Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga’s CD Dropped… Lady Gorga

                                                                                    Finally!!!  The wait to see if JoGo’s big-bucks home recording studio will pay off is over!!!

Note to readers:  Please read this as if yesterday is today… or as today was yesterday. Something like that, as this post was interrupted from being published yesterday by my intern, Becky.  As promised, SH will be reviewing BLK water today… and that is why this post re “Lady Gorga” was delayed.   The “Becky” problem will be revealed in the BLK water review coming later today on SH…  Thank you for your patience.

Well, today was the day… the big day for Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga.  The whole reason that she Joe Gorga decided to even appear on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, which was to showcase Missy’s fabulous voice, which had been kept from the universe because she got married, had three kids and had to stay home.  Damn!  If it wasn’t for that, Missy would be a huge recording star long ago.  Bigger than Mariah.  Bigger than Britney.  Bigger… well, just name ‘em and she’d be bigger than them.

So, here is Missy’s vocal debut:


                                                                                      I’m really just a very, very private person who has been forced to be put on display when I agreed, after beggin’ Andy, to be cast on the Real Housewives of New Jersey to get my singing career goin’… but I’m really very, very shy…

How interesting that Missy describes herself in this video taken at the Brownstone for the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey as a “Very, very private person.”

Some other lil gems from this video:

Jax says that it’s all about “family” this season; Chris Laurita “stays out of the drama”; BlondeAshley says that she was cast as the “rebellious teenager”; Don Caroline says that “New Jersey does it BIG”… of course, Don Caroline… we all know that you “laugh big, love big, fight big and makeup big”… OK, we get it.  Don Caroline also says that she wishes that she could fit every single one of the RHONJ fans that wanted to attend this premiere party into the Brownstone. Well, duh… of course you would, Don Caroline… at $60 a head!   One more thing… Kathy needs to fire her “stylist.”


Lyrics to Missy’s “On Display”… the lyrics as pertaining to Missy make absolutely no sense… but whatever!

Verse 1:
I can feel the weight of the world pushing down on me
I can feel every one’s eyes watching me
I can feel the heat of the spotlight shine on me
And I can feel the pressure on my body
Got me feeling all these feelings and it’s driving me insane
Paparazzi watching me do my thing

Cause I’m on display, on display, on display
Each and every day, every day, every day
Everybody’s waiting on me to fall
Everybody’s waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
(Waiting on me, Waiting on me, Waiting on me to fall) 4X

Verse 2:
I know you’re gonna try to bring me, bring me down
But I’m a fighter, I’m a tiger I can figure it out
Slander my name in all the papers that’s what you wanna do
But you keep watching I’ll keep glowing that’s what I’ll do for you
Got me feeling all these feelings and it’s driving me insane
Paparazzi watching me do my thing

Cause I’m on display, on display, on display
Each and every day, every day, every day
Everybody’s waiting on me to fall
Everybody’s waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
(Waiting on me, Waiting on me, Waiting on me to fall) 4X

Everybody wanna see me fall
Everybody wanna bring me down
Everybody wanna steal my crown
But it’s not going down
Some people don’t like my style
But I don’t give a what
Everybody got something to say
Go ‘head and post it up
On the blog sites, put it up, on the headlines
It don’t matter what you say I’m still gonna shine.

Cause I’m on display, on display, on display
Each and every day, every day, every day
Everybody’s waiting on me to fall
Everybody’s waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
(Waiting on me, Waiting on me, Waiting on me to fall) 4X


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40 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga’s CD Dropped… Lady Gorga

    • What is all this “I am really a private person” Bull Crap! That’s why you went on the show and then to find out she did to make an album. I don’t like trashing people, but I wish someone would have told these women! I feel bad cuz they can’t sing!

  1. o.k. its not the worst of the housewife songs but it is soooooooooo boring, after all the hype and all the money they coughed up to make that happen, and all the damage to my phyche and soul having to hear mego and jogo gone on and on and on about this song ………and its lame so lame so boring that is the worst most heinous sin that any wifey can commet in the housewife franchise, I say any time you show the gorgas make it at a puplic function supply lots of alcohol invite all missy’s sisters and her good for nuthin brother-in-laws and have Andy walk around and whisper to any of them that some one disrespected them and watched the fire works , thats the only time these people are even remotely interesting. Then they are actually in their true element, any other niceties or attempts of intellect are manufactred , unrealistic and it comes off ..yep you guessed it, boring!!

    • And seriously, does she think she’s gonna make it as a pop star? That’s her breakout song? That’s the song that she wrote and sent a million texts to that 19 year old song writer dude? That’s what they came up with? If I heard that song in the club I’d throw my drink at the DJ!

  2. The lyrics would have made more sense if Tresa would have sung them. Especially considering it was written before the ” whole world” that was pushing down on her and waiting on her to fall didnt even know what a Melissa Gorga was.

  3. Ms Sh. I hope you have cleared your calendar for the next 48 hours. From what I have read about the ancient chinese secret stuff they put in the BLK water, it makes ya go poop. Cant wait to hear what you think of it… the taste not the pooping.

  4. So I actually thought MeGo had a non-offensive voice and that she might break the mold by putting out a real single. She talked about liking R&B so I was interested. But this is just the same old, tired autotuned “dance” mess that all the other HWs peddled. It’s repetitively dull music with narcissistic lyrics – kinda like they took Kim’s music and LuMann’s lyrics and let autotune figure it all out.

    I’m sure they’ll sell a ton.

  5. Better than all the other housewives songs, but nothing special. Definatly not worth going on TV to make your husband’s family look like A-holes and air your dirty laundry.

    • I agree with you Belladee about her song being better than the other housewives songs, nothing special but its a catchee tune. Lol

  6. Awwe look at Don Caro being green. Instead of goin out and buying an expensive dress, she had her “stylist” sew her up in some old curtains from the Brownstone. Well done Caroline, well done.

  7. does anyone else think Heather the interviewer looks kinda crazy? Her highlites need to be re-touched and who ever did her contour makeup went nuts, its really white under her eyes down to her cheek bones and then the contour around her nose is soooo dark and then BAM!! crazy purple blue eyeshodow.

    • Not to mention, “We’re going to see all the interviews from the cast members, maybe minus a few!” It’s weird, it’s not normal…close your eyes…

      And Trashlee? Lose the gum, for Chrissake—can I say “for Chrissake??” He is only 87, so I don’t want to offend him!!

    • sd: If you watch her interviews with Albie… the two of them are made for each other. Albie’s all actin’ cool and Heather’s gigglin’.. just go to ‘categories’, then ‘Albie Manzo’ and all the posts re Albie will come up. Then find the posts that include Heather interviewing him. Yeah, that story that Don Caroline told about Albie and some NFL cheerleader is a buncha bull… TFC!!! SH

  8. THIS is what all the excitement was about? MeGo’s fabulous voice is now unleashed and is a gift to the public… well, she can have it back. I’d rather listen to Tardy To The Party!!!

    • Seriously, I still can’t believe she was on tour? She has a good friend! When I found out she was Prego, I was shocked I thought she was like 49. Ya, you know this Melissa crap song is just another wannabe and i think that really makes you not wanna watch them. I thought is was the real housewives. Seems like it should be renamed to “Spoiled and Rich Wannabe’s” who buy their way to fame and these just don’t seem like reality shows! I don’t think they would know how to deal with reality! Sorry but my opinion. “ya I know we all got one” and Bravo please enough, quit adding wannabe’s on the shows!

  9. I dont get why melissa and her sisters are tweeting that this song is #16 on itunes, I just checked and it is not even in the top 100, who are they trying to fool? Or am I not reading the charts right?

    • lol dats funny right there. Good call Maryann. Looks like she removed the tweets that had the false info about chart ranking on them.

  10. What producers attached their name to this musical monstrosity?? How much did Bravo pay them to embarrass themselves? Just saying.

    Just curious.

  11. My 2 cents – making music is not easy. MeGo’s voice is not half bad. Kandi B is a pro. This 19 year old composer shouldn’t be compared to her. If MeGo wasn’t a RHW then the record company would have probably made her edit and re-work the album into better shape. Since they were on a schedule (to release during the RHNJ season) they were most likely out of time to keep working on it.
    I think it is a crappy song with mediocre vocals (but honestly, most pop stars voices are mediocre). With more training and some qualified composers and producers, she might do ok.
    There. I feel better. It helps to get my feelings/opinions out :)

  12. OMG why do these women do this to themselves? Most are sickening rich! They put themselves out there only I don’t think the majority realize how they appear to the world. Spoiled and trying so hard to break into the music industry of whatever. Sorry Melissa but you just had a good audio person who made your voice not so bad. And really it isn’t that aweful but you are no Britney and live you would HAVE to lip sink…No body is going to run out and by your CD except maybe your husband and family….I am getting so sick of this show and the rest and can barely watch anymore. Actually I am done with watching. Where do you find this people Bravo?

    • and poor Britney has ruined her voice because if yall notice her last few songs have been heavily auto-tuned also.

      • Poor Britney. She’s just a puppet now. Her name makes too much money for people to just let her do her thang.

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