Real Housewives of New Jersey: According to Joe Giudice… Joe Dumped Teresa Giudice, But She Crawled Back To Him!

                                Joe Giudice… I never wanted nuthin’ to do wit you or your brother!  Geez, great time to be tellin’ that to Tree… after four kids!

On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Joe Giudice lays it all out for Tree!  Going way back… to when Joe Giudice was dating Teresa Gorga.

                                You WHAT!?!?!

Juicy Joe tells Tree that while they were dating, he dumped her and was glad to be rid of her AND her brother, Joe Gorga!   Juicy says that “I got ridda all youz!”
But, Tree came crawling back to him… apparently, this is all news to Tree!!

Real nice, Juicy… to bring this all up in front of the wicked-lookin’ stepsisters and their hubbends company!




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44 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: According to Joe Giudice… Joe Dumped Teresa Giudice, But She Crawled Back To Him!

  1. Last night was the first time in a long time I felt bad for Teresa…Joe is an a-hole, I guess the fact that only she is the bread winner and “star” of the family is eating at him. The fact that he made such a jerk of himself last night falling down and making the kids cry, shows he’s not worht sh—t. Dopey as Teresa acts or is she doesn’t need him anymore, she’ll survise just fine without him, kids and all. I see the handwring on the wall…next housewife break-up. He’ll probly go after spousal support, as he can’t make any money, he owes everyone.

  2. Joe is a Jerk! He suffers from the short-man complex! Teresa, lives in La La Land!
    “Teresa is Too Materialistic! ” Makes me ANGRY, THEY CAN WASH AWAY 11 MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT…and still, keep living like MILLIONAIRES! White-trash in designer clothing! Sick of whining rich-bitches! Caroline and Kathy are my favorites of New Jersey franchise. Further more,
    Teresa is Jealous Person! Teresa is Fake, Fake, Fake too the Core! Teresa is in competition with Melissa. Teresa is jealous of what Melissa has with Joe. Both Joe and Teresa are two-peas in the same pod. Both EGOMANIAC’S. My impression of Joe from the beginning, that he is hiding his other sexual side, as in bi-sexual. Teresa’s brother seems to me, as he could be bi-sexual as well.
    My fore-cast will be a Divorce in the Guidice Family.

      • I don’t feel sorry for any of these media fame-whores.
        They signed up, so any attention good or bad is part of the gig.
        As my Grandmother use to say: “Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

        Today, you don’t have to have real talent! Get your bum on a reality show and that makes one a Star??? NOT!!! We have Dumb-Down as a Society!!!
        They think, they are Celebrities???

        • Please, don’t get me wrong, I was joking. Agreed with most everything you wrote and like that you made your points clearly and quickly with lots of punch!

          • Thank You, AOM :)
            I guess, I should get a life! Surprised at myself for commenting about these
            cast of characters! I do have respect for Albert @ Brownstone. He’s a hard-worker
            and keeps his nose out of the train-wrecked wives life. Someone has to work for a real living.

  3. Joe is obviously on illegal steroids and no one on the tv show or anywhere online mentions it. They are usually shipped in from Mexico, known to be for cows/bulls and are extremely dangerous. Many users of steroids have killed others on them, even more have assaulted people on them. He is having ROID-RAGES and I have been watching his demeanor from the first show. Teresa is in a a very abusive relationship yet that does not give her the right o abuse others, They are both bullies, she picks on everyone, except Joe, who could and would kick her butt. He is a dangerous sorry excuse for Sorry for a man. Btw..all this yelling and screaming in front of the kids is child abuse. Sorry for them and happy for me, that my life may be hard, but I don’t live even close to that crap !! :)

      • Yep. The most shocking thing to me is, CPS will take your child away for pot use, coke, crack, etc…but watch on National TV and no one intervenes. Someone should call it in anonymously and report possible steroid drug use, Anybody in the world reading this, they are 100% Illegal in every US state and he cold snap anytime. CPS:IT IS NOT OKAY FOR CHILDREN TO LIVE WITH A RAGE-FILLED DRUG about a drug test for JOE GUIDICE??? Hope a CPS worker luvs her/him sum STOOPIHOUSEWIVES like we do:)

      • Nothing juicy about that portly little turd! Laney is Right…he must be, using
        steroids. Tree & Turd are Gigantic Train-Wrecks! I couldn’t put up with his
        tiny Italian azz for one more moment!!!

        • Now that you mention it…my BIL is a steroid abuser and I see the similarities…especially when alcohol is involved. YUCK

    • 1) Not all steroids are illegal. I can go on Amazon right now and guy steroids far more dangerous and far more potent than any illegal steroid.

      2) Roid rage is a myth. I’m on steroids at the moment and I feel great.

      3) Many men over 40 are given testosterone injections – AKA anabolic steroids. Lock them up too.

      4) I repeat – roid rage is a myth.

  4. Re: Juicy Joe – He’s not on steroids. He was drunk,he drank too much booze with his friends. He obviously is a high testosterone man. He may have a hormone imbalance from it. He is a fine father if he doesn’t get drunk. Bravo film crew pimps those people out so bad they should be sued.
    Re: Joe Gorga – He has “little man’s syndrome” and he is a secret Cross-dresser (transvestite). First we see at the Halloween party, dressed as a woman, Jacquelines’ holiday party, he asked Jacqueline to give him her dress and he put it on, came out into the kitchen and modeled it. At Richie’s birthday party at the middle-eastern restaurant, he unbuttoned his shirt and tied it under his boob area so it looked like a cropped top that you see women wearing sometimes.

    • He is not on steroids…… you are so funny, he is absolutely 100% on steroids AND he is a drunk. And if you all dont care about Russell being gay and do not like that Shana may have outed him, why are you all degrading Joe Gorga for maybe being bi?

      If your answer is anything like Cindy’s re Juicey, don’t bother answering.

    • LOL What with his talent for spits and his rather large man boobies he is sure to be a big hit. He will be hearing that ‘f” word in his sleep… the one that rhymes with maggot. Tree better add a recipe for tossed salad in her next cook book.

  5. One thing I think I see with Joe is desperation, it seems to me like he knows he is going to prison and he does not care anymore he is going to say whatever he wants no matter how bitter it is. If you noticed of all the crap Joe said to her the one really big thing he said to her was “At least I tell the truth” which I think really got under her skin , one: because I think she trys to fake it and pretend every thing is great all the time and two: because he is and has been lying his ass off about everything. He has lied about his D.U.I., probably an affair or two, his buisness dealings the list goes on and on. I have to give her credit she took that on the chin, if he would have tried that truth comment on me I would have done more than a table flip more like a wine bottle over the head!

    • yeah kinda makes you wonder what happened to her to break her spirit down so badly that she now swallows chit with a spoon and a smile. If anyone needed to have his clock cleaned it was him and spousal abuse smousal abuse as yall know I really do think some people deserve to get clocked and he is certainly one of them.
      Not in front of the kids though. Real nice and stealth like when he is in the shower later on.. bum-rush the a-hole with a rol of quarters in a sock and dont let up till he cries like a lil beotch… that’s what the badass that lives inside of me would do.. good thing i dont let her out…much
      Seriously yall I know what your thinkin but I dont beat my husband.Honest I dont. I dont have to cause he is smart enough not to do something like that to me. My husband is a brilliant man. Joe… not so much
      But all jokes aside.. she needs to leave him.. now .. dont wait till he is in jail.. do it now.. tonight.. get up and leave.

      • The reason why she takes what he says, is because she knows that she is the reason why he is in this mess. She knows it! Teresa was balling out of control the first 2 seasons and even when people said she was in foreclosure she had a fit and denied it and was still spending like crazy. Joe did not get to this desperate level by himself, she helped to put him there and he went along with it like a fool. That is the reason why he is now lashing out every chance he gets. He is fed up with all the bull crap, even his kids are getting the blunt of it because on some level he blames them all.

        I am sick of this, it’s not fun anymore. Joe is unraveling and the cameras are right there to see it.
        I blame them all, chasing money by any means necessary and not realizing that at the end of
        the day you end up losing more than you had. Your sanity, your peace of mind and most importantly your family.

        • Thats true. Joe should have had enuff stones to tell her “I dont roll like your brother does” and let her take it or leave it instead of frontin. I take it that Papa Guidice is well off so maybe she thought she was marring up only to find out that Joe doesnt have the same work ethnic that his parents did to earn their money.. Both of them are to blame for sure. Her for being a shallow soul sucker and him for being a plain ole sucker.

      • Teresa needs to learn how to play “Grit Ball”!!! On one of Tyler Perry’s Madea movies, she explains how to play, along with swinging a big skillet. Joe needs that BIG TIME!! I don’t know about steroids, but he is definitely a drunk…..recall him running into that tree? I think deep inside he must not be so proud of his manhood right now. He could have strong resentment against Tre for her over the top spending habits, which helped get them in that position with their finances. I agree, I think he is a pig!!!

  6. Look, wouldnt any one of us drink if we lived with tree and her little clones? If i was going to lose everything, my wife makes me look like a circus monkey and my children who once adored me(for my money) and no longer care about me one way or another. All of this would make a sober man drink or take drugs. I dont know if steroids make you oblivious to life but again Tree…I think Joe has dealt with Housewives show his way and Russ dealt with his life his way. Sad regardless. Hope it was worth it housewives….

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