Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-30-11… Don Caro and RHONY Reunion Questions

                                                                                    Didja get the word over to that goof who thought that he was the bossa me???   Make sure you strip all the copper outta those old radio wires while you’re over there…

Don Caroline Manzo got a raving employee review from her boss at the NJ radio station where she had her once-a-month-for-two-hours-only-while-the-Real-Housewives-of-New-Jersey-was-taping radio talk show, Caroline Rules… here.   Seriously???  She’s Don-F’n-Caroline-Manzo!  From Jersey!  What else was the guy gonna say!?  The truth??  And risk oh, just maybe… pullin’ into work the next day looking at flames shooting out of his radio station building?

            Hiiiii, Andy!  Oh, yeah, we’re all ready to answer any question you got on your cards.  Except, don’t ask KKKelly about her “breakthrough” on Scary Island and don’t ask LuMan about her open marriage and don’t ask Jillz about her life before Bawby and don’t ask…   

Ever wonder where Andy gets those questions from “ordinary viewers” that he asks on the reunion shows???  Well, here’s one source… here.   Actually, the questions submitted are great ones… ones that everyone would love to hear Andy ask, but know he won’t.  Note:  Do not try to submit questions for the next season’s reunion.  If you do, you’re a total dumbass.

7 comments on “Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-30-11… Don Caro and RHONY Reunion Questions

  1. What the heck happened to Caroline..she looks like she’s been run over by a truck. She’s been looking like this the last 2 shows..what’s up?


    • dats her staged I dont wears make up on Christmas eve look. Who is she foolin? even Satan wears a little lip gloss on Christmas Eve.


  2. Dear MS/SH: Thank you and all of your posters for providing me with so much pleasure and entertainment! I just cannot support these housefrauds anymore.

    Shame on you Miss Andy and Bravo for filling these shows with tabloid fodder. Shame on Zarin Frabrics for fronting Jill and all of her vile gossip. Shame on Shana Ford for her deceit. Shame on Kim Zolciak for being a prostitute and pimping her daughter on twitter. Shame on ME for watching.

    Outta here….hear me Bravo??


    • But Pancakes, we hardly knew ya! Like where you been hidin’ out ’til now??

      Honestly, Pancakes, I doubt very much that Bravo gives a hoot that you’re not gonna be watchin’ them anymore… which is great news, ’cause I wouldn’t wanna be commenting on a site that would have anything to do with Bravo. Ya know, like Grouch Marx said, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me as a member.”

      Hope I’m not stepping on Ms SHs toes here, but…

      To Pancakes: A great user name and a great commenter… a moment of silence for Pancakes. OK… moment’s up! Carry on…


  3. Andy has really soured for me. Heis so unprofessional showing his favoritism. He was extremely rude in the opening of the reunion to Alex. He loves Jill, Caroline, etc., which is mind-blowing to me for several reasons. I do not believe either of those two would march or fight very hard for gay rights, unless of course it is for their own benefit/attention. He has helped ruin these shows and to disallow viwer bloggers their honest opinion on the bravo blogs is just cowardly and fake!


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