Real Housewives of New York: Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop… Buh-Bye!!! And, SH Poll Results!

                                Alex McCord                                    …and Cindy BarMitzvah (pictured                                                                                      in middle, uh, no… on left… uh, no…                                                                                     on right… oh, who the hell cares.                                                                                           She was a waste of a Housewife                                                                                             anyway…)   

Apparently, Alex McCord found her voice on the Real Housewives of New York a little too late.   Both Alex and Cindy Whateva have been asked to take off their Housewife aprons and get the hell outta the Bravo clubhouse… here.

“Eyewitnesses describe a “viciously angry” Andy Cohen physically “escorting” two Real Housewives of New York, Alex McCord and Cindy Hubcap, from his 47th floor Bravo office, to the elevator and actually push the ‘stunned and protesting’ Housewives through the entrance doors at 30 Rock and out onto the street.   Andy was heard mumbling “Those two were the worst Housewives ever” and “Who needs a Housewife whose name doesn’t make sense?” and “I’ve been waitin’ to show my manlyman side since those Housewives drove me to swearing on TV.”

The two Housewives who were kicked out of the building by Mr. Cohen, Alex and Cindy, attempted to re-enter the building several times, each time being stopped by Kathy Wakile’s sister, Rosie, who is now Andy Cohen’s bodyguard.  Rosie showed no signs of compassion toward the two ejected and rejected NY Housewives, even turning down a blatant bribe by Cindy CropTop, which was overheard by the shocked throng of people who just served as eyewitnesses to the incident, to “personally landscape Rosie ‘for life’ at Cindy’s opulent, super-swanky personal waxing hut in Quogue.”   Cindy’s “offer” was heard crystal clear by several people who were trying to enter the building “because they work there.”  Rosie was standing firm, taking her boss, Andy Cohen’s, instructions literally to not let anyone in the building “who even ‘resembles’ a goddamn Housewife.”   Rosie also turned down Cindy’s generous offer, telling Cindy, “Like, who goes to Quogue, man???”

It was later revealed that Andy chose Rosie for bodyguard duty as she only recognizes the Real Housewives of New Jersey as “real Housewives.”  Andy also was ‘delighted’ to find that Rosie has been his secret ‘twitterpal’ for over five years and is totally devoted to, in awe of and completely smitten with Andy.  Rosie’s bedroom is covered in “all things Andy,” and through Rosie,  Andy finally has uncovered the person who has been sending him various headwear (caps, hats, bowlers, cowboy, you name it…) weekly for the past five years.  Since becoming Andy’s bodyguard, Rosie has stopped sending Andy the headwear… she now just brings them in every Monday to work with her.  Rosie has happily remarked that since accepting the job as Andy’s bodyguard, she has saved $833.65 on postage.”

(NOTE:  The link also has an exclusive!  The Real Housewives of Miami will return for a second season. Well, who the hell didn’t know that one!?  SH gave that info months ago…)

(thanks to “Audrey” for the link!)

Speaking of the RHONY… SH readers have spoken.  The results of the SH poll asking if ALL the Real Housewives of New York should be replaced:

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46 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Alex McCord and Cindy Barshop… Buh-Bye!!! And, SH Poll Results!

  1. That is great news ’bout Alex and Cindy–but are we SURE that means elfin Simone is gone too???

    • We haven’t seen the last of that crazed lunatic. He’s an angry elf… He hasn’t even begun to mean tweet… No cigarettes are safe! He’s gonna chunk that butterfly chair clear across Brooklyn while screaming, “Alex, you eff’d up our chance at being social climbers!”

  2. Bet Alex broke out in shingles right there on the spot and started to hyperventilate but tried to cover it up by pretending to be amused sos it came out sounding like this

  3. but she when home to her uber hetro(cross my heart an hope to die) hubby and it sounded like this

  4. Sounds suspicious, HL article is from June. If it really happened, AC has even less professinalism than I credited him with. If true, I hope his relationship w/jz soon becomes apparent.

  5. good thing Andrew had the presents of mind to escort them out before he totally snapped and choked one of em out with one of his signature ties. I am picturing the bright green one wrapped tightly in his hands ready to do sum damage.

    • And KKKelly’d be all “Alex, you’re turning red…stop turning red…you know it makes me crazy….no seriously stop turning red…it’s weird, it’s not normal…you’re too red, stop…hey, you look like Christmas…did you see my Christmas card?? the one where the dog was eating out of the dishwasher…no that wasn’t weird, you’re weird…go out and come back in again.”

  6. Vinny was my original name when I posted here several times a few weeks ago.

    I am so happy that Alex is finally off RHONY; she really was a waste of time and space. I don’t hate her, but she seldom held my interest long enough to make me either like her or truly hate her. I just found her and her husband’s veiled euphenism of see you next tuesday and o C*ntess crossed a major boundary, and it was quite disrespectful and demeaning to all woman.
    At the inception of season 4, I did like Cindy Barshop, but her personality quickly fell flat around the time they departed for Morocco. I’m sure she may be much more of a dynamic person in real life, yet she also didn’t hold my interest at the conclusion of the season. I’m sure both their behavior and lack of interest amongst the viewers eventuated in the final decicion to terminate them from the series.

    I feel that they should keep Jill, Ramona, LuAnn, and Sonja; this is also my pecking order of favorites as well. With both Cindy and Alex gone, hopefully two new housewives will change the dynamics of the show and produce different storylines that will hold our subsequent interest for the next season. I am from New York, and New York has a lot to offer the viewers in terms of wealth, society, culture, fashion, venues and other forms of symbolic capital. I hope the ladies learn from the abhorent behavior they displayed on the reunion and try to aspire to become ladies with class.

    Overal, I did think this was a good season, but Bravo has to think about the longevity of the series before it becomes too boring to watch.
    Just to reiterate, I am sooooooo happy that Alex is finally off of the series!!!!!!!!

    • Yep, I bet Cindy hot-wax, Sugar Smacks, forty whacks, thumb tacks, ex-lax, whatever, is REAL dynamic making wimmen go all Oprah (“Mah va-jay-jay is painin’!!”)

    • howdy Mr Rochester. I remember you from yer Vinny days. Glad to see ya back on here. Alex is insufferable and her husband is a useless tool.

    • MR, I am glad that you dropped KKKelly off your list. She brings zero, zilch, nada to the show if she isn’t getting tattoos from Santa or eating jelly beans while flipping out. Drop here henceforth!

  7. O0o- I am also happy that RHOMIA will be renewed again too! I enjoyed their inaugural season and I was hoping that they would return. I only like RHONY, RHOBH, and RHOMIA; the other franchieses I could never watch with dedication like the others.
    Lea Black was my favorite RHOMIA HW!

    • I’m glad too… Lea’s also my fav, close second mama Elsa, but I loathe Larsa. But doesn’t she live in Chi town now? Hopefully we won’t be subjected to that one again! Ugh… Ew, I just remembered Crispy, just got not excited for Mia.

      • Crispy….she wasn’t my favorite at all. I Hope Lea, Adriana, Alexia, Marysol, Elsa, and a few others join the cast. I think Elsa should be a Housewife- she’s interesting and quite entertaining! I don’t mind tame drama- less anxiety after each show!

        • Ooh that’s a good idea, get mama to be a regular so we an drop Crispy! Surely Alexia has a friend to fill Larsa’s spot…

          Ms SH, Do you have the scoop on the Mia cast?

  8. Is this story really true???? It seems to good to be real. Alas, what will life be like without creepy Simon? If this is not a joke, than thank you Jesus..(with a kiss) !!!!!

    • lol. Does yer leg feel like its been pulled outa socket Scooter? cause I fear this wasnt just a gentle tug.

      • MP: LOL! No, it was not a ‘gentle tug’… more like a spastic yank. Poor scooter… ya just gotta feel for her/him.

  9. I would love it if this were true. Of all the NYC housewives, Alex is the worst by far.
    Also, imagining Andy Cohen throwing Alex out of his office is hysterical.

  10. I hate clicking on these stories and reading them just to realize they are made up…and not that funny (ie the FCC story SH then blamed the readers for not getting the sarcasm of. Surely it’s wasn’t expected the general public understands the FCC well enough to have gotten that.). Plus, is Cindy’s name really that hard? It’s 2 one syllable words put together to create a compound… bar & shop. Let’s try it together…Barshop. I love some of the REAL articles posted (Dubois de-bunked, Jim B’s “business ventures” and the stuff on Taylor Armstrong and her husband), but for now, I think I’m cleaning out the SH stuff from my inbox.

  11. Fer petes sake, could you guys post a disclaimer somewhere so the dolts of the world know its a joke. Really…having grown people thank Bravo for getting rid of Alex or Cindy is ridiculous! It just makes fools out of people!

  12. Bobbie; not only will I thank Bravo for replacing the NY cast; I’ll name my next child Andy, or Bravo, or Mazel. And B.T.W. does anyone else think Mr. Rochester is too young to imbibe in the secret word drinking games? None of my business, but just sayin……:)

    • Meow: Nope, Mr. Rochester looks old enough to imbibe–AND still young enough to date KKKelly!!! Mr. R, can you take a punch??

        • Thanks for being a good sport :) **KKKelly gets you a summer place in the Hamptons but marry Alley and become heir apparent to the whole Zarin Fabric Dynasty!!

          • That’s a close call,though. I would rather marry Ally and become an heir to Zarin’s Fabrics, but there would be too many sucessors in line before me! Ally is a better choice, I don’t need to be punched in the face on a daily basis. Jill would be a cool mother in law!!

  13. Wow!!! Andy grew a pair! Wonder if Simone stomped right up to Andy’s office and told him off? Simone could do that, because Rosie would never have taken him as a Housewife…

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