Real Housewives of New Jersey: Coming Up… On Next Week’s RHONJ

                               Caroline Manzo and daughter, Lauren Manzo

On next week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

  • Joe Gorga goes to Hoboken…
  • It’s Milania’s birthday…
  • The Joe v Joe feud continues…
  • … and the feud is deeply affecting lil Gia.

OK… the line should be drawn at airing lil Gia being so hurt.  Gia may be a part of this whole story, but she is a little girl… and showing her being torn up over her parents and the uncle that she clearly loves is just heartbreaking.

And… HOW DARE Joe Gorga say that Gia is hurting the same way that he is hurting!!!  


NOTE TO JOE GORGA:  YOU are an adult!  Gia is a little girl.  Your “hurt” can NEVER compare to what this little girl is experiencing!  GROW UP!


11 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Coming Up… On Next Week’s RHONJ

  1. I hope Bravo is compensating Gia for airing all of her emotional breakdowns on TV. Ashley and Lauren get paid – don’t they?


  2. Milania is the Next Linda Blair in Leopard print clothing. Teresa is the Neiman Marcus
    of Al Bundy’s wife, Peg? Does anyone remember, few shows back…Milania told Joe in the Kitchen, yea old troll, give a piece of pizza? Something like that? I was LMAO


  3. I just saw Dina’s tweets last night. I can imagine Dina and Melissa arguing, Teresa flipping a table and screaming YOU FU**** FAMEWHORE. That would get high ratings. Right SH?! Ain’t I right SH?!?!?!?


  4. I couldn’t roll my eyes further back into my head when I heard him claim “she’s hurting the way I’m hurting”. He’s like a big hairy ass toddler. Throughout the entire ordeal, even when they try to cast Teresa negatively (they love to try to do that this second half of the season), I’ve always felt bad for her.

    Melissa annoys me not just because of her awful non-singing ass, but because she really perpetuates the problems between brother and sister and cousin by running to each of them and “reporting” what was said by each person. I can’t even believe a brother and a cousin would go for someone doing that to their family. Where is their loyalty?

    Melissa should’ve been put in her place a long time ago for gossiping and causing divisions in that family. Regardless of how hurt her feelings were or have been, it doesn’t give you the right to break up a family. She claims she wants them to unite, but at the same time, she works night and day to divide. I’m completely confused as to why anyone on that show, besides her husband, embraces her. She’s a true divisionist.


  5. It’s enough that these shows are so full of dysfunctional people….kids should be left out
    of everything….they have no choice.


  6. I totally agree with all said in regards to the kids!! Poor Gia. I felt so sorry for her when I heard her get hysterical when her (drunk) Dad chipped his tooth acting like an idiot! As far as the comment Joey said about hurting like Gia, didnt surprise me one bit. I truly think his mentality is not much higher than Gia’s. I’m serious!! If Teresa and Joe don’t put all the other nonsense aside, poor Gia will have a break down. She doesn’t deserve that!!!


  7. Its true….Melass is not trying to unite anyone! She jumps on the band wagon and digs,prods and does her”Im just trying to make things right”. Lying wench…If wasnt for her those guys would still be close. She is so jelous of anyone else having something she doesnt shes willing to break up a whole family. There always seems to be one in every family. You know? The one who always causes drama? If there is no drams then they make it up. Gia? Poor thing. I see years of therapy. Rehab.(with dad) And maybe a video girls gone wild…..So sorry for anyones kid who has to be put on T.V. Can you imagine going to school? OMG! Horrible.


    • I know, remember Gia in past seasons? She had such confidence and was a powerhouse and was pursuing talent dreams and was, say it with me, G to the IA! These past few episodes has revealed a shattered spirit. She cries out of embarrassment, due to her father’s behavior. She cries bc she desperately wants her mother and godfather to reconcile … poor girl’s childhood is slipping away due to the adults in her life don’t know how to act. Gia has taken that all on. She’s 9, that’s messed up!


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