The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline and Big Al Manzo… First Christmas without the Kids

On tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Caroline gets all sniffly and teary when BigAl (ma fingers wanna type “BigGayAl”…) and Caroline take a drive down memory lane…

He stops the car... gets outta the car… walks over to Caroline’s side of the car… AND….

OMG! Is he gonna shoot her!??!?

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28 comments on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Caroline and Big Al Manzo… First Christmas without the Kids

  1. Hey, Click!

    Awww.. man, why you gotta mess around wit wotz gonna happen??? I was lookin’ forward to the shootin’!!!

  2. LOL…OMG is he gonna shoot her?? What was the giveaway–the NJ Turnpike toll booth in the background or the pre-dug shallow grave they passed a hunnert yards back???

  3. The reeeeal story is Big Al broke wind and just needed an excuse to air out the vehicle and caroline’s tears are coming from butt fumes….. and maybe memories of past butt fumes and the promise of many more butt fumes to come.

  4. He got tired of everyone saying how much of perfect hubby Bawby is so BigAl is giving him a run for his $$$… How sweet ;-)

    • I saw that. Stupid Menard…Where did he come from? Someone needs to remind him bout the pecking order! ;-)

    • Did he muss up his hair? He looks so darn precious when he is second. Word is he is planning to bottle his 390th lap sweat extracted from his sweltering butt crack and sell it to all the swooning female nascarians out there sos that they can douse their fellers with it. Look fer it in your nearestest walmart this holiday season. Its called Almost..very alluring. Yum!
      ps. Remember I dont know what the hell I’ma talkin about but it never stopped me from pipin in with me 2 cents before ;) love yall

      • Only if I win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, or the lottery. But, PCH told me I had the 2 initials and someone in Chasn. was going to win…LOL!!! Thunder Valley, one of my fave tracks!

        • tell me about it. Mom’s long tie race people are not gonna be renting for the fall race and she is scrambling a bit. I’m sure she will eventually fill the spot but she has gotten used to the same people every spring and fall race and so there is a comfort level already established.

        • I know I am a few days late on this one ladies but I LOVE that there are Nascar fans on here. I am a Nascar & HW addict.

  5. I thought this scene was so precious, romantic, intimate and personal. Made all the more precious, romantic, intimate and personal by the camera and sound guys in the backseat as well as the microphone packs with which they had wired before they got in the SUV.

    • tee hee. aint it though. Speaking of cameras in the car scenes how is it that Manzos can get their camera crew in the back seat but the Gorgas make theirs sit up front and film an awkward car ride with MeGo in the back and au pair in the very back?

      • MsMP, Because Don Caroline gets the best camera crew…’cause she’s the DON. And I’m sure she loves them all like they were her own children…’cause she’s wonderful and motherly like that.

        • No doubt. But seems like sum of that “influence” would have trickled down to the lonely Lauritas who had to send in ghetto home video of their Christmas morning.

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