Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Kills Himself… Ex-Wife Blames Shana/Traylor… Fellow HWs Condolences

                                                                                      Taylor and Russell Armstrong…  RIP, Russell… 

News from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Russell Armstrong has committed suicide killed himself… here.    Russell was found hanged in his bedroom.  He was 47-years-old.   Note not found…

Plush: The house on Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles where Russell Armstrong was found hanged                                            Mullholland Drive home where Russell was found…

Russell’s attorney, Ronald Richards:

“He was living month to month to support his lifestyle for Taylor.  These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that’s unrealistic and wasn’t there prior to the show.”

‘The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough.

‘When every night is a potential sound bite or posting on a website, you end up getting addicted to it, you go out all the time.’

Read more… here.

Of course, Jillz always has to put her two cents in…. here.  SHUT UP, JILLZ!!! Really hope she gets canned from Real Housewives of New York.

Update from  12:10 pm:

Russell Armstrong’s ex-wife, Barbara Frederickson, blames Shana/TraylorTrash for his death: 

“I don’t care for her at all. I think she’s the reason for this,” Russell’s ex, Barbara Frederickson, told in an exclusive interview.  “She’s not who she says she is and I told him to please be careful with this woman… I warned him! She’s bad news and she drove him into this.”  (SH readers know that Shana/TraylorTrash is not who she says she is…)

Sadly, Russell left behind a teenage son with Barbara who she says will be turning 14 this week, and will be “devastated” when he hears the news about his father.   “He’s always been a great dad to my son. He was very close to Aiden and he’s going to be absolutely devastated,” Barbara said.  “For years he saw Aiden twice a month and had him all the summers.  It wasn’t until the issues with this Taylor girl that it got bad.”

More from

Update from…  12 Noon:

“I feel bad because his credit cards weren’t working … He had tremendous financial problems.” Ronald Richards, Russell’s attorney adds, “He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor. As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don’t have any assets, so I’m not sure what there would be left to leave. I am extremely saddened … I had no idea he was depressed.”   More… here.


From RadarOnline…  here:  

                                                          Taylor Armstrong…  about to go over the edge…

Very sad news… especially for the little girl that he left behind, Kennedy…. Kennedy will be forever scarred.

SH has zero sympathy for Russell’s action.… and this is based on first-hand experience with someone who has killed himself and left behind a wife and three young children, aged 12, 9 and 6 at the time.  This person who killed himself left zero for his wife and children… not one cent.  Hopefully, Russell had the foresight to leave his wife and child with something financially.   It is now 12 years later and they grew up without a father… killing himself was the worst thing that could ever have been done to these children.  They have sadly lived with their father’s action every day… Kennedy is going to have a very hard time.

(thank you to reader “BSL”!)

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106 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Kills Himself… Ex-Wife Blames Shana/Traylor… Fellow HWs Condolences

    • PWhore: Becky’s father killed himself… I was the one who had to tell her when she was 9-yrs-old what he had done. That is why I treat her so special. And, I do not call it “committed suicide”… that is too gentle a phrase for “killing oneself.” TFC… SH

    • Click you are was only a temporary problem. Isn’t it sad to think even kids these days do that just to get away from their problems forever!? It’s not the right thing to do.

  1. How is Bravo going to work this in the storyline? Please tell me we still aren’t going to have to watch their counseling sessions, trying to work things out when we know the end result. This season is going to be eerie to say the least. They will probably delay Bev Hills… God bless little Kennedy, it would be nice if Adrienne was in fact her godmother bc she needs a sane person to take over as her guardian… :-/

    • They’re kind of in a bind. The new season premieres in 2 weeks so if Russell got a crappy edit or is all over the storylines, Bravo might have to push it back to re-edit or risk looking like they’re talking dirty about the dead. They were pretty respectful when Kandi’s boyfriend died, I don’t think they used much if any footage of him that season, did they?

      • You’re right, Bravo was very respectful when AJ passed away and they handled that well. There’s a difference bw watching scenes of someone who died and a person who committed suicide tho. That’s tricky in my book. Especially when there’s a child involved and I’m pretty sure Bravo was planning on showing us scenes of Taylor and Russell working on their marriage? That’s creepy when we know he killed himself, I’m not watching that… Anyone? Thoughts?

          • I think Bravo will do the right thing and push back the premiere date and re-edit. The RHBH fans will understand… I think… Maybe I’m just being optimistic.

    • mine too. I couldnt imagine what something like that is like. I am sure the grieving process is very very different than a natural death or accident and challenging. Becky has a sweet smile and looks like she would be a trip to hang out with. Just goes to show you can never really tell by looking at someone what kind of hell they have been thru.

    • Yes, of course… we all have grown to love our dear, sweet Becky with the more Ms. SH reveals. Most has been fun stuff, but that was a heartbreaking story to say the least. We love you Becky! That also had to be tough for Ms. to be the one to tell her the news… I know that was a long time ago, but we love you too! :-)

  2. As someone who lost someone to suicide (17 year-old brother), the scars last forever. It is a horrible, unconscionable death. I do hold Taylor accountable for her poor choices in men (Yes, he was responsible for himself, she is responsible for herself). She is the one who was an adult who chose to marry Russell. The poorest choice of all, though, was to bring an innocent child into the entanglement. She will probably only think of herself and what a victim SHE is, and I doubt very seriously she will place the welfare of her child first. Russell and Taylor have both been extremely selfish people. If she continues on with her claw-gripping fame-whoreing ways on the show, I will forever despise her. If she miraculously becomes human and takes herself and her daughter out of the spotlight to help her little girl heal, I might find a shred of respect for her.

    • I am sorry for you loss mrsc. I hear what you are saying about taking herself out of the spotlight but i doubt that she will. After all, she needs to make money now more than ever and she will milk this to her benefit. I too am curious about how Bravo is gonna handle this.

        • How kind. Thanks, clickclick/mycat and Made Piley. And to Becky, my heart goes out to you. I know this probably brings things right back up for you.

        • That’s a good question. Was there a prenup? Or how does that outstanding debt work that’s left behind to all my financial genuses in the house?

        • Oh definitely yes. She is a defendant and the law suit(s) will go on. Once an estate is opened for Russell, the plaintiffs will then bring an action against his estate. The plaintiffs will get their money from his estate and Taylor will probably end up filing bankruptcy (although the bankruptcy laws have changed and she may not be able to get any judgments dismissed). Her days in Beverly Hills are over.

    • My brother killed himself too. He was 16, I was 12. I’ve never “met” anybody else that lost a brother to suicide. It absolutely leaves scars forever. You never really get over it. It’s one of the darkest things a person can deal with, I think.

      • I’m sorry about your brother. And that’s a tough age. I can’t imagine how difficult that was for you.

    • I think Taylor was the one writing the “tell all expose” book. I saw tweets yesterday she was venturing into a book. If that’s so, Russell’s ex may be right about Taylor being (at least partially) culpable or contributing to this desperate and depraved act of selfishness.

    • I feel sorry for his 14 year old son, who thankfully had a close relationship with Russell according to his ex-wife. I hope he stays out of the limelight and the ex doesn’t cash in to the tabloids. I guess news flash….Ex and son are plastered on a Tabloid rag for cash.

  3. This is so sad to hear. I know he scammed a lot of people but this is what happens when you are not mentally strong enough to deal with problems rationally. Looking back Taylor should be ashamed of herself for parading wealth like that when she must have know how much debt they were in. I feel for Kennedy but I hope Taylor takes some responsibility for their wreck less behaviour. My mind went to Teresa and Joe after seeing this for some reason. Joe seems stronger but they are in the same financial predicament, spending money as if there is no end and scamming people while at it. Eventually it catches up to you.

    • agreed. Joe does seem to be “over it” and in not a good way either. When depression and desperation hit men it sometimes doesn’t look the same as it does when we women get it.

  4. I have a question: Who was the person who “leaked” the spousal.child abuse documents? Didnt those documents quote the ex as having miserable things to say about Russel? Its disgusting that once this old codger does himself that she would com out with a statements about “what a wonderful dad he was ect ect” Bullocks

  5. Hi Kelly, What a pretty picture…Is that you? I always ask commenters about their avatars if they aren’t little colored creatures. Yes, this is very tragic…I have cried for Kennedy.

  6. Russell’s children will never get over his selfish act.
    I’m sad for them.

    Hoping BRAVO and Taylor-Shana doesn’t capitalize on this tragedy although both, I believe, would stoop to any level for almighty ratings.

  7. We had a family friend commit suicide last year. Her husband had recently left her for another. She has two boys… I could not stop thinking about those boys. I wish she did… She’ll never know what it did to those boys when they found her. No one will.

  8. I do not mean to offend anyone, but I just need to mention this… I agree that suicide is a selfish and cowardly way to go… However, there are very sick people out there… Although we cannot see inside people’s heads, I assure you that many are very mentally ill. To some, every day alive is pure agony. I wish everyone with mental illnesses would seek help, but that is not always the case.
    However, this recent trend of head of household suicide’s, which seem to come from financial ruin is a horse of another color…. Which I do not at all understand.

    • mythunker, You are always so sweet, and the voice of kindness and reason…In all sincerity…not KKKelly’s voice of reason, but in a good way. If you were here, I’d rub that little fluff on top of your orange body…couldn’t hug you though with those little stick arms you have.

    • This is sooo true, Unfortunately there is still even in this day and age a stigma attached to seeking treatment for mental illness. Prolly more so for head of household men but to a certain extent women, mothers especially(since we are SUPPOSE t have our crap together sans meds and treatment). Strange that they would not be able to grasp the stigma attached to killing yourself, or leaving your family broke or lonely and work toward avoiding that at all costs.
      Depression is a butt kicker.
      That being said this Russel feller was into such shady stuff that it is not beyond the realm of possibility for people to assume he faked his own death.. its been done before.

  9. What a mess! There are so many levels of emotions that come into play when a person takes their own life. The family members are left feeling anywhere from deep sorrow to outright anger and rightfully so. I only hope that the children receive the support they need to deal with this tragedy. I feel bad for Taylor too and I hope her allegations of spousal abuse against Russell were true and not just a vindictive way of gaining public sympathy on her part. If she lied, then God help her.

    There is another part of me that thinks that the sick minds at Bravo are salivating and their eyes are twinkling with dollar signs as they think of the ratings this will bring. I wonder if they will start to think twice before publicly airing some of these very personal family tragedies. Probably not, they will probably push for even more.

    As far as Russell’s finances, I would think he would have some serious life insurance policies. Everybody I know who has children, has life insurance. I know I’m certainly worth more dead than alive. Most policies have exclusions for death by suicide. My policies all have them but they were only for the first two years of the policy and after those first two years, any death, even suicide is covered. Anyway, I hope he had life insurance and I hope he set it so that the policies pay to a bank as trustee for the benefit of the minor children. I imagine we will find out eventually.

    Hey SH, did you remove my long rant from last night regarding Jacq’s blog or did I fail to even post it? It was like 4 a.m. so I wouldn’t be surprised if I just forgot to click “post comment”.

  10. Thats disgusting of the ex-wife, how about the fact that SHE married him at the height of his financial success and taylor married him the year he filed for bankrupcy? For her to come out that taylor is the gold digger is totally classless. Did she mention after russell she married an NFL player? They both have children by this man and nows not the time for blame, but they need to rally together for the kids.

    • I totally agree, Rebecca. I am definitely not a fan of Shana/Traylor but it is not the time to blame anyone. Russell made the decision to kill himself on his own. Whatever his reasons were, fingers should not be pointed at anyone.

      As vile as we believed him to be, this is just sad all around.

  11. My heart is breaking for anyone and all involved in this tragedy.I hold Taylor, her daughter,and their families in my prayers.It is my hope that instead of people attacking her, they show her some compassion.Taylor didn’t kill Russell.Russell Killed Russell!
    I can speak candidly in saying, that earlier in my life I once had suicidal thoughts,the only thing that saved me was the fact that I had a daughter, and I couldn’t bare the thought of her being in pain had I taken my life.With that being said,everyone handles stress differently.Maybe he didn’t see away out.

    • You made a wise and loving decision to keep on keepin on for your daughters sake and ultimately yours. Think of all the things you would have missed out on seeing had you let depression take you out of this world. You and your daughter are very lucky indeed. And you are right everyone handles things differently.

      • My husbands brother took his own life in his 20′s, and my sister fought for her life for 3 years, only to die from ovarian cancer. That is why we don’t allow the songs “Daniel” by Elton John or “Sherry” by Journey to ever play in our house.

  12. This reality ridiculousness has gone too far. If anyone believes that being on a reality television show and having all his problems for the public to judge didn’t contribute to this guy going over the edge… you are kidding yourselves (i.e. Bravo producers…)

    I hope this is the end of the madness. And not the beginning of a trend.

    • Oh please! Bravo didn’t do this. They agreed to be on. He must’ve signed a release form at the very least.
      The Joo-Dices and other financial irresponsible people are out there and I for one am glad the public is more aware of these dealings.
      Bravo does some shady things but blaming them for a suicide is just wrong to me.

  13. Taylor is a horrible horrible awful person. I feel sorry for him that he had to put up with her sh#$. Rest in peach Russel. You were a wonderful man.

      • Haven’t comment in forever but I feel she wasn’t. I’ve worked with some abused wives and her behavior has been pretty much on par. I really hope there are some people who truly care for her right now because she will need both Professional help and support from family and friends.

  14. I extend my deepest condolences to the Armstrong family, especially Kennedy, as losing a parent is a tragic event and has the potential to leave a profoundly negative impression on life. Committing suicide is one hundred percent attributed to the person who did it, as nobody else is responsible for the act, regardless of the problems concurrent to the issues that precipitated the suicide. In metaphysics, a person that chose to commit suicide saw issues in either black or white, nothing in between. They lacked the discernment to view things in a perspective that could facilitate a better solution, one with clarity, for the circumstances in which they were facing.

    Nevertheless, there were most likely underlying issues that also attributed to the suicide, such as mental illness, a major depression, or overwhelming financial difficulties. At this point, who knows? Even if he seemed ‘happy,’ it was clearly not the case; moreover, sometimes what is on the outside doesn’t always reflect the thought processes, the raw emotions, and the psyche- all that was within.

    Russell Armstrong was an adult with a whole history, particularly a childhood one that is virtually unknown to the public. We have no idea what obstacles and hardships he had to endure as a child. I am not condoning his suicide, but there are so many reasons for it. I wish he took the time to really understand the repercussions of his behavior, as nothing could ever justify the aftermath that is about to ensue regarding the outlook of his family, especially his daughter, Kennedy. It all seems rather bleak and grim to say the least. I’m uncertain if Taylor is financially able to support her family, especially to what was the extent and status-quo of her life prior to Russell’s suicide, as it seems that financial hardship is looming ahead.

    I can only hope that someone mentally stable has a an important role in Kennedy’s life in order to nurture her spirit so that she can grow up to be a happy, stable person, unlike her mother and father.

    • Thank you for your thoughts on this. I was hoping you would respond on here about this. The underlying issues you pointed out as attributing to suicides makes me ponder of a deeper issue as well. See, its my theory that the level of gusto that the Armstrongs (and people like them) use to achieve what they perceive to be “wealth’ is actually a symptom of a greater need in their life that has not been met. By seeing things in black n white terms only some individuals see no other way to achieve true fulfillment through more meaningful ways. They end up equating bank account balances to personal triumph. Not to say that there is anything wrong with working toward and achieving the American dream. That is a very admirable thing and totally doable in a healthy way. But the unquenchable NEED for outward success to the exclusion of personal success via enlightenment and growth is indicative of a damaged individual that is to be pitied and not scorned.. Not to say that I will ever cease pokin fun of Silex.

  15. You could tell on the show that Russell was struggling with some things. Perhaps, it was his business dealings that made him so distant from the cast unlike the other husbands. When people have something to hide they tend to shy away from the spotlight and that is what he was doing on the show. He was only on it to support Taylor. Obviously, he tried to make her happy and allowed her to waste so much money on Kennedy’s 4th birtday part but it is not her fault what happened. He was really struggling and then his whole life was broadcasted to the world and the skeletons came flying out of the closet followed by lawsuits, divorce, and criticism. Rest in peace Russell Armstrong.

      • im surprised by the horrible nasty heartless things people are saying on other blogs, and im glad this blog hasnt stooped to that level. I knew Russell, and I am not saying he wasnt without his vices but give him a break. Hes dead ok. Everyone can just stop now.

        • I am sorry for all the many people that can be cruel and cowardly, Rebecca.
          The commenters here seem to have different standards…

          • And Ms. SH seems to be a kick a** monitor.
            I still don’t really get persopo’s comment… But oh well!

      • Maybe persopo means “they” wont be needing any of us as a “horrible person of the week”? Click, click on persopos name and it takes you to a you suck website dedicated at this point to someone who plagiarized some such something or the other. I am still somewhat confused but this is the best I could come up with.

          • Click/mycat –

            You’re right. Our site is a hate place, but not in the way you think. (If that’s what you think, you didn’t read the debut post or the “About” page.)

            This news about Russell is surprising and sad, and we’re sincerely sorry for the loss experienced by those he left behind. We’re also heartened to see the general tone of the responses here.

            - Persopo

  16. You know what irks me? THIS HAPPENS DAILY FOLKS! why does it take some b/c list celebrity to shine a light on a issue that has never been fully made aware of. I have had friends kill themselves, OD, died of AIDS or Cancer… The fact is this is life and some people are mentally not able to constructively deal with heavy issues. It happens daily and yet no one mentions the many nameless that die by their own hand.

    A quasi celebrity dies and everyone is aghast. A poor teenager kills him/herself because of issues they are unable to express to anyone and it might make the news… What is the real tragedy here?

    Bravo legally might have to re edit the material but if there is no legal cause I wanna see it all. I don’t think it is eerie to see the counseling scenes; in fact I would find it all the more interesting… knowing an outcome and seeing what lead to the “final” conclusion could be helpful for others who are struggling through similar situations.

    I know I will catch hell for this post but let me say this before the hate-posts start appearing. What happened is SAD and UNFORTUNATE; however it takes someone on TV to bring light to a subject that happens in this country on a day to day basis without a blip on the net, this to me is the bigger tragedy. My prayers are with those who have lost someone and my prayers are for this family as well. No one deserves the loss of someone by a cause that could have been prevented.

    Thank you for letting me rant.

    • TGG – I am reading these comments and am seeing that this is something many people have had impact their lives and those are only the people that are speaking out right now!
      I agree with you. This is an (unfortunate) everyday occurrence. Many people experience tragedy in their lives and personally, I feel, it is actually headline news in their circle. The Armstrongs lived their lives in public and that is what the public is responding to… Publicly.
      Perhaps from your perspective these things are not getting enough attention in the media? I feel differently, but I live in a large city where people are much more comfortable discussing their mental health and exposure to these awful incidents is common. This is something that has never seemed foreign to me.
      I respect your opinion and am hoping this does not come off as a “hate post”. I just wanted to rant as well, I guess :)

          • I’ve lived in many different cities small and large a like. I think my point is that some of these situations end up in the news cast if it has been a slow news day. I remember living in California and seeing a report that a Man shot his children, wife and then himself due to the balloon mortgages. It was in the news for a split second and then nothing else was said.

            and no; its not perceived as hate posts, actually surprised someone understood my point. I won’t lie, when things get tough that thought does come across your mind when in dire situations but then I use coping mechanisms taught to me by counselors and family members….

            And don’t get me wrong; me loves some RH. Sad, Unfortunate, but not that surprising given recent suicide data provided over the last few years. Skyrocketing unemployment, recession, and the many factors that have affected us all the last 8 years has lead to a jump in suicides outside of the normal number.

            In short, sad… my prayers (again) are with the family and if you are struggling with these types of thoughts, please find someone to talk to — it doesn’t have to be a professional. Its amazing what an ear can do for you and what it has done for me.

            Much love and respect to you all.

  17. wow, this is so shocking. Goes to show you never can tell. Last year he seemed so , I don’t know, kind of mellow and low key. He just seemed kind of vanilla and really interested in buisness, I just assumed that he just didn’t like the cameras. When more and more facts started coming out about these two I was not suprised that they had decided to split and I assumed it would get nasty but this is the ultimate trump to the abuse charges to say the least.I will never ever understand why people use hanging as a method of suicide now those children will forever have that image in their heads its terrible. I hope Taylor really carefully thinks about what she will do next I pray for her own daughter and the other children that she will drop out at least for awhile and take some attention off this situation. I hate to be the one that says it and I am sure I will get bashed for this but I think the timing and the comments he made about the show ruining his life points to a kind of kamekazi sabatoge to her reality career. Respectfully .

  18. I have worked in the mental health field and had a friend commit suicide as well, and while it seems selfish to the people left behind, some compassion is in order. My friend suffered from depression for years, and she was worn out from fighting it. When people are mentally ill, they make bad choices, but they are also suffering. Can you imagine how much pain you would have to be in to end your life? And for people who suffer from chronic mental illness, it isn’t a temporary state. They will experience their illness every day in one way or another. I am a little astounded at the lack of compassion for fellow human brings who are suffering just because we don’t like the way they act on a tv show. I hope some of you are kinder to the people you meet in daily life. I didn’t like Russell or Taylor, but I wouldn’t wish this on them, or even Jill ( and I think she is eeevviill!)

    • Pluabelle,

      In a way I agree with you and in a way I don’t. I think everything you said about having compassion and the enormity of depression and the toll it takes on people is right on. I think it is unimaginable for all of us wether we have been personally touched by it or heard about it like we have today in this forum. When you have been around for awhile like I have you hear this alot, it happens waaaaay to much and I will say this, every comment I have read on this post today I have heard people say over the years, different people deal with horrific things that don’t make sense and are such a waste as it is in this sittuation , in very different ways, some get mad, some feel sad, some people reach out and give condolances and I think its important to let people process senseless things in their own way with out judging them to much. Maybe someone will read something here today that will change their minds and help them understand better, who knows but I won’t presume to tell anyone how to react to something that I am not sure how to deal with myself. I had a loved one who attempted and thakfully failed suicied and to this day I still feel everyone of these emotions that people have posted here to one degree or another ,depending on what day you ask me. Its not easy and their is no good answer or explanation.

    • thank you for pointing out that its actually NOT about the people that are left behind ( even though they have alot to deal with because of it). Its about the person who saw no other out or solution to thier life, they gave up on thier OWN lives. that should tell you where they were mentally, they werent even capable of thinking about what thier actions might do to others…We should not be so quick to judge. Russell was never actually very open on TV and what we saw of him was limited and the info we got was from his wife who was obviously also unhappy and went onto to file for divorce.

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