Real Housewives of New Jersey: Our Lil Milania Goes Shopping…


Oh, the gold that was waiting to be mined from last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!   Our lil Milania went on a shopping trip to Corrado’s grocery store with her little sister, Audriana, and her mother, Tree.

Our lil Milania was Milania!  The only thing missing was Milania was not choking, hitting or assaulting in any way her younger sister, Audriana.  Instead, lil Milania went a just a bit bonkers in the grocery store… picking out tomatoes, apples, oranges for her mother.   You know, helpin’ her mother choose all those “ingredientensezseesses” that Tree uses to cook for her family “every night!”



While Tree made a call right in the middle of the shopping trip to invite her brother, Joe, to her book signing, Milania took it upon herself to seize the moment! While Tree was distracted talking with JoGo, Milania ascended upon the prepared foods, climbed on and perched herself on the edge of the refrigerated case, displaying the prepared foods.



Seeing that lil Milania in no way was harmed, and not giving a damn about the prepared foods in the case that Milania just SAT on and crushed… leaving them for other customers to purchase…Tree told Milania that she’s a good girl and that she did so well on this shopping trip!

YO!  TREE!!!!  Maybe you didn’t see lil Milania’s excellent adventure that took place in Corrado’s while you were busying yourself talkin’ on the phone…

But, before the video... here’s a question:  Who the hell dresses themselves AND their kids like this to go to a GROCERY store????