Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blogs: Jax Laurita’s Bravo Blog Is Up!! Everyone’s In!!

                                                                       Season 3, Episode 14                                                                                                                           “BELLY UP AND UP”

Well, FINALLY!!! Jax Laurita’s blog… here.  Jax musta posted this late last night, as SH was trollin’ the Bravo site for her blog, convinced that Jax just said “Screw it” to Andy, ’cause rumor is that she ain’t gonna be back next season.  That ‘rumor’ is yet to be confirmed, but all the signs for Jax NOT returning are there.

For the rest of you judging us relentlessly… Imagine picking a private moment from your life that you wouldn’t be so proud of and letting us share our opinions with you. Everybody has a story. At least we can make a living while sharing ours. LOL! Whatever happens is going to happen on or off camera anyway, so we might as well get to pay some bills out of sharing it with others.   (Well, ain’t that the truth, Jax!!)

Wow! They did such a great job with the captions figuring out what I was saying in-between my hyperventilating. Gee, thanks. Clearly I thought the cameras had gone away after I went into the restroom. What I was trying to tell Chris was that Ashley had told us she was going to California and then would eventually settle down in Texas. She has an amazing family there, but I was heartbroken, because not only did I feel like she was moving away from me while she and I were not doing so well, and I was scared at the idea of her living out there alone, but also because I felt like I was the one who had put in all my love, blood, sweat, and tears into raising Ashley for the past twenty years.


Melissa Gorga’s blog… here.   Missy doesn’t have much to say at all… at all!!!  Another cast member who could have just phoned it in, which she probably did…

“Mending the relationship with our families is a work in progress. I vented to Kathy about the play date that Teresa  and I had, because I didn’t want to vent to my husband and I had to get it off my chest. I told Kathy the whole story including how Teresa reacted to seeing the studio and hearing that I was recording a song. I did everything I could that day to bite my tongue and not say a word to Teresa when she was at my house. Kathy is my friend and I tell her everything. “


Kathy Wakile’s blog... here.  Kathy’s blog coulda been written on a 3 x 5 recipe card.  She doesn’t have that much to say…

Teresa always feels the need to control the entire conversation. If it’s not about her, she’s just not interested and just becomes mean spirited. Her rude comments about my Mediterranean-inspired goddess evening were a blatant display of her lack of sophistication in today’s cosmopolitan world.


Tree Joodice’s blog... here.  

“In this episode, I’m also still upset — yes still, still, still — about Melissa and Kathy joining the show. I’ve made no secret of how it happened and how heartbreaking it was to me. It did not make me happy. I’m sorry, but you will see me not being happy about it for quite awhile longer. I don’t think if Bethenny’s mom just showed up on her show without her knowing, or any of the other Housewives’ relatives who they had a painful history with just showed up on their shows, that they would be upset for an episode and then suddenly be over it.”


Jay Mohr’s blog… here.  

Jay has plenty to say… and this week, it’s all fun-nae!  Really, sometimes parts of his blogs are just so-so… as are SH’s.  However, SH is NOT a professional comedian, so the expectation for Jay to hit the funny nail on the head is there every week… and this week he nailed it!

On Juicy and Tree’s visit to their bankruptcy attorney:

One part of the conversation that I did understand was when Mr. Smarty McCollege pants said, “We came up short $260,000, you still owe that.” Teresa immediately says in her interview, “In reality, we really did win the case.” Say what? Teresa, we all just watched a lawyer crush you and your husband’s nuts under his shoe. Don’t try and trick the viewers into thinking they saw something different from what they just watched.  I freaking LOVE Teresa, but lately she really seems to be unraveling. How can I believe anything she says? The other Housewives may complain that Teresa has lied to them, but Teresa just lied to ME.  The judge said, “You lose,” and Teresa says, “We won.”

Note to Jay:  We at SH do NOT “freaking LOVE Teresa.”  And for good reason. Juicy’s ex-business partner was proven in court that he was NOT a liar.  Perhaps Jay should read Judge Morris Stern’s Opinion Letter (included on SH masthead above…), which the Joodice’s attorney was referring to in the meeting with Tree and Juicy.  After reading the opinion letter, then give your opinion re Tree’s grasp on the truth of the matter!  Tree is a liar… and is trying to tell viewers otherwise every chance she gets.

FYI:  The Joodice’s bankruptcy case is far from over.  Their next date in Bankruptcy Court in front of Judge Morris Stern is December 22, 2o11.  Hope they are both remanded to the nearest institution for crooks/scammers/bad people immediately.

Jay pulls in SH’s favorite of all time… all time… and forever and ever… LUTHER VANDROSS into his blog!  Honestly, Jay… SH have NEVER figured you for a Luther fan!

Toward the end of the episode Ashley is giving her interview wearing a blue shirt with a purple oven mitt on her head. Blue and purple, Ashley? C’mon, girl, not even Luther Vandross could pull those two colors together. The show ends with Chris telling Ashley, “Get your stuff and get out!” That sound you heard tonight outside your window was America applauding.

Caroline Manzo’s blog… here.

Don Caroline’s blog coulda been written on a 3 x 5 notecard!  Don Caroline’s blog is stuffed/inflated with videos…

On Kathy Wakile’s party:

The goddess party was lovely.  Kathy puts her whole heart into her cooking, and her passion is evident in the presentation. The bracelets were a pleasant surprise, and I couldn’t accept mine without apologizing for my closed-minded opinion of Kathy prior to knowing her.  It was based solely on the events that occurred at The Brownstone during the Posche Fashion show, and that was wrong.   P.S. I have the photos of everyone shaking their asses, how much do you think they’re worth?

Note to Don Caroline:  Hey, if you got the photos, let’s see ‘em!!!

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61 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blogs: Jax Laurita’s Bravo Blog Is Up!! Everyone’s In!!

  1. Given that the judge dismissed against Teresa but determined Juicy was lying and therefore had to pay the ex- business partner , I am wondering if Teresa was letting the ex-business partner know she has NO intention of paying him anything and there is nothing he can do about. Since the Judgment is against Juicy and Juicy has no income the ex-business partner can’t garnish a check that doesn’t exist and if all the bank accounts are put in Teresa’s name he can’t have the accounts garnished either. The only way for him to get his money is for Teresa to voluntarily pay Juice’s debt. Or he has to wait until he knows that Juicy has an income and then petition the courts to garnish his wages. Just a thought….

    • That is an interesting observation. I am not sure how it works. Isn’t all marital debt supposed to be shared based on household income?

      • Well I don’t really know how that would work in New Jersey but in Alabama (where I live) that would be a business debt and not marital. For instance, my former employer filed bankruptcy and the wages owed to me were not discharged. I filed a civil suit and won and then we (my attorney and I) petition the court to garnish her wages after I found out she was working. Well after a short period she lost that job I knew her husband was working so I felt she could pay me something since he has an income. I was told there was nothing I could do to force him to pay because the judgment was against her. So that’s why I was wondering if when Teresa said we really won if she was really telling the ex-business partner screw you and your judgment. (I wouldn’t put it pass her) .

        • LoveO that’s brilliant!! Their bankruptcy schedule shows their house is owned as husband and wife, which means that until they get divorced no judgment creditor of just one or the other of them can touch it–so when Tree was found not liable that protected the house. It’s also listed in the schedule as being under water, so there’s no equity for a creditor to attach.
          As for the wage attachment angle many northern states don’t allow them except for support and taxes–not judgment creditors. I’m not sure about NJ.

        • Yes, but Joe was self employed and they can come after your joint estate for debt. I don’t know if people noticed but Teresa did have to pay. they were going to publicly auction off her household assets/furniture/jewelry, but they changed it to a “private sale” and allowed T to buy her own belongings back with the money going towards discharging some of the debt. She paid. Not as much as was owed but she paid.

    • I assume the house is still owned jointly by Joe & Tree. If he ever tried to sell the house, take out a loan or anything else using the house as collateral, the business owner could pretty much block it (I think). He also can’t just give it to Tree without satisfying the lien. If JoDice’s businesses have any assets, the partner can pursue those. Basically, the partner can make life hell, if he wants.

      While JoDice can try to live the rest of his life without ever having any assets, he’ll probably just find it easier if Tree gives him some cookbook money to pay it off.

    • Works the same way in New Jersey. Tree was technically right. She won because she has no obligation to pay the debt back – she was discharged from the obligation. Love her or hate her or call her a liar, she’s not a liar on this point (although there is no way this chick didn’t know what her hubby was doing) she is not responsible for the debt and the Judge must have found that she did not act fraudulently or else he would not have discharged her

      • Too bad The Marinos are mo bettah! Don’t even waste a thought on that Dallas show tho… ugh.

          • On the Dallas show i watched 1 episode and Courtney pissed me right off! I’ve been a single mama and it isn’t all icecream and sprinkles. Neill is a single mom. She is friends with one of the guys on the show and she meets them all for dinner and stays for what seems like about an hour tops. Courtney cries and whines to her friend that how dare Neill leave her child home (once a week for an hour) to go to dinner, try to make friends and have adult interaction. How dare she because that is all Courtney wants is a family and a baby. Ummm hello. The poor girl is raising the child on her own. It’s HARD! Compassion. Nope none. It was all about her and her needs. It was disgusting. I refuse to watch that level of idiocy and self-involvement again.

            • The whiney girl was just a jealous bully, and she has no clue what she is talking about. I was a young single mom too, and putting guilt on a mom for trying to have a life and even find a partner is really mean. Kudos to Neill for getting back out there and having a life and handling a very jealous bully with grace. I am sure her parents are happy to see her go out and let them spoil that baby. I have no desire to watch the Dallas show anymore.

  2. While I don’t agree with Teresa & Joe’s business affairs, I admittedly don’t take it into account when I’m watching the show. She’s the only housewife that consistently brings me the LOLs on NJ while the knitting club does nothing for me unless they’re in the same room as Tree.

    • like the Norwegian that blew thru town and knocked all her ingredienceseses including the come-in off her table she still stayed cool as a whistle. :)

    • Super, I competely agree with you! I LOVE watching Teresa! The only other HW who is just as entertaining is Melissa but I can’t stand her! She is so phony and tries to act just like Teresa, from the squealing of her voice to the way she talks with her hands. The way Melissa bops her head during the interviews I want to slap her! I wanted to like her before the show started but I have developed such a dislike for her.

    • There’s actually a great Mexican restaurant in NYC called Hell’s Kitchen in, natch, Hell’s Kitchen. But when has the author of Skinny Italian ever worried about “borrowing” from someone else?

  3. I couldn’t get into the “goddess” party that Kathy threw. I do like Kathy, but I’m with Richie and son on that “voodoo” crap that Kathy had going with this weirdo woman who puts positive energy into their home. I’m sure ones like her laugh all the way to the bank for those shallow minded rich women, Dina and Jackie included, who buy into that crap! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Dina with her “engergist”. Don’t mean to step on any toes for those who believe in this. I guess it’s en vogue for those who have more money than sense.

    • totally agree. Remember Linda from DC she had her house saged too. I must be more backwoods than I wanted to admit because before these shows I never heard of sageing . I mean we use sage as an ingredidneceses in our recipes but we dont smudge sage ashes all over ourselves and our dwellings. Any positive energy that something like that might possible invite would fly right out the window when I have to start cleaning it up.
      On the other hand Rich’s intention for the holy water as a dig at Tree was stoopid too.

      • I don’t know much about the new age stuff, but the sage is definitely a native American thing. New age-y people often go to native American sweat lodges and ceremonies so maybe they grabbed the sage from there as well?

        • I dont know. I just cant imagine ancient tribal leaders being too pleased that new age hacks are using it to make bank off of a bunch of crazy white women.. or maybe they would think its hilarious.

      • Jeff lewis does it too, he just had an animal phychic last night but back when the show started and he was making mega bucks they always had a sageing before they showed a house.

  4. Love how Caroline avoids saying anything having to do with trees behavior. I’m guessing Caroline will hold it all in till the reunion and blow up at tree……

  5. I know what you mean Sammi, Caroline Ann Landers leaving Trees behavior completely out of her blog is strange.,makes me want to go hmmmmm…? That would be something to watch if she did blow up at Tree at the reunion…

  6. To me this whole Caroline not Talking about tree must mean she really is done with their friendship and doesn’t want anything to do with her.

  7. Missy sure does need to vent a lot. Didn’t she (very animatedly) vent to her sisters about the “play date”?

    • MeGo’s “venting” is some of the most insidiously passive-aggressive hostility I’ve seen in a while. She knows just what to say to whom, or around whom, so it has the desired effect. For example, while getting made up in the kitchen (!) for some party, she complained about Tree to Kathy. JoGo was in the kitchen, about 10 feet away. So he heard what MeGo had to say but MeGo wasn’t talking to him. You could see the hamsters starting to turn their wheels in his head as he thought, “my wife is so sweet not to complain to me about my awful sister, and yeah, my sister is awful.”

      Well done, Missy!

  8. do ya’ll know how much a bunch of sage costs in Taos, NM? Anywhere between 7-10 bucks. Its wrapped with a pretty bow, but I was like holy crud, I grow it in my garden if I could sell it here I would be rich! (maybe a hw? hahaha)
    anyways, didnt the begining of the season have mentions of Caroline/Jac having a tiff with Tree? I cant remember for sure but I swear I saw it.

  9. I know my comment is a bit late, but I really like how Caroline is sort of owning up to the fact that she judged Kathy before she really got to know her well. And that obviously Kathy is a nice person and not all the crap Teresa is obsessed with talking about. Everyone else loves the Gorgas and Wakiles so…yah. I like how Caroline is building a friendship or something with Kathy regardless of Teresa.

  10. Please do NOT watch the Dallas show, I am beyond embarrassed, as I live in Texas. That is not only a lame show, it is not funny, entertaining…nothing, It needs to go away..boycott that dang show I hate it…rofl I am glad I don;t live in New Jersey, ‘cuz “Tree” would get an earful from me, I assure you. I would make the 6 oclock news just b*tching at her for fun. It is hot as hell 106 everyday, I am in the mood :P

    • lol. No doubt bout it you would sure nuff give ole Tree a run for her money(or lack thereof) I havent watched the Dallas show and wont.

    • Omg I go off on that Dallas show every chance I get! That Courtney girl is a whiny, self centered bich! And I cannot handle how the gay guy talks and thinks he’s all that (eye roll). I’m from TX too, not Dallas and I’ve never met people like those clowns. What was Cohen thinkin on those peeps?

      • I so agree about that show and Courtney. I ranted on another post about how rude she was to the single mom on the show. What a hag. No wonder her long-term boyfriend dumped her. I would too. She’s horrid. Her and that middle-aged blonde who still thinks she’s 25 take delusional self-obsession to new heights. Buy a mirror and a clue “ladies”.

  11. Reading between the lines of Jax blog and its pretty telling. “so we might as well get to pay some bills out of sharing it with others” hum… I thought the original idea of a HW series was to highlight women’s lives who had so much money that they didnt need a show to “pay some bills”

    • MP: Maybe she’s had some bills come up she didn’t know ’bout when she started–like buyin’ all those friggin’ cars for Trashlee, frontin’ Trashlee with spatula buyin’ money in CA, and maybe throwin’ some cash Johhny Holmes way for bail and defense lawyers!! That’ll sure blow a hole in a budget!!

      • LOL Who that certainly is true. But still I want to see the lives of women who don’t sweat miniature bills like that. Trashlee needs to sell her head afgans/doilies at a California flea market to afford her spatulas, but who are we kidding that kid aint gonna cook.

  12. Down the road, Jacqueline will be exposed in her and her husbands failed finances…give it time. She is friendly, but incredibly fake/materialistic. Truly not much different from the rest of the greedy scum. FYI>>>>14 million children in AMERICA are hungry each day! Do these housewives that claim they are rich, and spend profusely, ever feed even one child? HELL NO, just like the greedy Kardashians…God is watching this Evil. Watching them all fall gives me pleasure, it is justice, moral justice. Joe Guidance and Tree should be in prison already, fraud. Over-spending and running up credit card debt you will never pay is also FRAUD, it is CONNING THE AMERICAN COMPANY THAT TOOK THE LOANS FROM. If I were a judge, Joe would be in prison and so would Tree, except she has to raise the kids.

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