Bravo TV: Andy Cohen… Featured In August Edition of Hamptons Magazine

                                                                                      No Housewife will enter Hamptons Magazine before me.   Because I… am… Andy Cohen, King of All Bravo!  

The big guy, the KahunaTuna, Real Housewives know-it-all and master manipulator, puppeteer of all things Bravo, Andy Cohen, has made it to a place where four Real Housewives of New York have begged to be… the cover and feature piece of Hamptons Magazine.   Andy’s friend and husband of Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, conducted the interview for Hamptons Magazinehere.

In the following video, the Housewives aren’t named, so wonder who the four Housewives who have been clamoring and pestering the editor for the cover of Hamptons Magazine are?  Well, one, for sure is Jillz, even though she does not own her Hamptons property.  She probably has the Hamptons Magazine phone number on speed dial and calls every day, hoping to get a feature article or the cover by simply wearing down the editor by constantly calling.   So, who are the remaining Hampton Magazine cover seekers?  KKKelly, Countless LuAnn and Ramona Singer…


(thanks to reader cc/mc for the Hamptons Mag heads up!)

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7 comments on “Bravo TV: Andy Cohen… Featured In August Edition of Hamptons Magazine

    • Andy would never set foot in Quogue either! Cindy WaxMaster is so low class… like no No one goes to Quogue, except for the kinda people who don’t see nothin’ wrong with their brother havin’ a dead man’s suit altered to fit and then wearing same suit to a wedding to show off what a beautiful, expensive suit he’s wearin’…

      Back to Andy… love him, but sometimes he overlooks some glaring, obvious things that are going on right in fronta his nose. Right now the best example of this is Shana/Taylor. Andy will touch on fraud charges, etc at the RHOBH reunion, but will accept any answer that Shana/Taylor throws him and that will be it. No further questions will be asked of her.

      At the reunion shows, answers like, “I can’t/don’t want to go into that” or “This just isn’t the place to speak about that” or any other ‘non’ answers should be banned. Andy could attach a fine when any of them use one of them… it probably wouldn’t stop them, but if the fine is big enough, it certainly would make them think about not goin’ there. Or… maybe if Andy did a “if you use one of the non-answers, your contract will be under immediate review”…

      Hey! I’m still trying to wake up here…


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