Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… Court Docs and Reports Different Than Tree’s Memory

On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice tried to play the innocent victim when she talked about her bankruptcy issues.  SH has been following the Joodice bankruptcy from day one.

                                                                        This is the real Tree Joodice… the one with the ‘tude…

                                                               Ms “Happy Endings” … this is the totally phony Tree Joodice that Tree tries to portray on RHONJ

Does Tree think that anyone watching the RHONJ will just take her word for everything?  Does Tree realize that there are court documents in which people are sworn to tell the truth; where their words are recorded and transcribed and put into documents which can be accessed and read?

The following videos from last night’s episode of RHONJ shows Tree totally lying about what actually happened in her and Joe’s bankruptcy case…

Joe forged his business partner’s, Joe Mastropole, name on a mortgage document, took out over a $1 million, which is rumored to have gone for materials for their “re-done” house.  Tree makes it sound like Juicy’s ex-business partner is a nuisance case.  Far from it!   Read what Judge Morris Stern actually said happened regarding Joe’s ex-business partner, Joe Mastropole… here.



Next, Tree tells Jacqueline that she just had a nice little request of Monica Ciccone to ‘mind her own business.’  This is far from the truth.  Read what actually happened from a December 16, 2010 SH post, when Tree went after Monica and Juicy literally had to pull Tree away… here.

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23 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… Court Docs and Reports Different Than Tree’s Memory

    • No joke! At first I was laughing at her (she’s such an idiot!) but then I thought that maybe she meant exactly what she said.

      The Guidices are not gentile, upstanding citizens so who knows?

      • where did my comment go?!
        I wrote a long comment, hit post, and poof!! gone.

        anyway . i don’t like or feel sorry for Teresa.
        nobody gets 11 million in debt w/o doing something
        very wrong.
        I can’t understand why she seems to be so popular with
        most viewers???
        what am i missing??

        • NJBev: For some reason a few comments, including yours. ended up in “spam.” They have been “un-spammed.” Have no idea why that happened, but it’s fixed! Thanks for commenting! SH

  1. Yeah, kinda bad when she’s saying one thing and her husband is literally saying she’s f’ng nuts….need to get your act together.

  2. i just don’t understand how it is that most viewers favor her
    over Melissa.
    Why can’t we just not pick a side-
    I have decided to like neither of them, for now.
    But what is up with all the pity that Teresa is getting from

    eleven. 11. eleven million dollars in debt.. still buying $3000. shoes,
    brand new cars, living large with 11 million in debt.
    poor teresa..

    • I don’t care for either personally, but Melissa seems to be an attention seeker. A character trait I can’t stand….. Plus she has a terrible boob job. They look like baseballs sticking out of her chest.
      On a side note, I did notice that none of Melissa’s nasty sisters were on sunday’s show. First time this season!

  3. They did not let me finish my comment as you can see and this will not be posted either? I know what you mean, what am I missing too! They have a new SUV, and she has a 1,000 $ necklace and she lie’s right to the camera saying ” Bulls**t. , they are bankrupt and have lawsuites pending yet she is so innocent and keeps spening money they still owe to ( friends & family)? I dont get it, and my husband and me are just barely making it… must be nice to live in ” Teresa’s World”…

  4. P. S. I didnt get to choose my avatar so please do not get me wrong… I am a very happy woman:) not the angry green television you see.

  5. Tree and Jerky Joe pull all this crap, snd all he seems to be getting in trouble for is trying to obtain a false driver’s license. 10 yrs. for that, and not all this other stuff? Signing his ex-partners name, and using someone’s notary seal isn’t a form of forgery also? What crooks!

  6. Teresa told Regis her parents were really upset the way the show was going..well to watch their daughter look into a camera and “bold-face” lie about anything and everything..(shades of Casey A.) I’d be upset too.

    • Heh, Casey A., indeed. That she sees her bizarre behavior, lying, and temper as the very core of a reasonable human being is scary once you quit laughing at her long enough.

      And with Danielle gone, her behavior REALLY shines through. Caroline and Jackie aren’t focused on Danielle, so they are noticing it more and more.

  7. Well, I may be in the minority but I think Tre was telling the half-truth but downplayed how it happened. From what I gathered, she told Monica to stop telling others her business which was pretty much what Tre said to Jacq (mind her own business). I am sure she went nuts though. The timeline seemed about right since is that fashion show before the court date right? When Monica and Kim G went up to Melissa and Kathy?

    Monica is pretty shady as well. Just take a look at the fashion show party and see how she interacted with Tre’s fambly. “I’m suing Teresa but shhhh keep it down low” FOR REAL?! Why did she have to go up to Melissa and Kathy and tell them that while in front of the cameras? Her being associated with Kim G is quite telling….I strongly suspect it may be Monica who texted Kim G (during that visit with Jacqueline) all those information about the trial. I may be wrong.

    I dont know….its just how I see it.

    • Yes, she’s an attorney too.

      While in the hallway, as the plaintiff’s attorneys were talking about the previous testimony and as Monica was engrossed in a conversation with another person, Teresa interrupted saying adamantly to Monica, “I need to talk to you!” Monica, also an attorney who previously represented Mastropole in the case, denied her request saying, “I don’t have to talk to you, we both have lawyers,” which made Teresa irate.

      • Correct, Monica is a lawyer in her father in law and husband’s firm. Try talking to her, she is an absolute bimbo. How that girl got thru law school is beyond me. She plays poor wife when she wants to and lawyer when she needs to. She was replaced by her husband in the case because she had disclosed too much information to Kim G that was supposed to be confidential and the law firm was concerned that Joe G’s lawyer would get the firm disqualified.

        • I wondered how she could sit at the fashion show & talk about lawsuits. Tree could get her in trouble!!!

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