TAYLOR ARMSTRONG: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… 2005 Interior Decorator Says “I Was Scammed by Russell Armstrong and His Wife, Taylor…”

                                                              Yeah, I changed my name and you’ll never find anything about it… ’cause I’m not a scammer, I’m a PRO-scammer.  Get your story straight, ’cause believe me, you don’t want me to go all Oklahoma on your ass…

OH those Armstrongs!  Those scammin’-lovin’ Armstrongs!  Russell and his lovely, con artist wife, Shana (her real name) used a rinky-dink company to churn some stock shares in which to trade for actual services.

                                                                                     Russell:   Shana would tell investors that she was an heiress to the Ford Motor Company and I would sell the idiots shares of busted up companies that were never going to succeed.  Oh, we were the perfect scammin’ couple, Dr. Drew…

An interior designer and a home owner were totally scammed by Russell and Shana/TraylorTrash… here.

Some highlights:

“Setting the stage, John explained that he met Russell around Christmas in 2005 through associates in Chicago while the Armstrongs were raising money for He explained that Russell was extremely convincing and spoke of the investment as, in his words, “a guaranteed, quick return on an investment.” Interestingly enough, John commented on Taylor Armstrong and allegations that she sometimes portrayed herself as a member of the Ford Motor Company family in saying, “Taylor definitely presented herself to me as a descendent of the Ford family,” adding some credence to contentions that she did indeed sometimes behave in that manner.

According to Wiltgen, Taylor, Russell and John met on several occasions to discuss how the investment was going including John being a guest of the Armstrongs in their suite at the Grammy Awards. Wiltgen said that he was told all was going very well. Wiltgen was asked to provide his professional services as the Armstrongs wished to renovate “their” Beverly Hills mansion on Sunset Blvd. It eventually came to light to Wiltgen that the Armstrongs actually did not own the house that was the topic of renovation discussion.

Again… according to Elghanian, Taylor and Russell Armstrong wanted to purchase a Beverly Hills property that he had listed and were in a rush to get going on renovation. Elghanian gave them the keys and a contract to sign with terms involving cash and shares of Elghanian stated that a signed contract was never returned to him, but the Armstrongs began renovations which included the destruction of five marble mantels that were removed in what Elghanian described as part of “gutting the interior of the house.” When Philip asked the Armstrongs to leave, he says that he was served by a sheriff with claims from the Armstrongs that he wouldn’t let them in the house (for which they still had the keys according to Elghanian). Elghanian said that the Armstrongs demanded $75,000 to cover their expenses, which included $50,000 that they had already paid to their interior designer (John Wiltgen).  Money that Wiltgen confirmed he never received.

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  1. There’s a reality show…Make it kinda like the Amazing Race. They travel to countries and whichever couple pulls off the best and biggest scams, wins 1 million dollars. The Salamis, Blah-llinos, Russell and whatever her name is. The Silex’s aren’t really scammers, but they would do it just to be on tv, the traveling, and the million.


  2. WOW. These people are pure trash. I cannot wait for Traylor Trash’s “career” to self-destruct as all of these stories come to light! She is a scammer and someone should go all Oklahoma on HER ass!!!


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  4. Has anyone heard of Wayland Flowers and Madame? Madame was this puppet, that Flowers controlled. Very funny stuff back in the 70’s. Taylor looks EXACTLY like Madame the puppet.
    Here’s a link that will hopefully work…

    If it doesn’t work….google Wayland Flowers and Madame….you’ll see… :)


  5. she is a fraud. I hope someone has investigated her charity. It could be just another filter for her to scam money off of people. She was a big part in scamming along side of Russell and Now she has the housewives helping her out… exactly what she wanted. What goes around comes around and her judgment day will come.


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