Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump… Competing With Adrienne Maloof!

                                    Lisa Vanderpump at Andy’s Hamptons Magazine gala.  Tryin’ to find out who’s missin’ a shoe…

Seriously, you would think that cast members of the Real Housewives franchises would chat with each other about which product they’re gonna be pushin’ on their show… ya know, just so they’re not creepin’ in on each other’s market share of said product.  But, Housewives aren’t given an IQ test before Andy signs them on…

                                                                        Adrienne Maloof… with her shoes.

So, look who’s hornin’ in on Adrienne Maloof’s shoe business…  Adrienne’s cast mate and next door neighbor, Lisa Vanderpump!

Lisa Vanderpump revealed her shoe line while attending Andy Cohen’s Hamptons Magazine party this weekend… here.

Lisa Vanderpump’s shoe collection:

                                                    Oops… that’s Lisa’s shoe collaborator.  Did he hurt you, Lisa???  He looks more like a part-time actor than show designer…

   Lisa’s shoes… Yours for only $902.10!!!   Love that the 10 cents was thrown in the price…


Yes, Kim, Lisa really did horn in on my shoe designin' storyline! See if I answer my door the next time she needs an MD at 4 in the morning!

Adrienne Maloof’s show collection was reported on two days ago on SH… here.   

Not only was Adrienne’s shoe collection storyline for the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reported on SH, but SH also included triple-top-secret, double-agent photos from a SH reader who went under deep cover to obtain said photos. The SH reader actually attended the event… so thanks to that anonymous SH reader!!!

15 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump… Competing With Adrienne Maloof!

  1. You sure did beat the presses SH. Personally, I could never wear torture devices like these on my sensitive tootsies no matter how pretty they are. I also could not pay more than $50.00 for a pair of shoes. I’ll stick with my strappy little flat sandles.

    I read yesterday also that Alex and Simon are now competing with Jill Zarin for bed and bath lines. Silex’s will be much nicer with high thread count Egyptian cotton and hotel chic styles. LMAO!

    Back to the shoes. There is one problem with Maloof’s shoes. She let Paul get involved and now…


    • tweatcyn: Don’t mind you using the photo… but pls credit SH! Ya know, ’cause an SH reader took the time to go up against the powers-that-be at Bravo to snap those pics only for SH! Kinda don’t get the “getting Paul involved” caption… care to explain??

      The Silex getting into the luxury homegoods products is coming… Russell’s killing himself put everything on the back burner. TFC!!! SH


    • $902 would buy you a playdate with a Dallas Gentelmen’s club dancer wearing a better looking stripper shoe. Probably given to them by a real house husband of Dallas.


    • Platform stiletto’s are way more comfortable and easier to walk in than regular stiletto’s….I’m thinking that’s why they are so “popular” these days.


    • lol. But since you mentioned golfing in yours it would be real handy to have a compartment in your platforms to carry your tees. Would look beast on the course :)


    • Here’swhatbish, You just made me spit out and snort my water! LOLz!! Those shoes! If Simon were to ever design shoes, those would be his design! I could totally see it! Imagine those with his red leather pants! LOL! Regarding Lisa’s shoes, you are right. Holy Copy Cat! Those studded pumps are very similar indeed to the Louboutins. I found pics on line but am unable to post them here. However Lisa’s line looks like a hot topic version! LOL at the price $902.10 What was she thinking with the ten cents? LOL! I’m sorry, but as cute as those pumps are, not for that price! Like VickyG said, it’s not like they are even designer pumps!


      • @Here’swhatBish, the shoes I am referring to are the ones from the video you posted. Those have Simon’s name all over them! LOL!


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