Nothin’ To Do Witda Housewives: Takin’ Another Detour… For All You BB Fans…

SH has not watched BB since the “Chicken George” and after that… the “Mike Malin” days.  It just got too formulaic and very predictable.. but, for all you BB fans… here’s the latest:

Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move.

More… here.

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17 comments on “Nothin’ To Do Witda Housewives: Takin’ Another Detour… For All You BB Fans…

  1. Thank you so much for the story on Shelly. Shelly did pull a fast one on them but for those of us that have dealt with women like her in the work place, we sorta saw it coming a mile away.
    p.s. Chicken Georga was one of my all time favorite… second only to Marvin Latamire
    Heres what he’s been up to

      • lol. Marvin would be a good one to interview theses ladies at the reunions.
        p.s. Full disclosure time, I aint never seen a pig with toes that long bet she could charge extry fer that.

  2. Wow! Avid BB fan since season 2, but some ppl take the “game” way too serious. Jeff was likeable and I enjoyed him last year when he was watering the plants shirtless and BB was playing porn music in the background.

    • yeah some people have lost their minds. I been watching since the first season. In fact i been watching so long that I have dang near entered the “one old person per show” demographic. Told my husband the other night that Shelly wasnt but a few years older than us and , well, lets just say it was a tad bit sobering.
      kalia bothers me. No way could I be in an alliance with her, she talks to fast and mumbles her words i would not know what she was saying.
      Rachel is a low class train wreck . Wonder how she is gonna handle her maybe preggers crap. Lord knows she wont admit out right to getting herself knocked up on tv because that would mean she would have to quit being a wine nazi… her attention getting ploy sorta backfired on her alki-holic self.

  3. I am a die hard BB fan, I never miss a show, but some people take it way too seriously, death threats, omigod. Rachel mentioned on the show that america hates her and she cannot get a job.if BB Is the reason, well I think that is wrong too. It’s just a game.

    Go rachel and jordan!!

    • Hi Maryann I think the death threats are ridiculous too. However, I tend to think that the deaththreaters might not be bb fans at all but rather someone she has pissed off in the workplace before. Either way it dont make it right but its just a feeling I got. I would not hire Rachel either. That chick would be too much work. No one(not even dorkapatmous Brenda) deserves to strap on that level of needy. I spect one of the reasons Jordon lost it a bit after the Jeff eviction was that she realized she was trapped in that house with Rachel and no buffer. Its interesting to note that Rachel’s own mother urged her to take Brenda back after penis-gate.. Now that tells me that even her own momma knows she aint ever gonna find another fool dumb enff to put up with her. Also funny how she just happened to get engaged the same week as her sister… 10 guesses as to how that all played out and the first 9 dont count. I bet you a dime to a donut that the sister got the question popped first and Rachel nagged up a blue streak till she got a matching proposal albeit with a fake 4200 swarovski crystal diamond ring. Not a Rachel fan.

  4. What is wrong with people? I understand that there are some seriously sick people out there but,come on…How can anyone watch any show like that and get so involved to where they cant tell right from wrong? Nine times out of ten these peopple are totaly differant outside the show. But that aside it still means too many people have no lives of there own so they live through people in these shows. I mean i never wanted to be Lucy, I just really liked the…I have watched many forensic shows but never wanted to kill anyone. Scares me that maybe those nuts who used to say T.V. was evil might be right…OH NO Mister Bill! Whats next ? Evil music? lol…Just saying get over it when the last commercial ends…

    • Laurie that’s true enuff however I do think some glimmer of the real character of people does shine thru from time to time. Same as on the HW shows. In fact I think its that very thing that draws us all to watch and comment on these shows. We identify with parts of these people based on other real life people we have come in contact with or God forbid we recognize in our selves. To pick up on the insidious nature of Shelly’s ways you have to watch the feeds or read the updates and watch BBAD. Its very subtle and crafty but its there BigTime. So lets not kid ourselves there is a reason that Shelly’s company always sends her overseas. I can totally see her causing massive amounts of unnecessary tension in the office.
      Did you hear that she told Jeff she could get him a 6 figure job when they get out of the house? total game play.After I heard that I started watching her more closely.

  5. Big BB fan here, I don’t watch the feeds this yr but watch BBAD and follow a great spoiler site. Shelly is LOW DOWN!!! Master manipulator & a great liar! She doesn’t deserve these threats though. I have seen them, talking about calling CPS & reporting Shelly for molestation. Another poster talked about someone kidnapping, raping & killing her daughter. Fortunately for Shelly, the jury house will also double as a safehouse come thursday. Cuz SHE GONE!

    • Your right neither she nor her family deserve the threats. What do you think is gonna come of Rachel’s late fer me period stunt?

      • She’s not late, just bad at math. She was on her period when Dani won the Skiing HOH week & Rachel couldn’t compete b/c she had just been HOH. I remember her saying that she was relieved that she couldn’t complete because she was on her period & didn’t know how long she could’ve been up there. Oh the things you know about people.
        On a side note, I am reluctantly rooting for Rachel now. She is SO much better w/o Brenda. That guy is a passive agressive control freak! I’ve seen a milder, nicer Rachel w/o Brenda & I like her. I’m only rooting for her b/c all the remaining newbies suck & Jordan doesn’t deserve a million!

        • Oh thanks for clearing that up Mrdeegrl. But I dont by the bad at math part I think she is an attention whore. Brenda is a controlling dolt for sure and those two do not need to be together. She is clearly an embarrassment to him. Disgusted by her lack of self respect and respect for their families when it comes to dry humping(and more) on camera. Her I <3 my hubby shirt is ridiculous too. I dont want her to get the 50k or the 500k because she in an irresponsible delusional twit. I will never respect her but I was a Brittney fan so….
          I guess I am pulling for Jordon (I think production is setting her up for a double win situation anyways) And I want anyone BUT Brenda or Rachel to get the 25k.

          • The best thing that could happen to Rachel would be losing Brenda. I HATED Rachel last year, LOVED Britney & Ragan!! But this season I see a different Rachel. She has lost her spark, & is completely engrossed in Brenda. Now that Brenda is gone., she has almost become likeable (to me). I mainly am rooting for her this year because I simply do not care for any of the newbies…. And I don’t want Jordan winning twice. I want Rachel to win & RUN FAR, FAR AWAY FROM BRENDA!!!

            • Yeah he is a douche. plain and simple but he really is the best she can get. I think she is still a snot. Now she is just a broke snot that cant get a job and resents the poverty that Brenda is making them live in while he works on his doctorate.

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