August 15, 2011 3:20 pm

    Intrepid SH intern, Becky…  she is just lovin’ that BLK water!  

Becky, the SH intern, took home all the leftover BLK water from the highly-scientific taste test that took place out on SH’s upper deck and using her superior intellect, decided to do some independent testing of her own.

Becky thought it would be pretty cool to see how BLK water would look if it were made into ice cubes!  SH is all for independent thinkin’ and doin’, so good job, Becky!!!

Here are the results of Becky’s experiment:

                    Top view of BLK water ice cubes in regular, plain, no fulvic-acid-added, water…

  … it would have been good of Becky to have sent her iPhone photos to SH correctly, but actually kinda like this photo of the sideways BLK ice cubes in clear water… so, it’s staying as is.  Just tilt your head…

As you can see, when BLK water is frozen into ice cubes, the BLK water kinda separated in cube form and when plain water was added to the glass, the plain water turned into an amber color.

Again, thank you, Becky!  If you have not read the ultra secret, double-blind study and review of BLK water and Becky’s travails in obtaining said water, read it… here.


                                              Teresa Giudice and Jerry O’Connell in the clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live.  Jerry posin’ with the first Housewives Diploma… all happy and everything even though he did not know anything about the Housewives!

The results of the latest SH poll, asking if Jerry O’Connell deserved a Housewives Diploma from Andy Cohen, which he received on the season finale of Watch What Happens Live, are in…

It was quite obvious by the numbers of readers who answered the poll question that hardly anyone was bothered at all that Jerry O’Connell, who claims to be a Housewives “Superfan” received the very first HWs Diploma… even after he did not know the easiest Housewives trivia asked by Andy.  (If you did not read the flap about Jerry O’Connell and the first Housewives Diploma, you can read it… here.)

Note to Jerry O’Connell:  Send the diploma back to Andy saying that you are not worthy; when you’re prepared to prove that you are, indeed, a Housewives “Superfan,” go back on WWHL and let Andy re-test you… then Andy can present the very first Housewives Diploma to you in a more respectable way, rather than just handing it to you in the clubhouse.

                                                                                       Becky… she ain’t goin’ nowhere!  Sorry, Becky…

It is SOP that when a SH poll is closed, those top-secret, very important poll results are handed to Becky and she is given the task of getting the poll results into Andy’s hands.  Previous attempts by Becky have failed… but only because Andy’s office staff keeps changing and they tell Becky that they don’t know who this “Cohen guy” is.

                                                                 Andy’s latest temp…Truelle.  She quit her job with Andy to take an important position at a Brazilian BBQ joint.

Becky looks forward to these “poll trips” as she calls them, because as soon as she gets those “for Andy’s eyes only” poll results dropped off with the latest temp working at the desk in the outer office of Andy’s inner sanctum, Becky hits Bergdorf’s and is permitted to purchase one item on SH.  This gives Becky an incentive to get the job done with stealth precision.

However, as SH readers didn’t feel the importance of this particular poll, Becky will not be on her way to NYC.   This is quite disturbing, as not only will Becky NOT get a trip to NYC, but Andy, head honcho, big guy at Bravo, will be deprived of this very important information… and we all know that Andy listens to all and any information gleaned from a Housewives site!

                                                                                                      Andy waits on every word from Stoopid Housewives and he’s sooo happy to receive the info… Andy doesn’t make a move until he’s heard from a HWs site!

Yes, Andy truly relies on what all of us here at SH have to say about the Housewives… from who should be continuing on as cast members in the NY franchise to which Housewives franchise should not have been cancelled, to even getting cast members of the DC cast shuffled into another franchise and all of the minute, teeny-tiny, miniscule information that a HWs site on the worldwide web can obtain for him.  Andy, in fact, waits for this site to get him the info he needs before he makes the next move re his Housewives empire at Bravo.

Well, there’s always the next poll, Becky!  Just as a “get-to-know-Becky-better” for SH readers, SH read Becky the following quote by Mariah Carey and Becky totally agreed with Mariah!  Becky is a wonderful intern and a happy, joyful person, who just happens to get very easily distracted… SH really loves her, but does wonder about her sometimes!


Will end this post with a photo of KKKelly Bensimon… and just can’t help it, but the one with her huge feet, too.

                                                            KKKelly Bensimon… a “woman” who is over 40 years old…

                                                                  KKKelly Bensimon… how does she walk with those things on the enda her ankles????

Oh… one more item… here.    How the hell are these two losers swingin’ this deal???