The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Giudice… The Yoda of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice  Tree Joodice explains that when her husband Joe Joodice drinks, he’s a happy drunk…

Albie and Chris Manzo are both enthralled by da Joodice… but realize that da Manzo boyz are still referred to as “Boyz”…

Watch as the happy drunk, Juicy Joodice, knocks out his tooth… cute.


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18 comments on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Giudice… The Yoda of New Jersey

  1. Anyone else notice when drunk Joe told Teresa that she is still here with him because she came crawling back? So, I guess they broke up at one point and she begged him to get back together. I want to know more about THAT story!

    Also, Joe has Joey’s number listed as f*ggot in his cell phone? Um…That’s not okay on so many levels.

    Also, does anyone really believe the story of him being tired and closing his eyes for a second and then waking up to the car wrapped around a tree? Yeah, me neither. He clearly has issues with alcohol and it’s so irresponsible for everyone on that cast to believe otherwise. Wait until he kills one of their kids (or his own) by acting irresponsibly.

    For some reason, everyone feels bad for Teresa in this episode because she is so stressed out with her family issues. But guess what? She shares the blame! Those section 8 tenants who didn’t get their deposits back from the guidices were probably stressed, as well. Teresa can cry me a river.

    • kiki: OH! Love the Section 8 reminder!!! Let’s not forget that’s what the Joodice’s built their re-done house on… money collected by Juicy was never used to pay utilities, mortgage note, etc on the properties owned by Juicy and Joe Mastropole (without Mastropole’s knowledge…). TFC!!!!!!! SH

  2. That’s right; let’s reminder the people living on Sec. 8 that Juicy scammed! Don’t tell me Tree closed her naive eyes to all of this; she wrote a cookbook of basic Italian recipes that I’ve been cooking for years, nothing new there. Yet Tree has so many sympathizers and I don’t get it at all; no one sees her duplicity and better than everyone attitude???? A good mom???? Her children don’t have consequences and behave horribly in a supermarket, sitting on the frozen food, knocking food out of freezer and she tells Milania she is good???? Am I watching a different woman from all the sympathizers????

  3. I found this episode very disturbing as did the Joodice guests that evening. It really made my stomach turn to see Gia’s reaction. I can tell you this, if Tree and Juicy have that kind of fight in front of cameras and guests can you imagine what they say behind closed doors????

    TREE!!!! listen to your Jewish friends, LEAVE HIM!!! You make all the cash now, leave him, take your girls and make sure that Gia does not pick an alcoholic abusive scarm artist for a husband and Milania does not end up expelled from school for asaulting a teacher. Gabriella will end up with a thousand face pericings and a mohawk just so she can get your attention cause you will be to busy taking care and cleaning up after your alcoholic husbands messes. Leave him , make amends, join the lady bugs with Dina or do work through your church show your girls that when you get alot you need to give back. Your lifes a wreck please protect your girls, what we saw last night was abuse.

  4. Gia just broke my heart last night. She was so upset and genuinely frightened by what she saw, but Teresa just blew her off because she refused to acknowledge how out of hand Joe was.

  5. Its probably much worse for theresa in private, apparently besides joe cheating on her, he likes to humiliate her if front of company and clearly has an alcohol problem, she needs to run from this LOSER!

    • Something tells me that away from the public and glare of the camera lights, Tree gives as good, or better, as she gets. JoDice knows Tree won’t fight back too hard in front of the cameras so he runs his mouth and tries to act tough. But once the house clears out, I bet Tree LET HIM HAVE IT. After all, Milenia didn’t get emboldened enough to call her father an “old troll” without an aggressive, vocal female role model.

  6. So pretty interesting how JoDice calls JoGo a fa**ot on his phone and when talking about him. Didn’t JoDice throw that word around in season 1 during the dance lesson (and prompting Danielle to transform into a champion of gay rights)? If I didn’t know better, I’d say JoDice has a problem with gay people, or is covering up some feelings. But I know better cause the Manzo Bros. have a gay roommate which means the whole cast is down with the gays. Whew!

    And interesting Tree, her friends and inlaws didn’t think much of it. So by the Jillz-Countless-KKK Law of Transferance that a wife is responsible for the mouth of her husband, isn’t Tree supposed to control his tongue?

    • well if Juicy Joe has some “Gay” feelings he is covering up he will get to explore that very soon when he is serving time.

  7. I think that we all have been wrong about which housewives wont be coming back for next seasons. Its the husbands! I think that Joe and Tree will be next on the hit list. If bravo doesnt put it in the script then i think Tree will. She doesnt need him anymore. He is a liability. Then she can blame a divorce on why her kids are spoilt brats. Blame Joe for all her bad behavior. Blame him for making her live in that horrible mansion…When he said that he and her brother will never be friends, when he wrote the nasty texts(earlier in day assumed was sober).When he pushed girls out of the way to tumble i could see in Trees face she was sad if possible for her. The friends looked very embarrased. Kathys husband? He is a little strange and am not sure how well he is going to do on this show.Housewives is what the show is suppose to be about maybe the husbands should have there own shows so maybe when the old ladies dump them they can have a income…Am trying to figure out why Gia was so hystarical(spelling wrong sorry)when Joe lost his tooth? I mean i got it he is her dad but its like she has seen him hurt before and in a bad enough situation that she freaked out. How can they get so drunk with kids in the home? I mean Tree brags about taking care of everything on her own. How can she if her and Joe drink like that? I hated Joes texts but i also hated Mels jumping in their like a vicious rabid dog goading Joe on. She sucks! The look on her face…If Tree was on fire she probably would get marshmellows out roast them on…I thought Kathy was gracious showing up for Trees book signing after all the negative crap Tree was dishing out.

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