Stoopid Housewives Stuff: Andy Cohen, Watch What Happens Live!, Jill Zarin and Scammers

Andy tweeted that there’s gonna be a surprise on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live!  Sorry, but this is not exciting at all… what is the connection between Big Brother and Bravo/NBC Universal/Production Companies?  Oh wait… Andy recently answered the question, “Which of the Bravolebrities would you take into a Big Brother house with you?”… here.   That’s a stretch, but the only tie-in.



Awww… look, it’s Andy’s HS yearbook photo.  The photo was sent to Andy by one of his classmates.  Andy just looks like the kinda guy who got along with everyone and who was a lotta fun… kinda exactly like he is now! Betcha he was/is a good dancer, too..









    Soon-to-be-ex Housewife, Cindy  BarBrawl  PubCrawl  SouthernDrawl  Shoppin’Mall  LastCall  TooTall  HowdyY’all  FreeForAll  BootyCall   HitTheWall  whatever  found a note referring to Beyonce’s hubbend.  Of course, narcissist, Jillz, thought it was about her…



A DC gossip site was begging for attendees for a publicity party and  was so desperate that they began accepting anyone who RSVP’d, unfortunately… here.  




9 comments on “Stoopid Housewives Stuff: Andy Cohen, Watch What Happens Live!, Jill Zarin and Scammers

  1. Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of RHODC’s series premiere. I wish they were renewed because they were one of my favorite Real Housewive franchises. Lynda Erickelation(Sp) and Cat Ommanney were my two favorites from that show.


  2. It must really be bad for the Salamis. Can you imagine having people make excuses for inviting you someplace? I know that I wouldn’t have the nerve to show my face anywhere if I knew that people would be saying, “Who invited them?”, behind my back.
    I bet they sit-around trying to find anyplace/anywhere/anyone that will have them, then they skulk-in under an open-invite and cause a “S”-storm?
    These people never cease to amaze me.


  3. I believe Andy started in production with Julie Chen and they’ve been friends ever since. Yes, I’m a Big Brother fan and got suckered by that tweet but kinda knew it would be the Chenbot. Disappointing.


    • OOO AOM! I love love big brother. Do you watch big brother afterdark on showtime? I aint gettin much sleep nowadays cause I want to stay up n watch it. Looks like Retch-al is still determined to make as much stuff all about her as possible and they are planning a mock trashy wedding with a gown and tux made out of trash bags. That gurl is sooooo damaged. truly truly. And much like my RH fascination I cant get enough of that train wreck.
      Now if I was a housguest I wanted to get under Breda’s skin right before a comp I would mention the whole Skype-my-penis-to random-people-who-may-or-may-not-be-a-dude-then-cry-like-a-sissy-about-getting-caught fiasco. But thats just me i am a little eval Dick-y that way.


      • BBAD is why I show up late to work with dark circles under my eyes every summer! I also watch the live feeds sometimes, especially when they show comps like the last HOH endurance.

        Brenchel is massively annoying but one cannot argue with their competitive spirit. However, I somewhat dislike it when they bring back vets (like Jesse, UGH!). I like that you can “meet” a whole new cast each summer, and see how they play the game. Though Grodner was smart to bring back some of the All Star types who had solid followings, they are kinda fun to watch.


        • I suspect that Porsha is lying and or embellishing about her connection to Janelle Rach just ate that crap up with a spoon. She is such a needy lil twerp. I hope they let Janelle host a comp. Of all the newbees Shelly has best chance to win $50k her providing that her social game dont blow up on her. I havent really picked a fav this year. Thinking its in the bag for Jeff for 500,000 and America’s player.


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