The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Can’t Even Sing Scales

Melissa and Joe Gorga go to the Soul Diggaz headquarters where all the big time studio equipment is located.

Listen as Melissa tries to sing the scale… but she’s flat.   How could that be?   Her voice is supposed to be a perfectuly tuned hidden treasure!

Melissa also insists that she NOT be ‘auto-tuned’… but when they show her singing toward the end of this video… great big auto-tune!   Why?    ‘Cause she cannot sing!!!


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19 comments on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Can’t Even Sing Scales

  1. “Oh, I don’t want to be auto-tuned”… LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Good grief, she is such an awful singer…

    • righto AOM. She was just as autotuned as this gal… and Tree was right .. these days ANYONE can be a singer.

  2. I actually think MeGo can sing. Not that she’s AMAZING or anything, limited range, but she can mostly sing on key and knows (or acts like she knows) how to throw a little soul into it. But they autotuned any humanity out of her voice instead of laying it bare, warbles and all. It would have been truly shocking if they kept it real.

  3. I love how one of the Diggaz couldn’t even hide his true feelings as he put his head in his hands and of course this is me speculating… Noooo, not Romo, ;-) anyway, back to the Soul Diggaz’s thought that so happened: He was all, oh hells nah… This bich here talkin bout she on display? What the? Never mind that her song is whack to all get out. The biz is gonna eat her up. It’s a good thing her mans got bank cuz … That’s just what her CDs gonna do… Sit on them shelves, on display.

  4. Ms, Do you know how much JoGo paid the SoulDiggaz? That guy can sing! I’d way rather listen to him all day than MeGo… whoa, I got distracted, he’s right, he does have that effect on the ladies! ;-) I’m wondering how much it cost to get these guys to waste their time on her…? SoulDiggaz are way more talented than MowhawkMan!

    • Good question. Rebecca Blacks mom paid a production company 4k to produce the song And Video for Friday so … who knows what these guys got but they had better got paid up front cause word is JoGo is a slow to no payer just like his BIL. Also I bet the little kid writer gets the biggest shaft of them all (pun intended ;))

  5. Made, is that true about JoGo? I really am kind of curious about those twos finances. I mean if all of them are so rich why would you be on reality show? I got the fame thing but still what they put out there for everyone to see seems they must be desperate for something besides fame. I know its not our business what housewives financial situations(countess said that about sonja). If you are out there saying and showing off your money then its fair game to ask.Look what Tree and hubby showed at first. Cash, big house all the clothes we all figured they were well off. Hmm. Wonder if JoGo is all fake also…..

    • well it all seems shady. Cant decide if he wants to be a lawncare man or a “developer” and SH reported about some contractor that got stifted by them. One would think with money like they appear to have they would have cleaned up all those loose ends before signing the dotted line to be all public figure-y and stuff.

    • Laurie: It’s all public record. JoGo has lawsuits filed against him by vendors that he has stiffed… still ongoing. If Missy doesn’t make some money offa her record, they’re gonna be goin’ the Tree and Juicy route… TFC!!! SH

    • oh snap. Anything is possible. Something is very off with these bunch. I swear I heard one of the sisters say godfather when referring to the “mediun”

        • IKR and apparently she got schooled on that since the taping because she spelled it right on her blog.
          Its been pointed out before but I must say it again. The children on NJ and 90 year old Jesus thanks JoGo for keeping her up sos she doesn’t have to rely on that teaching degree she supposedly has.

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