Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 7-11-11 PM Update

Stoop Housewives

Leakey Nene is hosting a show for TVGuide… here.  “…I’m hostin the top 25 celebrity feuds! It will air this Sunday July 17 @ 8pm”

Countless LuAnnie’s “What Would the Countless Do” ‘advice’… here.   Here’s one of her tips:  It’s better to have others laugh with you than laugh at you.

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey opens a fashion school, ‘The Bailey Agency’… here.   Photos of Cynthia, Peter and all the Atlanta Housewives, including newbie, Marlo Hampton…

IMG 3585 1024x682 Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Bailey Launches School of Fashion                                                 Kim Zolciak and babydaddy, Kroy Biermann at Cynthia Bailey’s ‘Agency’ opening…

The Stoopidest Housewife of 2011 (here), KKKelly Bensimon, answers another love question… here.  This time, the question is about dating divorced men.  Hey, that’s better than dating married men… 

Mary Amons is trying to extend her and her husband, Rich’s, 15 minutes of fame by suggesting that Rich sit in the next time Andy wants a day off from Watch What Happens Live   Mary Amons  maryamons Mary Amons   I think @richamons should have stood in for @bravoandy on #WWHL! Ha!  #RHODC @bravotv @bravopr #realitystud #manrulesdancehit #RHWexpert

How many couples with children who are in the midst of bankruptcy, have the audacity, or is it stoopidity, to boast about their purchases… especially expensive, non-essential ones…

For all you fans of Milania… Gia curled her hair…

Tree Joodice’s blog… here.  Tree mentions that her family problems will be better “once Melissa fulfills her Britney Spears dreams”…    OH, there’s more, lots more!!!

Melissa Gorga’s blog… here.   She explains all the “Thank you, Jesus’,” signs of the cross, etc…   MeGo (thanks to reader “whodoes…” for that one!) also says that she gets along pretty well with all the Manzos and Lauritas.  That really gotta piss off Tree..

A photo gallery of the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s most notable quotes… here.   Such as:  “I remember when I got married I would buy cookbooks and there would be a million ingrientzes that we never use as Italians”… gee, wonder who said that...

Jay Mohr’s blog… here.   OK, Jay, we know you just love those Gorga kids…

Kathy Wakile’s blog… here.   Rich wants the restaurant more than she does…

Caroline Manzo’s blog… here.  Sounds like she’s getting sick of Tree’s crap, too….

Tree Joodice says that she’s thankful for everything RHONJ’s done for her, but she would never have done the show if she knew relatives would be involved… here.  

Oh, right!  Jillz is in London… here… and she’s blabbin’ about doing her own show there, bringing the other HWs to London next season and buying a home in London.  Puh-leeze!

Like, what’s up with this chick, LeAnn Rimes… here.  She’s constantly tweeting pictures of herself.  Is she so lacking in self-confidence that she has to remind herself everyday of how she looks or is she reminding RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville?… here.

Mob Wives meet Real Housewives of New York… here.    Jill Zarin is the only NY Housewife reaching out to the cast of Mob Wives.  Smart move, Jillz…

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41 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 7-11-11 PM Update

  1. I love Drita, I wish they would transport her magiclly back into different housewifey drama scenes. For instance imagine if it had been Drita getting the henna tatoo in Morocco instead of kelly when Alex came stomping down stairs rearing for a showdown,or it had been Drita in Jackie Laurita’s study having a discussion with Messy Gorga started “thinking with her eyes” during their peace making session, or better yet Drita when Camille Grammer had that b*tch Allison DuBois be her own personal pit bull at her party. Can’t you just hear her, right after Allison say she wouldn’t help them find their children if they turned up missing ?? ” Wadda yous mean your not gonna help find my kids if they go missing?? Is that a threat?? Cause it sounds to me like your threatening me, that’s not a smart thing to dos, people end up in tha hospital when they say things like that” “lemme take my shoes off”

    • sd: Oh, I would LOVE to see that! Drita with all the RHONY, especially. Could you see Drita when KKKelly starts her “I’m not listening to you and I’m just going to make idiotic noises or plop down and start making sand angels”? Drita would pull her up by the neck, stand her up and right in her face say, “Wot da hellz wrong witchu? You’re a f’n nut job. Now stand here and finish wot you waz gonna say to me… NOW!” There would be extra added words, but in keeping with Ms SHs rules, you can add them in yourself. Then Kelly would just stand there muttering; Drita would be getting madder and redder in the face; Kelly would try to avoid Drita by going limp; Drita would say, “Oh, I’m done witchu, you f’n stoopid biatch” while draggin’ Kelly through the sand and flippin’ her into the Atlantic. Oh, there could be so many different versions…

  2. Teresa is NOT a happy camper as you saw last night, she can’t even look at Melissa. She looks so out of it. Did you notice after Joe started to say he felt bad how things went with his expartner, Teresa looked straight at the camera and lied and said SHE knew the TRUTH…well so did the court and awarded the expartner his money. I don’t think she can take Melissa’s competition and she wants to bolt, but needs the money. This season is not so good…who wants to see last year’s Holiday season when it’s 90 degrees outside and people are running around with boots and coats. By the way, doesn’t Melissa have heat in her house? The little one always has a jacket and hat on whenever he’s on camera.

    • scooter: Yeah, what’s up with the Gorga hats all the time? But, wasn’t that scene of Missy feeding Gino on a previous RHONJ? I swear editors are really piecing scenes together and think that viewers won’t or don’t notice. And Tree’s a liar about her bankruptcy. You’re right, it’s all there in the court documents.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to judge on the bankruptcy without knowing the facts. I am trying to figure out why the ex partner’s lawyer Monica Chacon Saracino would go to the fashion show and Teresa’s brother’s wife (next week) if not to cause trouble. Oh wait, I know why, cause Monica is a dumbass, I would love to know who took her law exam, because there is no way she did it herself. And why is Monica making comments in the press about Teresa? The judgment the ex partner got was against Joe, not Teresa. If u get the impression that I know Monica, I do – she makes Teresa, Melissa or even Kelly look like scholars.

        • Scooter, I am very familiar with the Bankruptcy and it’s filings. Don’t get me wrong, I think Teresa and her husband have alot to answer for. I think that her husband’s attempts to “keep up with the Joneses” have contributed to their financial mess. But I don’t think Teresa is a conniving evil vindictive gold digger (Melissa). As to Monica Chacon Saracino, she is also a lawyer in her husband’s firm, Saracino & Saracino in Totowa, Union Blvd, NJ. If you remember the flashback scene from the fashion show, when she was introduced to Melissa and Kathy, Chacon said, “I’m suing Teresa” – she plays lawyer when she wants and she plays the poor wife when she thinks it will suit her. She’s an absolute idiot – that is my opinion from personal experience with the bimbo when she was working in Paterson. Please please please get an interview with her, ask her how she could have been representing the City when her father in law and husband were suing the CIty on behalf of various people. Oh, that’s right, she claimed she was working for a “mortgage company” in their office. LIE LIE LIE.

          • I was only refering to Teresa, she lies about EVERYTHING….she even said her father won’t watch the show because he’s so disgusted and her mom is real upset. That was said on the Regis show, in her own words. As to Monica I really have no view on her as she was only on the show once, right?

  3. Ms SH: Thanks for the “Mob Wives” link. That’s a pretty decent site… thanks for sharing!

  4. Just wanted to add: Why does Tree ALWAYS wait until after Melissa posts her blog to post hers on Bravo? Tree’s dumb stuff is coming out this season and she’s blaming it all on Melissa… Tree, everyone knows that YOU are the problem.

    • What? Melissa has been blasted week after week for waiting until all the other housewives post before posting her blog. This is the first week that Melissa did not post last. And someone pleeeez show Melissa how to make the sign of the cross!!!!

    • Yeah Melissa is usually the last to post. Does anyone really take Melissa’s side? I don’t see what other people see in her. She wants everything Tree has – she started dressing like her – shopping at the same place – using the same hair stylist – squeezed herself onto the show – and now she is trying to squeeze herself into Tree’s circle of friends. Does Messy have any real friends besides her sisters and people desperate to get some camera time??? I genuinely want to know. Do people actually approve of Messy or just despise Tree so much they like anyone that will play the antagonist?

      • I don’t despise Teresa. I don’t think she is the brightest bulb and her “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality has contributed to her family’s financial difficulties. But I can’t stand Melissa and her Kardashisian wannabe sisters. If you noticed, all the sisters seem to have married dumb dumb men. Melissa went from working at a tanning salon to the luxury of stay at home mom and disrespecting her in laws – mostly because Joe Gorga is dumber than a box full of rocks.

    • I thought it was sexist. If Lauren had moved out and Albie or Chris were upset, Caro would have demanded Lauren include the boys in her new independent life.
      Also, when discussing the Tree/JoGo dispute, didn’t Caroline say she wants her children to get along and remain close, or she’d kill them? I guess making one kid always “take one for the team” is a good way for that to happen.

      • The forgotten children, Lauren, CJ, Gabriella, Antonia, and then you got Trashley fighting for air time. I had to leave the room when she came on, so I can’t comment on anything that comes out of her mouth.

    • Caroline was mean to Lauren in the last ep. I wanted to drive to Jersey and give her a hug and slap Caroline just for making the trip! All Lauren was trying to do was decorate the boys’ freakin stockings and Don Caro would shoot down her every attempt. I think it is her that is in bitch mode not Lauren! I’m starting to think that Caroline is jealous of Lauren. Back in the day they made fun of Lauren bc she was the underdog, but now she is going somewhere with her own makeup line or whatever, but at least she has a life and is cute and Caroline is envious of the life that Lauren is making for herself and it’s the end of the line for, “I’m looking at the clown.”
      Btw, in the last ep Criddafur was drinking BLK water… Ha! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone drink that junk.

  5. so, did anyone else think it was a little telling about the whole situation in general when both couples told their own versions of what happened with the lawyers wife Monica. Bravo showed a newspaper clip that said “Shouting match at court”. I assume this is what granny butt crack was trying to show Jacqueliene at her home. At the party Tree said she just told the woman off a little and Joe said she went nuts. I think she is coming apart at the seams and in a way I feel bad for her but then I remind myself they did this to themselves. On the otherhand it would suck big time to have all this embarrassing stuff going on, dealing with finances is so hard anyhow and then to have your sister in law who obviously hates you and wants to stick it to you at every turn(I don’t care what Caroline Manzo says , Messy is out to get Tree otherwise she wouldn’t be on the show and in the press putting her sisiter in law down everyday)I think I might loose it too. I thnik she needs to not do the show any more, for her familys sake its obvioulsy to hard she hates it.

    • Melissa would quit if family meant a hill of beans to her. She is such a big foreheaded, sprinkle cookie bearing wench who cant sing and is obviously new money in a trashy flashy kinda way. She makes Jesus cry.

    • I can’t wait until next week’s ep! Me thinks sh!t stirrer Monica is vying to be the next Jersey HW cast member. Oh and hate to break it to Mess mouf, but I’m pretty sure her lil holiday party will be ruined… :-)

  6. I cannot handle that pic of Milania. She looks like one of the monkeys from Angry Birds.

      • LOL! And WTH is Gabriella? She’s been missing since that Mexican alien slapped her in the mouth at Thanksgiving.

  7. I can’t believe Milania stood still long enough for someone to curl her hair. She’s a walking Tornado.

  8. I call bullish*t on Melissa constantly crossing herself like she’s the holy Mother Teresa or something. There is something so phony-baloney and hypocritical about it… I get a bad vibe from her thanking Jesus for material things. It’s very poor witnessing IMO.

    • Maybe she thanked Jesus for not striking her dead when she was shacking up fornicating all to be damned with her golden cow and surrogate “daddy”JoGo, .. ya know cause shes… like.. not…like…dumb like her sisters and all ;)

  9. Oh here’s a lil sumpin sumpin. MeGo tweeted that SHE took Antonia, Milania and Gabriella to go get mani-pedis today. and Tree tweeted that SHE took Adriana to get a mani-pedi(complete with pic). Things that make ya go hummmmmm.
    Left tweet don’t know what the right tweet is doing, and anymore flub-ups like this and the jig will be up.

  10. Ugh… can we please quit reading about Nene unless it involves her finally getting arrested for assault! lol

  11. Where can I start a petitiion for Bravo to please replace these housewife casts on a seasonal basis? Like MTV’s Real Life. NJ and NY housewive casts are done for me, no interest. Bring on the Beverly Hills housewife bling!! These women make all the other “real” housewife casts look shanty by comparison. And by the way Andy, if you read these posts (and I know you do!); If you ever want to see Jill or Kelly’s heads pop off their necks; just bring up Betheny’s skyrocket success. I’m not a fan of BF but gotta hand it to her-no one’s gone from Hampton’s Houseguest to Household word faster then her.

  12. I love all the Housewives shows. That said, I also believed that Jill was classy. BUT I don’t think that the spin she put on the whole Bethenny fiasco was right. Jill HAD the opportunity to make things up when LuAnn and she went to Ramonas apt. And she left in a huff.

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