Real Housewives of New Jersey: Ashley Holmes’ New Apartment..

                                I told you dat I wuz leavin’… 


                                                                                                                        Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…

Well, Ashley Holmes, the badass girl outta Franklin Lakes is now in LA… and she’s in her own apartment!… here.

                                               Living Room

                                                          Ashley’s Own Closet…

                                                        Ashley’s Own Bathroom!

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25 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Ashley Holmes’ New Apartment..

  1. HaHa would have paid money to see the look on her face when it dawned on her that this is the best her joisey money could buy.

  2. Okay seriously?! Her living room is the size of my first apartment. There should be no complaints coming out of her mouth.

  3. If that dumb as dirt, selfish imbecile wants to pay $1800. a month for a shoe box, let her…rofl I lived out there, but long ago when it was nice and not a BROKE state, you couldn’t pay me to live in CA now, no way no how. Also, she fits right in with all the other fruits n nuts and flaky, materialistic freaks. Oh..and let’s not forget the thousands of gang members, and thousands of pedaphiles, that CA lets free everyday to re-offend. HAVE FUN ASHES!!!! ( my new name for her, cuz she always burns herself)

  4. I hope only for the best for ashlee, she did what her pts told her to do; she got a job; she’s out of their house. she was dis to jac, and don caroline was right, she deserved a smack on the mouth and some day (maybe) she’ll regret it. jac was worried that she wouldn’t have any parental guidence in l.a., she wasn’t listening to it, just made her own decisions, did whatever she wanted, her mom can only hope she thinks twice before she does anything.

    • I hope the best for her or anyone. Just don’t be surprised when we see her on Bad Girls or Flava Flave part III. She probably wanted to move there to be discovered. She can draw, so maybe she will get a nice job doing that.

  5. Just curious… Is Chris paying for that too? I kinda doubt Ms ASSHELEE would get out of bed to earn the money to pay for ANYTHING when she couldn’t get out of bed for an stupid internship. Most likely it’s NOT her place but someone else’s. She’s most likely sleeping at the local shelter.

  6. WOW! What a groovy LA pad Ashley got herself! As mentioned by Laney, her neighbors are probably pedophiles and failed actresses who are now full-time druggies. Ashley will fit right in…

      • S: Seriously??? I know a LOT about LA… for your information!

        But for God’s sake, you’re defending an entire city… seriously!!??? And, defending where this little goofball is living in LA!? On a site that goes for the funny!?? Seriously!? Seriously???? For real??? Get outta here!! You cannot be serious!!

        Your comment has me LOL!!! And Iz still LOL-ing!!!

        • “WOW! What a groovy LA pad Ashley got herself! As mentioned by Laney, her neighbors are probably pedophiles and failed actresses who are now full-time druggies. Ashley will fit right in…”

          Not in weho, in a building where a studio goes for $1500-$1700. I commented that you know nothing about LA because you clearly don’t. Is that taking things too seriously? Did I threaten your life or flip a table over it? I think you’re the one taking things too seriously.

          • $1500-$1700… Sounds like Chris got a pretty good deal on the place. If asslee moved to NY, he couldn’t have rented a mailbox for that cheap. Chris is my mazel of the week!

  7. I still believe that this is what she needs. Whether she fails or not is irrelevant. Cut the strings and let her be. She’ll gain the independence she needs and gain some real perspective on life. She can then learn to appreciate her mother from far without the constant arguing and belittling comments.

  8. I’m a Southern transplant to California. I love living in California, love the weather.
    Every place has its PROBLEMS! No, perfect UTOPIA, MAYBE IN OUR NEXT LIFE.
    Bashing the entire state and stating everyone is fruits and nuts,,,not a fair statement!
    Would agree. we have gangs and illegals of all walks of life, that have milked our system!
    Joe Guidice milked State of New Jersey Out of 11 Million Dollars of Tax-Payer Monies!
    Going forward the entire USA, IS GOING BROKE!

    • AS someone who lives in California, thank you. We are a beautiful state and have much to offer. Every state has its bad things. Go pick on Jersey. Even the governor looks like a hood. LOL. (no offense to any one from New Jersey).

  9. last night she posted a pic of her dinner, and the corona she was drinking along with it. if she isn’t 21, who is buying her beer?

  10. As a native Californian who has lived in LA for the last 10 years, I can tell you that the people that make LA/California look bad are the a-holes from OTHER STATES who move here and try to live the life!!

    Ashley is already giggling like an idiot about “fake plastic people”. Uh, that’s you, dumbass. If you don’t like it, move the f out! And I know the building she lives in (she should stop tweeting photos of the common areas). It’s in west Hollywood and studio apartments there run $1500-$1700 a month.

    Also she’s desperate to show off the fact that she’s drinking while underage. Last night she HAD to tweet a photo of her dinner while home alone, which was a plate of food and a corona. Tonight she tweeted about drinking wine on her roof. Nice to see one of her friends stocked her house with alcohol, but she’s so immature she needs everyone to know about it.

    • Thanks S, for taking a stand on California! I moved here from Nashville, Tn 1998
      Love, this State! People are very friendly. I have More Real Friends here, than in the
      South. Like any place or State, every where has its ISSUES! Yes, Los Angeles, does have some fake and materialist folks. So did, Nashville! Ashley is SPOILED ROTTEN!
      Ashley is Lazy! Chris has given her too much! Ashley doesn’t appreciate ANYONE! Poor me, syndrome…she needs…touch love and stop bailing her lazy azz out with money!
      I can’t watch her and especially her pissy attitude towards, her Mom and Chris!

      • I personally think it’s a really nice apartment! If Chris/Jackie helped her get it, I’d think they’d look for a safe area for her to live. There are bad areas in every town. I live in south Texas and trust me we have gangs, pedofiles, etc here. Ashley could be living in a convent and could still find trouble……..for she carries “it” with her where ever she goes. That’s the problem!

        How long does Chris have to pay her way?? Jackie needs to see, enough already! If she thinks she’s big enough to live on her own, let her do it ON HER OWN. I can’t imagine she got that expensive apartment without their help. I hope she does well, but I don’t see it. I think she’ll be begging to come back home in a few months.

  11. I wouldn’t want to be her neighbor. She would probably heavily insure the place and then torch it.

  12. $1500/ for a studio WITH a pool??

    There are PARKING SPACES in Manhattan going for more than that.

    I need to move to SoCal asap… can you say cheapppppp..

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