Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong Concerned About Tell-All…

Russell and "Taylor" Armstrong

From RadarOnline:

“Russell was recently informed that a tell-all book was being written and that many of his secrets were going to be made public,” a source with inside information said.

More… here.  Wow!  Russell musta been into some really perverted stuff to have been that distraught over someone spillin’ his ‘secrets’ to off himself…

Russell also told his photographer friend that “reality television” has ruined his life… here.

“Russell Armstrong broke down just days before he committed suicide and admitted to a friend that reality TV had destroyed his life.”

                                                                                      Mauricio Umansky (Kyle Richards), Ken Todd (Lisa Vanderpump), Russell Armstrong (Shana/TraylorTrash) and Paul Nassif, MD (Adrienne Maloof) at RHOBH reunion show.

Great article from the Daily Beast regarding Russell and how other Housewives Husbands are dealing with “reality fame”… here.

“Robotic and awkward, Russell appeared always to be dragging a pouting Taylor away from parties just as they were getting started; he bought their allergic daughter a puppy and then seemed to want them to keep it. Even just sitting at the breakfast table, he looked like he’d prefer to be having a colonoscopy. Taylor, meanwhile, spoke openly to her fellow Housewives about her marital problems.

“I didn’t really understand what we were getting into,” Russell told The Daily Beast defensively, but with more charm than was ever displayed on TV. “I don’t really watch reality television. And so we decided early on that this was Taylor’s project; that I was going to be supportive, but just stay in the background. And that backfired.”