Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga… “Lady Gorga”(?)

                                     Betcha Tree’s pissed about this!  Tree has never been featured on Boardwalk Journal.   And, BJ is kinda comparing Missy to Lady Gaga by referring to Missy as “Lady Gorga”… that gotta piss off Tree even more!

Melissa Gorga from the Real Housewives of New Jersey is the cover story for a local New Jersey publication “Boardwalk Journal”… here.     Boardwalk Journal does not make it easy to access Missy’s interview.

I’m on display… don’t look at me!    Is Tree pissed because she didn’t go the “let’s make a record even though I can’t sing” route before Missy???  Yeah, probably… fake singing woulda been a lot easier than “writin” a fake cookbook.

However, Boardwalk Journal also has a “quick on-line” readable interview with Missy… here.   Missy explains that her and JoGo’s participation in the Real Housewives of New Jersey was all Joey’s decision…


“Deciding whether or not to partake in the show weighed heavily on Gorga’s mind.  In light of the family’s strained relationship, she admits she initially chose to pass on the show, but ultimately left the decision up to her husband.
“I basically put the ball in his court, and said, ‘Listen, you’re the man, this is your family, and you make the final decision whether or not we’re going to do this,’ and it was his decision to take the opportunity. I think he thought things weren’t going to get worse — that if anything, this would make us spend more time together and that it would get better. In the past, when the Giudice’s and us were together, it’s a pretty great dynamic, we’re on fire when we’re together, and we’re having a good time together, so I think Joe had that in the back of his mind.”


                                                                                   “Lady Gorga” surrounded by adoring fans.   (Not really…there was a 2-hour only sale on BigMacs for $.99 at the McDonald’s and Missy just sat herself right down in the middle of the people waitin’ to get a BigMac.)

Let’s take a listen to Missy singin’ chops so far…

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with Missy’s singin’, or anything else Gorga, here’s her website… here.  

***Spoiler Alert***  And, if you’re interested in the RHONJ finale when Missy finally goes “on display”… see what the Bravo cameras filmed on March 5, 2011… here.