Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong SHOCKER!

                                                                            Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong...

Everyone and everything is coming out of the woodwork now that Russell Armstrong has been put to rest.

The latest is THIS from the National Enquirer… here.

“Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong carried on a secret gay af fair for over a year before he committed suicide.”

(Thanks to ‘Chameleon69′ for the Enquirer story…)

NOTE:  Really, Enquirer?  So, the ‘assistant’ passed a polygraph… administered by whom??  If he passed the polygraph, why the shroud of secrecy re his identity?  SH is NOT fond of these types of stories… it is posted here as an example of what to expect from people re Russell’s personal life, now that he is no longer here to defend himself against these accusations.

                                                                        Russell and Shana/Traylor Armstrong…

Also… Shana/Traylor was a no-show at Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter’s wedding over the weekend… here.

However, Shana/Traylor NOT showing up at a wedding is totally understandable.  The surprising part of the linked story is that there were NO Bravo cameras at the wedding!   It had been previously reported that Pandora’s wedding would fill in the gaps left by Russell’s footage taken out of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

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  1. Even if he is bi-sexual, who cares. There are far more deeper reasons why he left this Earth. If Shana “outed” him, she is suffering now for that betrayal and has intense payback. Although, I am sure she covered his butt too many times when abused, he was always a sick man, sicker than Shana. I don’t refer to her as “Taylor”, that is part of her shadiness that I won’t condone nor go along with.


  2. i honestly think all of this talk about gay secret life is bs and shouldn’t be perpetuated.

    the story came out before his death, yes but it seemed to be to serve the purpose of drumming hype around the show and to have viewers side with taylor since everyone hated her at the end of last season.

    Taylor didn’t know if she was coming back as of March and she was nervous about being cut cause no one liked her. She starts her whole fame-whoring thing in February and tried to be relevant by hanging out with people who were getting press.

    She is suddenly hanging out with NeNe Leakes and Latoya Jackson (who is childhood friends of Kyle and Kim and Kathy Hilton and good friends with Lisa Vanderpump) who are on The Apprentice together

    Then, she started to do things to get in the press, like the photos of her looking very anorexic.

    But, no one really cared that much because she wasn’t well-liked.

    And then she decides to divorce Rusell and then there are rumors of her dating some chef.

    Then the lawsuit happens and all of these rumors of Taylor being beaten badly, broken cheekbones, etc. and a photo of her surfaces with a stitch above her.

    Also, I can’t find it but there was a video or an article with Russell who said that he wanted to support his wife in any way he could to be the best actress on television.

    Um, what? She’s an actress now, thought she was a businesswoman?

    Sorry this is so long but the point is that all of that gay stuff was initially used to make taylor appear more sympathetic and then after his death, it was used as a reason for him to commit suicide.

    Long story short, I don’t believe the gay rumors not one bit. It’s called spin.


    • ITA. There is enough dirt to go around without adding tawdry accusations. Somewhere there is a an article by a woman who owns a website that Russell tried to buy into this spring. But with what money? She remarked how upbeat he usually was and how much he hated Bravo blah blah.
      He made many strange comments the final months, he called Taylor an “angel” even though they ran scams together, he blamed Bravo for his poor reputation although he volunteered to be on the show and most of his bad PR came from his financial shenanigans. He said he and Taylor laughed their heads off in bed about the protrayal of their bad maariage. Ummkay.
      Russell was obviously slowly melting down but no one reconized it until after he passed away. Even the marriage counselor was shocked.


  3. Excellent points, kiki. This latest media ‘trick’ of trying to blame Armstrong’s suicide on being bisexual or gay is a big, huge effort by Taylor. Since she was trying every trick in the book to try to destroy him when he was alive, this is right up her alley, trying to drum up sympathy because her true colors are showing and people are articulating their disgust of her. The whole blame-the-gay- thing for the suicide is unfortuantely very typical of shady, shallow, unscrupulous people who have no clue we’re supposed to allow the deceased to rest in peace.


  4. Was Taylor’s statement that their marriage was more like a “business arrangement” just code for “I’m his beard and I’m cool with that cause he’s paying the bills”? I don’t know if he was gay or bi, and I really don’t care much. But was Taylor sowing those seeds from the start?


    • dickens: Welcome! TFC = Thanks for commenting!! OR… as long-time commenter, ‘Made Piley’ has mentioned, “TFC” could also be an abbreviation for “Tough Friggin’ Cookies”!! And, sometimes it is!! TFC!!! (The first one!) SH


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