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                                                                     Season 3, Episode 13                                                                                                                         “Child’s Play No More

Kathy Wakile’s blog… here.   B-O-R-I-N-G!

“Having a solid foundation in life is one of the most important things we can have as we are growing up. I was fortunate enough to have both of mine. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my hard-working, loving, and supportive parents.” 


                                                                                       Amy Fisher…. oops!  It’s Melissa Gorga!

Melissa Gorga’s blog… here.   WOW!  This chick is delusional…

“Hi everyone! Wow, what an amazing week! I released On Display! So happy with the response so far. I love that you all are singing in your cars, running on your treadmills, singing around the house, and listening to my song!  (Uh, who told her that???  Her sisters?  ‘Cause no one’s even buyin’ her song, let alone groovin’ to it!)  Wow! Dreams do come true! I’m beside myself about the whole thing! To have Ryan Seacrest do the world premiere was just more than I could have ever asked for. I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“I wrote this song as a way to empower people. It’s not about me being a “celebrity.” It’s about being on display when you enter a new family, when you try something different, when you start a new job. You are on display and people are looking at you, waiting for you to fall, but you aren’t going to let them see you sweat. This track is meant to make you feel confident and make you want to dance!   (Well, Missy… if that’s what it’s supposed to do, then it’s a huge F-A-I-L.)

“The studio is so different! Thank God I had great, patient producers to help me through the first time step-by-step. Now I’m a pro! LOL! I have four solid songs completed and can’t wait for you to hear the rest!   (Oh Lord, there’s more…)


                                                                                    Yeah, so Missy put out a song… so what!  I’m puttin’ out a makeup line… just goes to prove that you don’t have to know nothin’ about what you’re selling to the morons that lap this HWs stuff up.

Tree Joodice’s blog… here.   Tree musta gotten word from Bravo to cool it and not write her honest, true and long… real thoughts about the episode.  Tree also mentioned on her facebook page that she was not live tweeting during the episode… another memo she got from Andy???   Tree’s blog is short… she coulda written it on a napkin.  But, Tree is showing her “ain’t I nice” side…  she did congratulate Missy on her song…

“It was cool to see the finished studio in Joey and Melissa’s basement. My brother is amazing to do that for Melissa. While I wish she’d gone about getting a singing career a different way, and you are watching this all as I was just learning about it, that was eight months ago. Today, I do really wish both of them the best. Congratulations on your song!”


                        Oh, come on!  You mean I gotta write another one a those blogs!!!????  

Hard to believe… but Jax Laurita’s blog is… here.   (Andy musta gotten on her to come up with something to say, ’cause she did not post her blog last week!)   Hmmmm…. it sound like Jax is talking more about LAST WEEK’S episode, rather than LAST NIGHT’S episode…

“I love how Teresa told the girls on the way over that if they didn’t behave she was going to send each of them away, and then you hear a little voice ask, “In different places?” LOL! Wishful thinking I guess. Ha ha ha! Too cute! That was a clever comeback. They all had adorable stylish outfits on for that play date, even if they were unhappy with Teresa’s choices! In the end, mom wins. Mother knows best. The cousins get so excited and look so happy when they get together.”

Note to Jax:  You owe us this week’s Bravotv blog…  Don’t think no one noticed!!


Jay Mohr’s blog… here.  

On Tree and the photo shoot… the “Star 80″ reference, nice Jay!!!:

“Anyway — As the family sits around the table, the kids are super restless and Joe Giudice looks like he’s about to take a bite out of the kitchen counter. I haven’t seen a photo shoot this uncomfortable since STAR 80. At one point things get so out of hand the baby’s headband falls off. It’s a mad house. Babies need headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes when they’re eating meatballs. I never eat meatballs without my headband. In her interview, Teresa explains her popularity to us. She says that people can relate to her because, “People can, like, relate to me because I am really real.” Really. When the photo shoot is over, the photographer (they tried to get Jurgen Teller but he wasn’t available) says, “Thank you, Gia, I know that was challenging for you.”

On Ashley:

“Ashley tells Jacqueline that she wants to move to California. At this point I’m surprised Jacqueline didn’t pull a Greyhound bus ticket out of one of the kitchen drawers. Ashley asks her mom, “What part of me isn’t being realistic?” Oh, Ashley. I said I wasn’t going to make fun of you anymore, but you keep taking it up a notch. Ashley tells the camera in her interview, “In California I can just focus on me.” Yes, that’s right, Ashley. You need to get away from this toxic environment. You don’t deserve to get two free cars and to live rent-free and to have free clothes and to not pay any bills. No one can treat you that way. You need to call Amnesty International or Bono to see if they can bust you out of your third world mansion.”

                                                                                      I’d just like to scream when Lauren talks about her weight!!!  All she gotta do is the lap band…

Caroline Manzo’s blog… here

“Watching Melissa tear up when her sisters mentioned their dad made me realize that this was not only Melissa’s dream, it was her father’s too. I can’t imagine the emotions she was feeling as Ryan Seacrest debuted her song on national radio. Bittersweet to say the very least. Congratulations, Melissa, you realized a dream and something tells me your dad is proudly smiling down on his little girl.”

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46 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blogs… Kathy Wakile… Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s Are Up! Jax Laurita!…Jay Mohr and Caroline Manzo’s Are Up!

  1. “STAR 80″– Ha!!! (I feel old.) Speaking of that, the dress Jacqueline is wearing on your front page is almost identical to the one I wore to Prom……….in 1991.

  2. If her song wasn’t about being a “celebrity”, then why does she have the word “paparazzi” in it?

  3. *in my daughters sing song tattle tale voice* Someones begging to get sued…

    She WROTE? Yeah. She wrote that bc she’s such an Amazing Wench.

    • yeah. I wonder how much of a cut that little ole 19 year old kid is gonna get for writing the song? Kandi better call him up and tell him whats up.

  4. Whooooa! Jax posted 2 blogs today, her last one was for yesterdays episode. Total snooze fest til the last couple pages where she RIPS TREE A NEW ONE! Looks like Ms. Neutral ain’t so neutral anymore…

    • I can’t imagine Tree taking that in a constructive or positive way. With Ashley out of the picture, will a Jax/Tree feud be Jax’s main storyline for next season?

        • Oh wait, they’re filming for next season right now aren’t they? That explains it. This “fight” w/ Jax and Tree supposedly & conveniently started last week at Messy’s launch party, while camera’s were rollin, I’m sure. They gotta plant the seed now, if they want us to buy this load of crap when it finally airs.

  5. Oh and lets talk about dons “advice” to her daughter over her weight problem.. she needs to work out. OM to the G! Good advise but it rang a little hollow knowing that that’s not how you lost your weight and just to drive the point home further you even allowed filming showing you puss out on the work out. Knock it off Caroline and pony up the dough for Lauren’s lap band cause we all know that’s where this trainwreck is headed.
    Perhaps she is wanting to wait a couple of years and get a possible two for one deal when BOTH Chriddofur and Lauren get it?

    • As usual, more stellar advice from Don Caro. Love how she gave it while triumphantly throwing out her unworn “fat clothes” – real sensitive And how about that little gem that you’ve got to be beautiful on the inside? So did Don Caro decide on her “portion control diet” because her inside wasn’t so beautiful?
      It was priceless how Lauren is having the weight issue and it’s Caroline who breaks down into tears. Lauren seems to share her actual feelings without getting whiny or needy or complaining, I wonder how she got that way cause it wasn’t from her mother.

      • The only thing that would have made it worse is if she would have offered Lauren her “fat clothes” Prolly saved that for off camera. You’re right about Lauren. She is prolly the most likable of the whole lot.

        • MP, I was totally waiting for her to kick her threads on down to Lauren. Right when she said, “There’s gotta be 1,000s of $$$s worth of clothes here!” She totally teed her up… you know she did it off camera… of course she did! We know the Don too well. ;-)

          • yeah and that is really not the way to go about bolstering the self image of a young 23ish year old girl. Having her momma give her her “fat clothes” Jeez! Wonder if she also followed that up with…. let me check out some of those clothes you are “holding onto” to see if my new banded ass can fit in em.

      • Sad and bizarre. Don Caro’s response to her daughter was very messed up. Telling your daughter (who’s desperate to hear that she is beautiful, or pretty or even attactive) that she should exercise and focus on her inner beauty is just BRUTAL.

    • I have a theory about the Jax/Tree rift. Wanna here it? Here it goes:
      It has been speculated that there has been some sorta fight between Dina and Don. Don expects everyone to take her side especially Jax but its understood that Tree was also suppose to be on Don’s side as well. Dina is Adrianna’s godmother so it stands to reason that Tree is gonna remain “loyal” to Dina ergo now everyone else is demanded to be on TeamGorga as punishment for disloyalty to the don.

      • If it means anything (and it probably doesn’t) a quick review of Twitter shows the Don tweeted once about Dina’s new show and Tree tweeted at least 4 times. Since tweets equal love, the conclusion is obvious.

        • okie doke. point taken Tree also twitted some love to Melissa too.Didnt notice any love tweets back to Tree. Maybe I missed it. Maybe there is some truth to the fact that they are all just yankin our chains.. Danielle included.
          P.s. Wasn’t the drop party in New York for On Display held at the same place where Kim G owns a little place with a pubic balcony?

          • What exactly is a “pubic balcony”? And why am I not surprised the disgusting Kim G would have one… lol

            • Ms SH posted a video that she shot of herself at her fancy NY place on forth of July.. all gloating and stufff… anyways you could clearly see tourist milling around. not just random tenants of a swanky building but tourists. It struck me as funny But then again I am an ole country gal so when we buy real estate we pay premium to get as far away from neighbors as possible.

  6. Geesh! What happened to Jax?? My head was spinning after reading her blog to Tree. Was she referring to Tree’s blog? The show? Was she laughing or screaming? Was it last year’s Posche episode or this year’s? Isn’t the “certain someone” she refers to Daniel that she mentions a few sentences later? Didn’t Tree invite her to the dinner party because of the show?? Did she not say hi to her for the show and not for the benefit of having her as a friend? Jax is upset b/c Tree referred to herself as loyal? SUCH A PHONY OUTBURST JAX! Go find something to sell.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Is she actually suggesting that Tree and Manielle’s Posche incident wasn’t completely staged by Bravo and that it’s not mandatory for all HW’s to report to a final gathering for the last episode? Sorry Jax, nice try, but we know the drill.

      • …and then she asks viewers if they should allow Trashley to go to LA. Is she serious?? No Jax – you should make her go! Give her a big kick in the ass that will get her atleast 10 miles closer and make her walk the rest of the way with her clothes in trash bags – ala J.S’s Angelina.

    • No prob. I unfortunately read the whole thing and couldn’t live w/ myself unless I warned you all that it doesn’t get juicey til chapter 7. But I’m nice like that, aint I Click? Aint I?

      • aRubino2, Yes you are!!! You took one for the team…like Becky. Even though she HAD to do it…being an intern and all. I hope Becky acts better than Trashley as an intern. She does have a car, so Becky can’t complain about the commute. MS.SH, Do you let Becky come to work when she feels like it…or at least be there by noon. You know…20 yrs. old and partying every night.

  7. So is this Chriss Judd that MeGo is working with the same Chris Judd that was married to J-Lo? And who went on to date the girl that was Slimeys hooker in that one episode of RHOC when Slimey was trying to make Jo jealous? Wowsers? Its gettin a bit inbred up in here.

  8. Cheese N crackers, how old are these people on this Dallas show? If I watch this any longer I will destroy our tv, again!

    • Seriously! If that’s the most “eligible” group of fabulicious people in Dallas I’d rather move to Altoona…

  9. I truly tear up. As someone who has no relationship with her mother.(no one has spoken or heard from her in about to 2 years), I know how hard a strain relationship is…. but God I wish Jax was my mother because I would do anything if she asks. I think the awfuley (Seriously she making the rest of us Ashleys look bad.) needs someone to come to her level or a little lower and talk to her. Or do as Chris suggested cause maybe one of the blows would knock some sense in her as my great grandfather says(even though he past in Feb. when we watch last season he kept saying he wish she lived with him then most of her attitude would disappear in 5 seconds.)

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