Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Kills Himself… Ex-Wife Blames Shana/Traylor… Fellow HWs Condolences

                                                                                      Taylor and Russell Armstrong…  RIP, Russell… 

News from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:  Russell Armstrong has committed suicide killed himself… here.    Russell was found hanged in his bedroom.  He was 47-years-old.   Note not found…

Plush: The house on Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles where Russell Armstrong was found hanged                                            Mullholland Drive home where Russell was found…

Russell’s attorney, Ronald Richards:

“He was living month to month to support his lifestyle for Taylor.  These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that’s unrealistic and wasn’t there prior to the show.”

‘The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough.

‘When every night is a potential sound bite or posting on a website, you end up getting addicted to it, you go out all the time.’

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Of course, Jillz always has to put her two cents in…. here.  SHUT UP, JILLZ!!! Really hope she gets canned from Real Housewives of New York.

Update from  12:10 pm:

Russell Armstrong’s ex-wife, Barbara Frederickson, blames Shana/TraylorTrash for his death: 

“I don’t care for her at all. I think she’s the reason for this,” Russell’s ex, Barbara Frederickson, told in an exclusive interview.  “She’s not who she says she is and I told him to please be careful with this woman… I warned him! She’s bad news and she drove him into this.”  (SH readers know that Shana/TraylorTrash is not who she says she is…)

Sadly, Russell left behind a teenage son with Barbara who she says will be turning 14 this week, and will be “devastated” when he hears the news about his father.   “He’s always been a great dad to my son. He was very close to Aiden and he’s going to be absolutely devastated,” Barbara said.  “For years he saw Aiden twice a month and had him all the summers.  It wasn’t until the issues with this Taylor girl that it got bad.”

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Update from…  12 Noon:

“I feel bad because his credit cards weren’t working … He had tremendous financial problems.” Ronald Richards, Russell’s attorney adds, “He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor. As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don’t have any assets, so I’m not sure what there would be left to leave. I am extremely saddened … I had no idea he was depressed.”   More… here.


From RadarOnline…  here:  

                                                          Taylor Armstrong…  about to go over the edge…

Very sad news… especially for the little girl that he left behind, Kennedy…. Kennedy will be forever scarred.

SH has zero sympathy for Russell’s action.… and this is based on first-hand experience with someone who has killed himself and left behind a wife and three young children, aged 12, 9 and 6 at the time.  This person who killed himself left zero for his wife and children… not one cent.  Hopefully, Russell had the foresight to leave his wife and child with something financially.   It is now 12 years later and they grew up without a father… killing himself was the worst thing that could ever have been done to these children.  They have sadly lived with their father’s action every day… Kennedy is going to have a very hard time.

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  1. wow, this is so shocking. Goes to show you never can tell. Last year he seemed so , I don’t know, kind of mellow and low key. He just seemed kind of vanilla and really interested in buisness, I just assumed that he just didn’t like the cameras. When more and more facts started coming out about these two I was not suprised that they had decided to split and I assumed it would get nasty but this is the ultimate trump to the abuse charges to say the least.I will never ever understand why people use hanging as a method of suicide now those children will forever have that image in their heads its terrible. I hope Taylor really carefully thinks about what she will do next I pray for her own daughter and the other children that she will drop out at least for awhile and take some attention off this situation. I hate to be the one that says it and I am sure I will get bashed for this but I think the timing and the comments he made about the show ruining his life points to a kind of kamekazi sabatoge to her reality career. Respectfully .


  2. I have worked in the mental health field and had a friend commit suicide as well, and while it seems selfish to the people left behind, some compassion is in order. My friend suffered from depression for years, and she was worn out from fighting it. When people are mentally ill, they make bad choices, but they are also suffering. Can you imagine how much pain you would have to be in to end your life? And for people who suffer from chronic mental illness, it isn’t a temporary state. They will experience their illness every day in one way or another. I am a little astounded at the lack of compassion for fellow human brings who are suffering just because we don’t like the way they act on a tv show. I hope some of you are kinder to the people you meet in daily life. I didn’t like Russell or Taylor, but I wouldn’t wish this on them, or even Jill ( and I think she is eeevviill!)


    • Pluabelle,

      In a way I agree with you and in a way I don’t. I think everything you said about having compassion and the enormity of depression and the toll it takes on people is right on. I think it is unimaginable for all of us wether we have been personally touched by it or heard about it like we have today in this forum. When you have been around for awhile like I have you hear this alot, it happens waaaaay to much and I will say this, every comment I have read on this post today I have heard people say over the years, different people deal with horrific things that don’t make sense and are such a waste as it is in this sittuation , in very different ways, some get mad, some feel sad, some people reach out and give condolances and I think its important to let people process senseless things in their own way with out judging them to much. Maybe someone will read something here today that will change their minds and help them understand better, who knows but I won’t presume to tell anyone how to react to something that I am not sure how to deal with myself. I had a loved one who attempted and thakfully failed suicied and to this day I still feel everyone of these emotions that people have posted here to one degree or another ,depending on what day you ask me. Its not easy and their is no good answer or explanation.


    • thank you for pointing out that its actually NOT about the people that are left behind ( even though they have alot to deal with because of it). Its about the person who saw no other out or solution to thier life, they gave up on thier OWN lives. that should tell you where they were mentally, they werent even capable of thinking about what thier actions might do to others…We should not be so quick to judge. Russell was never actually very open on TV and what we saw of him was limited and the info we got was from his wife who was obviously also unhappy and went onto to file for divorce.


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