Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Bravo Airing Russell Armstrong Special…

Whether Shana/Traylor likes it or not, Bravo is ready to go with a one-hour special about Russell Armstrong… here.

“Bravo is yet to formally announced the special episode which will get the views from the housewives on the recent tragic events.”

An individual close to one of the “Housewives” said the ladies were not given specifics as to how things would unfold during their sit-down and that it was intended as a way to get their reactions to what happened.

Shana/Traylor was not interviewed for this special.

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26 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Bravo Airing Russell Armstrong Special…

  1. Aw! How sweet and thoughtful of Bravo to leave Traylor outta that whole special. Such heart that network has… (Using sarcastic voice.)

  2. Bravo cant undo the damage and disrespect Russell endured from them. Now they are going to profit from the suicide that they may or may not be responsible for. A whole hour of the same Russell they labeled as weird and boring?? I hope no one watches.

    I will not be watching that macabre display of unabashed flakery.

    • excuse me but if you’re doing a reality show and you commit suicide it’s a given that it will be on the show. that is the whole point is it not? they are all adults. this is not bravos fault. infact it seems as if russell was hoping that his suicide would somehow ruin the franchise. i hope it does not. i feel bad for andy cohen

      • I see what you are saying . Its gonna be a tightrope to address it properly though and the RH franchises are not meant to be serious PSA so it will be new territory for them. Andy is in a tough spot. indeed

    • I love that pic too, but Adrienne needs a make over. Clothes and hair! Did you see what she wore to the Vanderpump wedding? She’s stuck in the 90s…

      • agreed Romo she is a perfect example of what happens when you have to much money and no taste!! and no styist to boot!

      • omg…that was the absolutely worst dress of the bunch. It was hideous, tacky and looked downright cheap! I don’t understand how people can have access to the best available fashions, the money to afford them and then leave the house looking like a desperate hooker. That mermaid look in a dress is just not flattering on anyone in my opinion

  3. The only ones that will talk are motormouth Kyle and sympathetic Adrienne. Camille is gonna be too busy trying to keep her eyeballs from popping outta her sockets while muttering I don’t know. And cut to Kim, she’ll look away from the camera while shaking her head and say, I don’t want to get involved! That’s the ‘Special’… knock yourselves out.

  4. And since Shana/Traylor is now LIVING with Kyle… certainly Kyle will express in this “special” special all of Shana’s feelings, hope and dreams since Russell’s death. THAT’s the reason that Kyle took Shana in… prolly on Andy’s orders!

  5. I like Adrienne’s style because its different from the rest. I’m tired of celebs/rich people using stylists & end up looking the same…boring.

    • Ms. Maloof is FIERCE with a capital F and as far as I’m concerned, this show is completely beneath her. I honestly only ever watched this show because of her. I really wanted to see her business activities and an opportunity to learn from her, which unfortunately never happened. She needs her own show.

    • I totally feel ya, realitybash. I get tired of the same ole, same ole too. It’s refreshing to see something different… Weather I like it or not.
      Drove me nuts when the OC housewives were wearing the same exact dresses! Ughs.

  6. How disingenuous! They cast him as the devil incarnate, now that the man is gone, they want to use his death as a ratings boost for their network?? This is insane. All of this is enough to make me finally stop watching so-called “reality” tv.

    Between them using the Gorgas and Joe Giudice to perpetuate chaos in a family that is already hurting, and them making a “special” for a man they demonized who eventually killed himself, it’s enough to make me completely resign myself from tv and i’m not even kidding. There’s a life out there that beckons, and thank you for the RH franchise for making me see it. TV is just awful.

  7. So last Sunday Bravo missed another opportunity to air condolences, a PSA or some other recognition of Russell’s suicide. But now they’ll deal with it by letting self-absorbed narcissists blather on about how they feel even though they barely knew the deceased? I’m not saying Russell needs a tribute, heck, I don’t think Russell even needs an hour, but shouldn’t they try to do something positive here?

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