Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump’s Email Hacked… Photos Of Shoe Designs Sent To SH!!

 Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump.  Adrienne and Lisa both have shoe collections coming out…

As reported yesterday on SH, Lisa Vanderpump will be designing her very own shoe collection… here.  No more of those ridiculous red soles for her!!!

Sorry, Christian… Lisa’s makin’ her own footwear now!

WELL… Ms SH received an email.  But, this particular email contained the contents of Lisa Vanderpump’s shoe designs!  Lisa’s email was hacked and the hacker sent SH photos of Lisa’s super-secret, coming-out-later-this-Fall, pumps!!!  

As everyone is very aware, it is difficult to contact ANYONE involved with RHOBH as they have been instructed to not communicate with anyone during this time.

Therefore, SH had no choice but to share Lisa’s new shoe designs with SH readers….

Bye-bye, Louboutins!!!

So, here are Lisa Vanderpump’s super-secret shoe designs, coming out this Fall.

Prices start at $902.10…

AND… the ultra-super-secret photo!!!  Lisa walking across Robertson Blvd… wearing her new shoes!!!!

11 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump’s Email Hacked… Photos Of Shoe Designs Sent To SH!!

  1. What the Hell? Am not in the same pecking order as these women but,”What the Hell?” I just dont get it. Those are for real? Maybe they are a joke? If they are real Lisa you need to stop drinking Ramonas wine…..


  2. I wonder if you can keep your lipstick and cell phone and a little bit of “walking around” money in those laundry basket ones? Like an updated version of the fanny pack… fer crazy rich people with eff you money.
    Sure would come in handy, I git tard of carting around my essentials in my brassiere.. People look at ya funny when you get a phone call. Specially if your ring tone is Crazy Train.


    • Wait, take another look at the nekkid lady one. Are they inflatable?? Maybe she designed these as a piece offering to Adrienne for jackin’ her “shoe line” idea. “Here Adrienne, this pair’s for you in case you get thrown in a pool again”..


  3. Just when I thought the shoes at Target were the most Ugly I had seen… Here comes a shoe line that makes the buyer for Target look sane… The first pair looks like something the girls at Pure Gold Strip Club. The rest , well let’s just say that themed shoes are not a good idea. I’m thinking that who ever funded this trainwreck must have been smoking some really good stuff…


  4. WTF are those? The only one I kinda like is the sling shot yellow slipper. This must be a joke!
    I don’t see Lisa wearing any of these, but then again, these new “designer” never wear their own stuff.


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