Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… “Lady Gorga”(?)

                                     Betcha Tree’s pissed about this!  Tree has never been featured on Boardwalk Journal.   And, BJ is kinda comparing Missy to Lady Gaga by referring to Missy as “Lady Gorga”… that gotta piss off Tree even more!

Melissa Gorga from the Real Housewives of New Jersey is the cover story for a local New Jersey publication “Boardwalk Journal”… here.     Boardwalk Journal does not make it easy to access Missy’s interview.

I’m on display… don’t look at me!    Is Tree pissed because she didn’t go the “let’s make a record even though I can’t sing” route before Missy???  Yeah, probably… fake singing woulda been a lot easier than “writin” a fake cookbook.

However, Boardwalk Journal also has a “quick on-line” readable interview with Missy… here.   Missy explains that her and JoGo’s participation in the Real Housewives of New Jersey was all Joey’s decision…


“Deciding whether or not to partake in the show weighed heavily on Gorga’s mind.  In light of the family’s strained relationship, she admits she initially chose to pass on the show, but ultimately left the decision up to her husband.
“I basically put the ball in his court, and said, ‘Listen, you’re the man, this is your family, and you make the final decision whether or not we’re going to do this,’ and it was his decision to take the opportunity. I think he thought things weren’t going to get worse — that if anything, this would make us spend more time together and that it would get better. In the past, when the Giudice’s and us were together, it’s a pretty great dynamic, we’re on fire when we’re together, and we’re having a good time together, so I think Joe had that in the back of his mind.”


                                                                                   “Lady Gorga” surrounded by adoring fans.   (Not really…there was a 2-hour only sale on BigMacs for $.99 at the McDonald’s and Missy just sat herself right down in the middle of the people waitin’ to get a BigMac.)

Let’s take a listen to Missy singin’ chops so far…

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with Missy’s singin’, or anything else Gorga, here’s her website… here.  

***Spoiler Alert***  And, if you’re interested in the RHONJ finale when Missy finally goes “on display”… see what the Bravo cameras filmed on March 5, 2011… here.

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31 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… “Lady Gorga”(?)

  1. 2-hour Big Mac sale…LOL! This show has taken a strange turn with the addition of Melissa and Kathy. Rich adds such a nasty, creepy, and crude spin to stuff and the meteoric rise of Melissa’s non-existent until now singing career is just bizarre to me.

    I never expected to see a ginormous cannoli stuffed with baby cannolis, hear a little girl call her dad an old troll and to get her some pizza, a big nasty Loch Ness monster-ish fried fish for people to pick on for dinner, a mechanical bull riding extravaganza for Thanksgiving, a cheesy jester mask for a Christmas tree topper…wth.

    I think I liked previous seasons better than this one.

    • Good points. And dont forget the Amazing wench song and 90 years old Jesus and grannys throwin elbows at a christening and a little girl being forced to dance with full grown people down at the old foks dance studio. And lets not forget the creepy joisey devil worshipin psychic who actually got this season off to the hellacious start to begin with. Maybe that ginormous fishy was a sacrifice of some sort to the reality tv gods promising the soul of each of these beotches for a chance to hold a dolla…or two.
      they on a highway to hell in a designer handbasket.

    • This season is bazaar, no doubt! I don’t get off to Rich either, for he is creepy and foul mouthed. What Kathy saw in him, I’ll never know. You can tell the guys hearing her sing aren’t impressed at all. But they see $$ signs and will go along with it. I’d be so embarrassed for the world to see me making a fool of myself. If it looks like her CD is selling well, you can bet it’s cause Joey is hitting all the stores buying them up to save face. He’ll bury them in a new construction foundation.

      • Just my opinion, but I would not want them to bring back Danielle. I think she’s scary and I can see the other housewives refusing to put themselves or their families in her cross hairs. However, I do wish she would either provide proof of her claims of Melissa and Joe lying or just shut up and go away. The teasing that she has dirt on people and taunting people that she’s going to expose them becomes annoying to me rather quickly.

        I don’t know how other people feel about it, but I’m beyond bored with the self-promotion of these ladies. I’m not even slightly interested in any of the products. I don’t want their wine, jewelry, skin care, modeling, clothing, and especially not any of their music.

        I was kinda looking forward to the show this season without Danielle’s pushing everyone to the edge, but I’m just not a fan of Melissa or Kathie, and I find their husbands nasty and creepy.

  2. OH PLEASE!!!! Joey’s decision???? She must think we’re as stupid as she is? It’s so obvious Joey does NOT rule that house……she manipulates everything that will benefit HER!! Over Joey, her kids, family, or anyone else who gets int he way. Any time we see her feeding the baby, she looks so awkward at it, for I’m sure the nannys do this. It’s just show for the camera. I don’t see any warmth or love she shows their kids. Again, all about HER!! Give it time and Joey will be history……..sit back and watch. Not if but when. There’s no real love there…….Joey’s horny and she’s money/fame hungry. Teresa is so far above her in every way!!! I can see why she looks down her nose at Mel…………….trash is trash, no matter how much make up and nice clothes are added. No class, absolutely NO class!!! You can tell her in laws don’t think much of her either. And poor ol’ goofy Joey thinks he has a prize! (elevator doesn’t go all the way up!)

  3. DANIELLE AND MEL……….it just dawned on me why out of the blue Danielle is rearing her ugly, evil head. She’s noticed Mel trying to make a weak attempt at being nice to Teresa. I’m sure this has her seething! She found a good ally with Mel to trash Teresa and now it looks like she’s the only one in that camp. But she won’t go down alone!! She will eventually spill her guts in regards to what Mel has said/done in regards to Teresa. Mel should had seen Dan in action in the other episodes to see what an evil, snake in the grass person she is! DUMB and DUMBER!! When it’s all revealed, Joey can kiss his sister and parents good bye. And look what he’s left with……sad

    • well said. This is all but a foregone conclusion. What I want to see is Caroline have to backtrack on her embrace of Melissa once she finds out the scoop on what mel did…with her husbands permission no doubt.

  4. Wow! Above comments very interesting and insightful. The NJ series is unfolding like a day time soap. Really curious how Mel G’s cd is received–maybe all her praise to the Lord is practice for her Grammy acceptance speech!

    • p.s.-That magazine cover is really beautiful, even this Meow-mix’r has to give credit where due. But one “mew”…..a less orange hue would’ve nailed it.

  5. Ahhhh yesss…I hadn’t even thought of The Don and how dumb she’ll look. This keeps getting better and better. The fact that Messy hasn’t denied or even addressed Manielle’s accusations yet is making her look awfully guilty. I can’t wait for a magazine to throw D some $$$ already so she’ll release the proof and poor Lil Missy’s fake ass will really be “on display” for everyone to see.

    • Mel Gorga will do whatever her PR people tell her to. That’s the hardest thing to tolerate with how phony these “real” women are: they all seem to comment about their “people” and their “teams.” They each think they are a show biz cottage industry unto themselves.

  6. I truly empathize with Teresa ….how this girl came into this family and created this dissention between all of them. Teresa is not only Melissa’s problem; his own family (Mom & Dad) do not associate with her or him as a result of his allowing this to happen. Kathy obviously has been harboring some jealously towards Teresa for some time and quickly jumped on the Melissa bandwagon trashing her own family member, now conveniently she wants to make amends because of Melissa’s fake attempts. I think Teresa should continue to move forward at some point her brother will have no choice but to see what it is he has and come to terms to what she has done.

    • Right and I dont buy for a minute Kathy’s story that it just “slipped her mind” to include Tree in her wedding. hogwarsh
      I have a feeling Joey is one of those types that will never face the reality of his decisions until he is on his death bed and prolly not even then.
      Did Melissa and Danielle know each other from meeting up at that sleazy strip club we had to watch her “engage and suggest” in while that mini-punk dannyboy made it rain all of 20 bucks in filthy ones?

    • I’m not picking a fight or disagreeing but am wondering what MeGo has done to create the dissension. It seems like mainly everyday life type of things that got blown WAY out of proportion because of underlying jealousy issues. It’s as if they never liked eachother and took every opportunity to fight about anything, just to have an excuse to dislike eachother, when they just need to admit they don’t like eachother and never will.

      • AOM – I agree, but they make it sound like something big like happened and we have to watch and see what they reveal. They’re just baiting us?

      • So you think there’s no truth to DanHell’s tweets and it’s just a matter of what Sonja says, “You know those jealous biches? Are usually the snitches…” or sumthin like that. ;-)

        • Mythunker: Given the buildup, it would be “nice” if we got a real explanation of something justifying the anger on both sides. But knowing Bravo, it’ll be about those stupid, store-bought Christmas cookies.

          Romo: Danielle always overplays her hand. I suspect MeGo just emailed Danielle about the then-impending bankruptcy, JoDice’s law problems and petty stuff. The real takeaway there is that MeGo was feeding Danielle information, not the actual information. Just my suspicion.

        • I think she’s probably exaggerating about MeGo’s trash talking. I dunno. Seem like they are definitely playing it up. I’m not holding my breath for a huge controversial secret. It’d be interesting but I doubt it’ll happen.

  7. “You’re going to see another three songs on season four at least. You’re going to see performances — season four has a lot to do with my music.” She shares excitedly.

    Lady Gor-gag-me’s interview reeks of “The only reason I’m on this show is because it is the only friggin’ way I would EVER have to fulfill my life-long dream.”

  8. She looks like her KarTrash sisters in her “fan” pic. And will she please flip her hair over a bit and not wear it parted down the middle anymore? Jeepers creepers that drive in head!

  9. I guess I am alone with my comment. I do not feel sorry for Tree or her husband… Joe and his foul mouth sicking remarks and behavior and Tree with her vile temper!…they got themselves into this mess- over spending & living beyond what they could, Tree saying ” I will nerver live in a used house ‘eww other peoples germs”, her, Joe stumpy driving drunk & then saying he closed his eyes while driving cuz he was tired, but then went to his friends house right after and having a few shots right after WTH?!?!! Too many excuses. He could of killed somebody driving DRUNK and that makes me sick.

    And I am sure I have forgotten a few more!

  10. haha thats a legacy for your kids, bad tempered, pizza gourging, durnk driving, grumpy old troll thats full of excuses.

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