Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-31-11… Tree’s Booksigning and RHONY on Twitter

                                                                      I’m nice.  Right, Joe?  Ain’t I nice, Joe?  OK, the camera crew left… we can stop wit da “nice” crap.

A full first-person account of enduring a Tree Joodice book signing… here.  The writer tells of all kinda wonderment involved at the book signing… free cupcakes in a box and photos taken.  The writer does not, however, mention the reason for the freebies and Tree being so nice and accommodating to the people waiting for hours to see her and add to her financial recovery.  What might that be, you ask???  Tree’s book signing is being filmed for next season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Had the cameras NOT been there, Tree woulda been outta there promptly at 9 pm… screw those stoopid people waitin’ for hours to see her!  That’s the real Tree…

 The Real Housewives of New York:  Sonja Morgan, (soon to be ex HW), Ramona Singer, (another soon to be ex HW) and Kelly Bensimon.  The two ex-Housewives of New York… thank you, Andy!

Great “analysis” of the Real Housewives of New York on Twitter… here.   About Bethenny:  

“For a woman who built her career on copying other people, I think it’s hysterical that she says imitation is not flattering.  There is nothing original about Bethenny or her brand.  The fact that she is a “chef” who asks her Twitter followers for recipes, is proof that she is indeed brilliant, but not at all original.

Sidebar:  I have tasted both the Skinnygirl margarita and the new one from Jose Cuervo, and the truth is they both taste like crap.  If you drink enough of them they start to taste good, but that’s true of anything after a couple of drinks.  If you are going to enjoy a drink, just enjoy it and stay away from these glasses of yuck.”

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    • Yes she writes her own smack daddy recaps. and as for the “housewife stuff” articles, she takes the time to dig up and pull together for us in a nice neat format for our one stop RHW perusing pleasure. Dats how its done here on the interwebs.


    • mkvalle: Your seemingly simple question has raised infinite and mind-blowing questions of its own. You asked SH: “Do you ever write anything original or do you just copy and paste other people’s articles?” See what a simple question that is? It could be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”; however, your seemingly simple question deserves more than a simple answer because it is a deceptively simple question. Very deceptive.

      Any moron could answer your question “Yes” or “No,” but SH is not a moron, nor are the readers and commenters of SH morons. Therefore, no moronic answer for your succinct question, mkvalle.

      So, let’s break this down: First, what is “original?” Is anything in the world “original” besides original sin? Original sin is basically the only “original” thing there is in the universe. Trying to come up with something totally original for a site devoted to focusing in on and calling attention to the stoopidity and total ridiculousness of a subset of a subset of a subset of popular culture is extremely difficult and would take more time than SH would ever want to devote to an answer that fits into your, mkvalle’s, concept of originality.

      Next is your belief that SH “just copy(s) and paste(s) other people’s articles.” This part of your question reveals that you, mkvalle, have never bothered to peruse the SH site, let alone actually read SH. How can you hold your head up with dignity after asking SH such a question knowing that you have not bothered to research SH before putting finger to keyboard and typing out this question? And then, mkvalle, have the utter audacity to hit the “submit comment” button to ask your question!? How can you live with yourself knowing that you are a such a deep hypocrite??

      SH truly accepts and lots of times adores the readers who take the time to comment on this site. SH is very open to others views and permits all kinda comments from readers expressing their views politely and intelligently. Sadly, mkvalle, your comment/question does not fit into either of these categories… your question is neither polite nor intelligent. SH arrived at this conclusion regarding your question from the simple fact mentioned above that you have not taken the time or the effort to actually read SH, which is quite sad for you, mkvalle.

      SH absolutely, make no bones about it, would never, ever in a million, trillion, gabizillion years EVER “just copy and paste other people’s articles.” SH LINKS to other articles. See, mkvalle, see? HUGE difference.

      Perhaps you should take a class at Columbia University. Columbia now offers a class online titled “How to make the distinction between “copying and pasting” and “linking.” Mkvalle, after taking that course, Columbia will allow you to print out a certificate of completion, so that you can wave it around and say, “See, I went to Columbia!!!” Pretty sure that is the same class that KKKelly took so that she could brag around NYC, the Hamptons and Pittsburgh PA that she is a graduate of the Columbia University of Journalism. Mkvalle, you are probably wondering why SH would include “Pittsburgh PA” in a sentence connected to KKKelly. Had you been a reader of SH, you would not wonder why, you would know. SH is attempting to help you, mkvalle… so that when you scan other sites very quickly and submit a “hit and run” comment, that you will create an original question to ask.

      Well, mkvalle, hope this has answered your question. SH took more time than usual with you, mkvalle, to answer your question, only because your question seemed one borne out of loneliness, confusion and a bit of hostility. Don’t know if that is accurate, but SH is pretty damn good at seeing a question and “reading” the person who wrote it. Hope the next question you may have for SH is one with a little more thought behind it… and if you could possibly ask something original, that would be great. TFC!!! SH


    • Hanz and Franz are gonna be playin’ that at the shrink’s office in ’bout 30 years “Doc, why do I still have my gloves tied to that string through my coat sleeves–I don’t even like pie anymore!! Can’t you just give me something to make the purring stop????”


  1. OK… someone help me out… the caption under the picture of NYHWs… are they being replaced or is it a sarcastic caption?

    And I’m sorry… but Sonja is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl’s got it goin’ ON!


  2. How dare you question the integrity of S.H,? If you followed this site to any degree at all, you would know that it’s an original. Watch this youtube video..

    Jimmy Olson, Angry Cub Reporter


  3. Wasn’t Simon a bit too creepy during RHONY’s season finale? His eyes glared while LuAnn was singing her duet with Natalie cole. I just felt that he was very envious of LuAnn’s oppurtunity to sing both on Tv again and with a well known singer. I also felt that was another underlying reason that Alex refused to particiapte in the Chic, c’est la vie video; Alexa felt the need to support her husband’s envious behavior. In my opinion, it had nothing to do in regards to ‘class’ and manners. Alex missed an opportunity for airtime, and she and her husband further portrayed themselves as declasse social climbers by using a degarding veiled euphenism, see you next tuesday! Oy Vey!


    • you hit the nail on the head Mr Rochester. He is totally jealous and he loooves it when his minions sweet tweet him about his retched “song” That dudes got more issues than tissues.


        • I know what you mean but i cant imagine anyone else as pretentious and prissy as her. Sides could you imagine the major battle in divorce court. It wouldnt be fighting over who gets the kids it would be over those dadburn Met seats.


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