Watch What Happens Live: Blondes vs. Brunettes

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live!

WWHL really was kinda ‘meh’…

…but future Real Housewife of Beverly Hills (she’s been after Andy for that gig since RHOBH started), Denise Richards, and Real Housewife of New York, Ramona Singer debate whether Countless LuAnnie has class…


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38 comments on “Watch What Happens Live: Blondes vs. Brunettes

    • Yes it was Click. Ramoner is sooo stoopid. Cant get over her saying your gonna win because your bigger than me.(truth of the matter is she was gonna win because she is younger than Ramoner and in better shape and not a drunk) And she wasn’t about to be the one to switch arms either. And obviously they whispered to each other that neither one of them was gonna win. and Ramoner is stoopid. and I must ask if she thinks making a weak-asses lame-o reference to the p werd referring to the exotic locale she just got back from was “setting a proper example” for Avery. No wonder Avery cringes every time she walks in the room. but hey we can still buy christian themed jewelry from her and her bootie-oggling hubby.

  1. i thought it was at least good of ramona to admit that she was embarrassed by the reunion. how could you not be? I dont really think she should have brought up lulu’s kid, BUT this isnt like jill calling alex’s kids animals. Victorias like 17 and was caught on the internet doing drugs. How else is ramona supposed to back up her point that luann phoning it in as a mom is affecting her kids?

    • well that but Alex’s kids DID behave like crazed animals. Also the doing drugs part of Victoria’s little video was not the shocking part. The shocking part for me was ole Tori letting that n word roll offa her tongue just a little to easy…. not very classy behavior at all. Seventeen is young but not too young to expect a little better etiquette outa the mouth of the babe of the Disountess of Class.

        • i agree the racial slurr was more shocking, and most importantly LOW CLASS. perhaps she was raised in an enviroment where that kind of language is acceptable.

          • exactly! Lets face it most of these kids are basically raised by the private schools that they attend. When one of the high dolla charges acts a fool…It reflects badly on the school AND the parents. Does anyone know if Victoria got kicked outa school for that?

  2. Those Hans and Franz, screaming through 21 was awful behavior…Oh, their mother said they were tired…she should’ve left them at home…it’s not like Alex doesn’t do it all the time.

    • as a momma of 2 rambunctious boys, i know all too well how easy it is for things to get out of control in a situation where you are not comfortable speaking up. so i sympathize with alex there, but im pretty sure in that specific situation (at 21) i wouldve tried at least a little to calm them down and if that wasnt happening i wouldve removed them from the situation. or called the dang nanny!!!
      it might not have been in good taste for ramona to speak of lu anns daughter, but she was pointing out lu anns bad parenting skills. not ragging on the kids like jill was about alex`s boys.

    • Ha! The real reason why Bethenny’s first Jason hit the road… he’s still running away from Hanz and Franz! It’s a damn shame what they did to his burger, freaked that poor man out.

      • yeah poor jason. he didn’t strike me to be a man that was willing to put up with very much tomfoolery

  3. I’ve always said that Ramona is that friend, that you both swore to on a night of some rowdy behavior, never to ever speak of it again…then the second you make her mad, she blurts it out.

  4. Wasn’t Victoria 15 in that video? That happened before taping this season, right? She had a sweet 16 party on the show. She’s a pro joint roller, racist from a classy, royal (cough) family? So, just send her off to Europe then, Lu! I’m with MP on the hate that spewed out of her mouth like nothing. Alls I know is Vic can roll it up like them b!tches in Havana!

    • lol. I bet her cousin taught her that. Member the hippy “bohemian” niece that LuMann was all hangin out with last year?

      • Yes! I was wondering why we haven’t seen that hippy chick. Either she’s from the Count’s side of the fam or she’s passed all her skills down to Vic and she no longer has a need for her…

        • she looked too common to be from counts side but then again luman looks common too so who knows.

          • Since we’ve all read that title means nothing. She could be from his side and her parents are normal and let their children be bc they’re commoners. But WTH is up with how Noel and Victoria dress? The Count and Lu are the only ones who haven’t got the memo. It’s how Count Chocula gets chicks. ;-) I also read that Lu spends a butt load on Pepe le pew…

            • all that title stuff confuses the crap outa me. The Queen named Prince William and Kate with several different titles and one of them was Earl and Countess of Somesuchoranother.. or maybe it was the other way around. Anyways I know it wasn’t Count and Countess Whatnot so… Discountess’ title must not be as legit as she would like to believe unless Count Chocula is an Earl ????
              Speaking of my cereal lines for the HW’s:
              Pepe’s = French Toast Crunch.
              Victoria’s =Half-Baked n toasted Nut Clusters.

            • The way I understand Wills and Kate is the Queen gives them a title of their very own? And when she croaks they duke it out for the real thing. :-) It was explained all nice somewhere that the Count was never one. His grandpa just told everyone that was his title bc all the back story we’ve been hearing and people have been calling them Count/Countess ever since. The kicker is, only the eldest son gets Count title and first wife…

            • hummmm very interesting. But the real question is this, is there really sucha thang as a Duke of Earl? I assumes it was Duke or Earl? I knowd all about the dukes of hazard but not so much about the across the pond varieties.

            • and come ta think of it I aint too sure ifn Uncle Jessie didnt name them boys the dukes himself too. Sorty like hillbilly royalty for all their moonshinin contributions.
              yeeeeee-haaaaaw :)

  5. to be really truthful alot of european titles are a dime a dozen, they seem like a big deal here because we don’t have them and it reminds us all of all the fairy tales we read growing up and we are kind of enamored with them. Back in the day there were basically two ways to earn a title, either you were born into it or it was bequethed to you by some royal such and such, many times the fudal lords would knight the richest man in the kingdom and make him in charge of protecting him and collecting taxes keeping the surfs in line etc. or some amazing act of heorism he would knight them or lord them or count them you get the pic. Now if you are going to hook up with some royal personage its probably better to find a family that was not born into cause those peeps usually were completely inbred and sickly. There are still alot of people in europe that have titles and don’t have 2 cents to their names. Thats why you always see european castles being sold to the likes of the Brangalina’s in the world because they can’t afford to keep up the family estates any more (guess you need alot of surfs for that). Then you have alot of people like my husband who does have a title and by proxy so do I . He has the title of Sir which was given to him as a military honnor and my title equivalent would be Vrouwa or lady, its very dorky and it makes me feel very rennaissance fest. We live a modest life in a modest home and it really means absoultely nothing but I am sure if I went on t.v. and made a big deal about it i could make it sound very glamourous and elite and I think thats what LouAnn does, I think the money probably makes her stand out but she kind of does show her true colors a little bit by bringing that up all the time. I was listening to her song on my computer the other day and when she said “this is the countess speaking” my husband started asking me about that and when i told him she was a real countess he said she would never do that if she was in europe and that she was embarrassing. so there ya have it

    • Oh wosers. Thanks so much. I had no idea you was a titled nobility!! Your right I am impressed and intrigued. So your husbands title… given to him by military? which military? How did this come to be? Was he a Sir before yall met or was it a joint title ship? Lady sd.. love it. Now I know your being all gracious about it but please tell me you put on those renaissance coned shapped hats with flowing sheer veils sometimes.. just for a lark? I would.

    • You did NOT just tell me this! From now on I will refer to you as Lady sd. And thank you for that explanation. Yours was way better than mine. :-)

  6. He was in the Belgian army alot of men in the Belgian army have that title its like purple heart, its a honor no doubt but it is not a big deal its pretty common.

  7. he was a sir when i met him and when we married i was recognized by the Belgian government , they consider us citizens even though we have our u.s. citizenship as well, we like it in the u.s. for now.

  8. funny thing is Belgium didn’t even have a king till after napolean was defeated at water loo and Belgium was recognized as their own country. They have only been having royalty for a short period of time guess they have to make up for all those fudal lords who had a headstart on them

  9. Oh god please don’t , i might have to get divorced just to loose the title i have never even told my co-workers this in fear of that very thing guess thats what i get

  10. um I think I am catching tweet hints that MeGo and JoGO and the freakish Marco Racooons will be on WWHL on Sunday. I bet this is when we all get to hear that song about On Freeway Foreplay Leeway Headway Gunplay whatever.

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