Stoopid Housewives Stuff: Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong Sued… RHONY Participating in GLAAD Manhattan 2011

  Those people deserved to get ripped off… 

Shana/TraylorTrash and her husband, Russell are being sued for misleading investors… here.   These two are high-level scammer/con artists…goin’ way back to their Florida days.  Here’s a great question for Andy:  Why are these people on a Bravo show? Please don’t insult us by saying that you were unaware of the fraud they were involved in from Florida to California.  If your viewers can find out all the dirt on them, then it should be super simple for you.

On Tuesday, August 2:

Most of the Real Housewives of New York will participate… here.  Sounds like fun!!!

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15 comments on “Stoopid Housewives Stuff: Shana/Traylor and Russell Armstrong Sued… RHONY Participating in GLAAD Manhattan 2011

  1. I guess it’s official, now. Simone is a RHONY. Was Jillz too offended that she would be at the end of the (mostly) alphabetic listing??? AND why isn’t Cindy Barshop going to be there?? After all, the theme IS Brazilian!!!!

    • Biggest turn off for me on Traylor was the photo shoot perched on the table BEFORE the guests dined. Ridiculous party

  2. cc/mc: I’m sure it’s just a committee oversight–they really did invite
    simone to speak before they knew that Sonja was supposed to be the only person from HW to speak…oh crap…that was that whole parade fiasco. Sorry, I get my manufactured, staged, trumped up, hyperventilating dramas mixed up!!

    The Silexes are featured prominently on the link, though.

  3. Ohhhhhhh… WHY is Shana/Traylor even on RHOBH??? She just ruins the show for me.

    And, really, why can’t Bravo find out about these true-life scammers!? Lawbreakers, con artists… is there no one at Bravo who can research legitimate court sites and find out what’s goin’ on with potential HWs???

    • BK – I think they (bravo) are aware of these past transgressions of their HW players. All of this exposure is like free PR! It draws more attention to these phony ponies too, which might actually be a good thing. I mean, are these people that idiotic? Scamming and then going on a reality show to draw more attention to themselves? Sheesh.
      My very humble outlook on this, anyways.

  4. I do not mean for this to sound x-rated. But does it look like she may have swallowed somehting whole. I see the pe&*^ and I see the balls. I just don’t see the person who she may have bobbitt. See what happens when you eat and have sex once in a decade. You get greedy and eat everything in site. Wonder what she had for dessert? One little cute whote dog.? One olive or two?

  5. Taylor may not have known all of her husband’s business dealings. He did invest 10 million in someone’s production company and she found out by reading it in a magazine. Maybe her “little” business as he called it is the only legit thing between this couple. She married a con artist and overlooked everything because she wanted the lifestyle so bad and to change her world going from Shana to Taylor.

    • reality: OH! How snowed over by Shana/Traylor one can be. Just like Tree, Shana/TraylorTrash is in it up to her ears. As a courtesy, SH would include links here to back up statements such as the ones just mentioned re Shana’s involvement. However, the majority of SH readers are on to Shana/Traylor and have been for a loooooong time; therefore, ‘reality’, you need to do some catching up. Just do a search on SH and lots of items re Shana/TraylorTrash will come your way. Happy reading… and TFC!!! SH

  6. It looks like the poster is for another event. The one that they all had a fit about was for Gay Marriage. You know that it was the housewives that got the bill passed in New York. NOT. Alex said that she was not upset about the fight because it got Gays the right to get married. Andy actually looked upset that she said that.

    Where do I read about Taylors Florida stuff. Was she married to that guy then? Thanks in advance.

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