “ingredientensezseesses” that Tree uses to cook for her family “every night!”



While Tree made a call right in the middle of the shopping trip to invite her brother, Joe, to her book signing, Milania took it upon herself to seize the moment! While Tree was distracted talking with JoGo, Milania ascended upon the prepared foods, climbed on and perched herself on the edge of the refrigerated case, displaying the prepared foods.



Seeing that lil Milania in no way was harmed, and not giving a damn about the prepared foods in the case that Milania just SAT on and crushed… leaving them for other customers to purchase…Tree told Milania that she’s a good girl and that she did so well on this shopping trip!

YO!  TREE!!!!  Maybe you didn’t see lil Milania’s excellent adventure that took place in Corrado’s while you were busying yourself talkin’ on the phone…

But, before the video... here’s a question:  Who the hell dresses themselves AND their kids like this to go to a GROCERY store????

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29 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Our Lil Milania Goes Shopping…

  1. Look at all that good healthy food she has i that buggy!! Gimme a break. Those kids are sugar addicts and Melania is clearly allergic to it.

  2. Throwing frozen food everywhere, sitting IN the prepared food. ALLOWING your child to climb on store property while you make a phone call that could wait seems like she was shopping for more than ingredientezzeses….more like shopping for someone to sue for a personal injury.

    “You were a good girl Milania and did what mommy asked you to, but next time fall forward on your head.”

  3. Have you ever been to a “Jersey-Grocery-Store…this is normal…ever watch Jerseylious? Check out their Jersey hair and style…it’s NORMAL

  4. Overindulged, disrespectful children and we can all blame Joe and Tree, both! Wait until they become teens and adults…more nutty citizens…great. Pigs n a blanket? That is not natural foods and gross to me, unless it is a turkey dog and healthy I do think alll her kids are super cute, in their own way…hahaha

  5. Finally I figured out the deal with those ridiculous head-flowers/doilies/bows those kids wear: They contain a GPS locator! This way when the kids run off, Tree has an app to locate them.

    Boy, that Milania is quickly growing on me. Bravo needs to stop trying to make the Manzos into the next big thing and hop on the Milania train. I’d watch a web series all about her terrorizing siblings, parents, packaged food and tasteful clothing!

    • lol @ GPS locators. so funny. Reminds me of when I was little my mom would be telling me don’t go with strangers and trying to give me the whole anti-kidnapping spiel and my step-dad would pipe in with, “Don’t worry , if anyone takes her they will bring her back in a hurry” He was probably right

    • AOM, Would Milania be featured in an MSNBC special for the youngest child on death row? I see no love or kindness in that child’s future. I think she should be in a competition with McKenzie and her goofy ass mother.

      • click, agree with your comment. Milania is a PROBLEM CHILD!
        Yes, McKenzie is Evil! Her Mom, seems to be on downers or some kind
        of anti-depression drug. McKenzie is down right- rotten to the core!
        Teresa’s kids are grossly spoiled. Age 4, Milania demeanor is formed for life.
        I’m sick of the entire Guidice Bunch. Melissa Gorda is a Nicer Phony version of
        Teresa. Dina Manzo was my favorite from Jersey! Dina, No longer wanted to be a part
        of the drama team. Zen is more her style.

  6. “You were very good, high five!”
    What in the world? I have five children and NONE of them would ever pull a stunt like that. Even if they did, that would be the last time I would take them to the store until they could remember their manners. Those kids run wild and no one seems to care. I would be so embarrassed if my child acted like that. She’d feel my hand but I guarantee you it wouldn’t be be the result of a high five.

    BTW, is that the $400 wedding band set on Tree’s hand? Funny, my rings look to be the same size but unless she’s sporting cubic zirconia, she’s got a small fortune resting on her left hand. Hmm, i wonder if the bankruptcy trustee noticed that…

    • Kudos on having five, as do I! I’m blown away by these tv moms and their kids….the worst being Cindy who is sooo hands off that she couldn’t even take ONE of her babies to lunch with her parents. I actually consider her a worse parent than Tre…I can really see that Tre loves her girls. The truth is Tre should never have to trying to shop, with the girls and make a phone call at the same time.

  7. yep they are cute but people who let their kids do that cost the rest of us money, just think how many unnecesary hours of payrole that it takes to clean up a store after parents let their kids run wild and wreck the store. Trust me I know its something I have to take into account everyday, I can tell you my team spends alot of time just picking up things people changed their minds about and just sat down where ever they pleased or fixing displays and checking pricepoints for items to go in the correct place after a little Milania decided to drag everything off the shelf and open it and mommy could care less cause she is on the phone. We pay for that at the end of the day cause it takes more money for operating costs. Sorry to be so droll but its the truth. Whenever I see stuff like that it just makes me feel tired.

    • Yeah, the kids running amuck can be tiresome to clean up after, but I’m sure the thoughtless adults in the market hold the majority when it comes to those types of things. Well, that and the adults not being responsible for their little rascals. still, adults are to blame! We know should know better!

    • Spare the rod spoil the child. These little girls are darlin but sorely need some discipline.
      There is NO consistency in this household. Joe is a rude classless father who talks trash in front of his kids. Teresa is too self absorbed to pay attention to her children. I think Caroline & Al Manzo should give both of these parents a parenting class since they’re such good friends.

    • so agree with you. i noticed theresa seemed to care less when she walked away from the freezer. I freaked out!!! when the frozen foods touched the floor!!! I’m immunosuppressed and the thought of me or anyone going in the store following that bunch and purchasing those items, taking them home, washing your hands to prepare them and then touching the packaging that touched the floor that everyone in Jersey had walked on after walking thru dog urine, pesticides…oh you see my point. Not to mention the little girls bottom on the food…….just yughhh!

  8. If this was a blog about how rude, lazy, inconsiderate and down right disgusting people can be from a retail point of view I have enough tales to give you gray hair, but luckily its not so I don’t have to be boring. LOL :)

    • I know what you mean. I worked in my grandparents shoe store for a while. Its crazy the way people act.

  9. I think bravo should hook up with the Nanny show….Usualy children of stay at home moms (she said she is but when is she home?)have manners and some control. Maybe since Tree says they have no help, Joe is babysitting now. Could that be why he drinks so much? Hmmm..Of course those little girls are cute. They can afford to be. Milania has alot of anger and i think it has to do with Gia being the center of attention for few years. Modeling,acting,gymnatics and Milania getting the short end of the stick because mom and dad supposedly are broke.

  10. Why were they shopping with her anyway? She should have left them home with lazy, no job havin toothless JuicyJo! He doesn’t know how to act either…

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