Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-30-11… JZ’s beauty secrets; Andy’s New Drink; Jillz A Big Bully

                                                                                      Jillz REAL beauty secret… getting battery acid pumped into her brain once a week.

Jillz gives all her beauty tips… here.  How do she stay so lovely all da time???  Why, it’s all because of her skweez couture that she peddles to the public wears.

While on the subject of Jillz… as everyone probably knows by now, Jillz was voted the “biggest bully” on Thursday’s WWHL.  Hmmm…. haven’t heard a word from the usually bigmouth outspoken Jillz about this…

                                  The Question                                      …. and The Results

How cute!  Adrienne Maloof invented a new drink to serve at her recently-taken-over-by-investors Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  It’s a mazeltini… as an homage to Adreinne’s favorite boss at Bravo, Andy Cohen… here.

(thanks to reader “jozy” for the JZ link)

And… just because it’s ridiculously funny…

6 comments on “Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-30-11… JZ’s beauty secrets; Andy’s New Drink; Jillz A Big Bully

  1. Those housewives sure kiss Miss Andy’s Bravo butt…Don Caroline has the ugly monkey looking thing in her kitchen (No, not Milania) and she named it Andy…and cooed over it like she was talking to CritterFur. Let’s all go to the Palms and order an ANDY.


    • MP: I’m with ya. That hot-pink helmeted Darth Vader would definitely keep bully Jillz in line!!


      • bahahaha. hails bells she could just be one of them travlin hw’s and TKB on all the franchises. But she will have to watch herself in OC, ya know how them gurls are about their pink motercicles. They might cut a bitch for a matching pink helmet.


      • thanks babe. The only thing that would have made that pic sweeter is if she had on those extra tall knees high piny chuck taylors with sparkly white laces and a yeller brasserie to match the price tag on the sand bucket.


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