Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… Update.

Bravo’s official condolences re Russell Armstrong’s death… here.

LA County Coroner’s office official report… here.


Beverly Hills ‘Real Housewives’ discuss co-star Taylor’s Armstrong’s marriage... in comments made last week… before Russell Armstrong was found dead at his L.A. home Monday.

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23 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong… Update.

  1. Out of left field: Has JillZ weighed in on any of this? I’m sure she’s an expert grief counselor.

      • She is also tweeting that Ally is going to Vandy.. So thats the school in the south she alluded to. Good School

          • I wonder why she twitter she was going to Vandy and then later posted a pic of ally in an airport saying they just arrived in Nashville. What is she up to?

            • MP: Now that is interesting. Just checked the tweet and photo… hmmm! Ally was positively going to East Carolina University. Perhaps Jillz pulled some strings and got her into a more “acceptable” school. We’ll see! Also, did you notice the photo on Jillz twitter of the car wreck that she posted??? Jillz a total moron. TFC!!! SH

            • omg that was messed up! When I clicked the pic I couldnt get a bigger image it said it no longer exists. anyways, what does a rangerover have to do with saving her life? Looks like she just happened to be a voyeristic rubbernecker who lacks the tact to put away the camera when passing an accident.

    • AOM: I’m very surprise at your question! SH posted Jillz big buttinski put her nose in everyone’s business response to Russell’s death yesterday! Just surprised that you didn’t see it, ’cause nothin’ gets past you! Jillz was so upset at the news re Russell that she couldn’t even write her own personal newsletter… poor Jillz!!!

      Jillz response included in this post from yesterday:

      TFC!!! SH

      • Even more tragic in all this is that Jillz has a newsletter. Who would read such a thing….you know….besides those of us who want to make fun of her?

      • My bad – I must have been shocked and not have had my priorities right – that is wondering how JillZ is doing! As usual, you got me beat! No idea how I missed that cause you even had it bolded.

        Did you notice that JillZ never said she was too upset to WRITE her newsletter? She just didn’t feel it was appropriate to SEND. You know she’s got 1500 words about herself and Skqweez all fired up and ready to go. By now she’ll have a supplemental newsletter detailing how Russell’s suicide ruined her afternoon.

        • AOM: LOL!!!! You are soooo on to Jillz!!! That’s exactly what she’s doing! Of course, she’ll include in her newsletter the photo of the flowers she sent to Shana, along with what she said in her note with the flowers. It’s kinda surprising that Bawby didn’t hire a jet for Jillz to get on out to BH to comfort her close, personal friend, Shana in her time of need. Oh, but NY is done filming… no Bravo cameras, no goin’ out to BH… TFC!!! SH

          • JillZ will also fit in a dig at Bethenny for not paying respects to Bawby when he was sick. That’ll lead her into another 1000 words about how she felt when Bawby was sick and she was scared.

  2. Ya know I just realized something. That fraud Allison Dubois should have seen this coming.. but…

    • Not even on her psychic-dar during the infamous dinner, huh? Of course I’m sure she will just claim she saw it coming but, you know, was too busy to trying to install a replacement battery in her electronic cigarette. Those batteries are SO tiny and it kept rolling off the table and…..hey….you know they based the show Medium on her, right?

      • At least she’s not one of the new BH housewives as was rumored earlier. I just could not even watch if she was.

        P.S. What does TFC mean?

      • Did you notice on RHNJ that Melissa doesn’t believe in “Medians”. She kept saying Median instead of Medium. That wench makes me laugh… usually AT her but I’m laughing nonetheless

            • lol. Aint that the truth (lol my sentunce is so funny!) Anyways, it would be even more hysterical if she was a music teacher and in charge of Glee style adaptations of songs. Her interpretation of lyrics is sorely lacking…

      • bahahahaha. Your right but Kyle did offer to whip out a credit card for her. Too bad Traylor didn’t do the same… oh wait.. my bad…Traylor’s credit cards were no good.

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