Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Concerned About Tell-All…

Russell and "Taylor" Armstrong

From RadarOnline:

“Russell was recently informed that a tell-all book was being written and that many of his secrets were going to be made public,” a source with inside information said.

More… here.  Wow!  Russell musta been into some really perverted stuff to have been that distraught over someone spillin’ his ‘secrets’ to off himself…

Russell also told his photographer friend that “reality television” has ruined his life… here.

“Russell Armstrong broke down just days before he committed suicide and admitted to a friend that reality TV had destroyed his life.”

                                                                                      Mauricio Umansky (Kyle Richards), Ken Todd (Lisa Vanderpump), Russell Armstrong (Shana/TraylorTrash) and Paul Nassif, MD (Adrienne Maloof) at RHOBH reunion show.

Great article from the Daily Beast regarding Russell and how other Housewives Husbands are dealing with “reality fame”… here.

“Robotic and awkward, Russell appeared always to be dragging a pouting Taylor away from parties just as they were getting started; he bought their allergic daughter a puppy and then seemed to want them to keep it. Even just sitting at the breakfast table, he looked like he’d prefer to be having a colonoscopy. Taylor, meanwhile, spoke openly to her fellow Housewives about her marital problems.

“I didn’t really understand what we were getting into,” Russell told The Daily Beast defensively, but with more charm than was ever displayed on TV. “I don’t really watch reality television. And so we decided early on that this was Taylor’s project; that I was going to be supportive, but just stay in the background. And that backfired.”

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  1. Is it bad that I am here trying to figure out Adrienne’s dress? Is that a hole cut near the bottom of the dress? I am confused and I can also see the lining inside. Weird, weird, just weird. Satchels of gold!!

    Anyway back to the topic, Reality TV will always kill a marriage that is already on the brink of disaster. Even the good marriages will get destroyed, all for ratings and fame. We don’t need a tell all book to know that their marriage was dysfunctional. SMDH.


  2. I feel so badly for their daughter and his sons from previous relationships. It is difficult sometimes to know what is really “real” in the lives of reality television “stars”, but the reality now for his kids is so tragic and brutal…and public.

    Close to 20 friends have committed suicide after a disaster struck my city…jumping off of a bridge during rush hour, shooting, hanging, jumping off of buildings, o.d., just about every possible way. And no, I am not exaggerating. I’ve been with people days before they killed themselves and one would have never known, while others had mentally checked out a long time prior and one day, just seeing the sunrise meant they couldn’t take even one more day. One of the worst (all have been horrible) was a wonderful guy married to a friend that went to his damaged home and shot himself without any warning. One year later, to the day, his son came home from college and went to the levee by their former home and shot himself on the anniversary of his father’s suicide.

    I worry for his kids and all survivors of suicide. I hope if any of us have friends or family that seem distracted or sad and distraught, that we give them some extra time and care, let them know we are there for them. Much love to all of you that have lost loved ones.


    • Your experience losing people in your life to suicide is horrible. One is bad enough. That has to have had a profound effect on you. The father and son story. Wow. My heart goes out to you and especially the wife/mother who survived the dual suicides.


      • Thank you, MP and Tweatcyn. I do have a hard time with this topic. My friend that I wrote about earlier and her surviving son have started memorial events that bring nationally-renowned authors to the high school and college the son attended, as that was what he was studying. It is devastating beyond words.

        One comment in another post made the point that so many people have experienced this tragedy in their lives that didn’t make national headlines, but is just as painful and personal all the same, that it is a story that *maybe* needs to be told on the show. I don’t know if it would make a difference in anyone’s life or not, or encourage people to seek professional help, but I sincerely hope a lot of thought goes into the decision of how they handle this family on the show.


  3. hold a tick… just read the radaronline story about the pending tell all. book….sexual preferences… deviant behaviors???? Is it possible that this dude really didnt kill himself but fail victim to auto erotic asphyxiation? I am being entirely serous since there was no suicide note. Alot of people that die this way have family members that would rather say its a suicide than to reveal the embarrassing truth about the final, private moments of their loved ones life.


    • That thought did cross my mind, too, recalling David Carradine’s death. They seemed to make a point of reporting that he was fully clothed and no drugs or alcohol or note were found. I guess if that’s the case it will come out soon. I feel so badly for his kids.


      • whew…. glad I aint the only one who thought this.. I felt sorta pervy just typing it. The “fully clothed” part does sorta make one wonder since if it was gunshot or od seems like papers wouldn’t bother to add the clothing part in. Its like protesting too much.
        And quiet frankly If I found a friend in this manner, I might be tempted to pull his britches up before calling the coroner.


        • You are a good friend, indeed, that would pull up his pants! The subject matter is not funny, but you are so darn funny, MP!


        • Supposedly, a lot of family members in similar situatons find their loved ones nude and dress them or “pull their pants up” before the cops or ambulance arrives…


  4. Exactly who is writing this tell-all? That story sounds fishy to me. I had no idea there was such a demand for information on someone who barely appeared on the show, and when he did so, showed clear signs of not wanting to be there.


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