Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga’s Audition… Will She Be The Next Celine? GaGa? Kesha? Britney?

Melissa Gorga’s only reason (she says) for stepping on her sister-in-law, Tree Joodice’s reality show territory on the Real Housewives of New Jersey is to jumpstart her singing career.

                                                                        FortyCent and Snoop Dawg just told me that I sound exactly like Celine Dion’s cousin’s husband?  I’m amazing!  Ima be a star!!!!

MissyGo’s been in the corner for too long and wants to show the world her melodious, magnificent, monstrous vocal talent that has taken second place to her wifely and motherly responsibilities.  With the support of her fabulous, best-husband-in-the-world, JoGo, Missy auditions for two guys… one who has been singing since he was two or three!

For the last three episodes, the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s editors have been teasing viewers with little bits of MissyGo’s voice…

Finally!   Missy belts one out… with a little help from editing…and, of course… Thank you, Jesus!

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32 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga’s Audition… Will She Be The Next Celine? GaGa? Kesha? Britney?

  1. Can one of you Catholics help me out.. where in the bible does it say that believers need to do the “sign of the cross?” and does it give directions about how to do it? when to do it? I am purty sure it dont say anything about blowing kisses to Jesus but I am curious about the whole sign of the cross thing and where that originated from.

    • He sure started singing a new toon when he thought she was gonna be away for 15 hours with no one to stroke his ego. She sounded more average than an average person. Those guys need to stop lying. They are gonna try to drain Gorga dry man! Why in the hell does everyone want to make a song. If I got my whole yearly salary at once I could not even buy the eqipment. Some people are so lucky.

      • Bravo probably paid the Soul Diggaz to tell Mess that she could sing to keep this whole charade going.

      • Didn’t one of those guys say she needed a lot of work?? DUH!!! Ya think?! I’m telling you, they spotted “dumb and dumber” when they saw Melisa and Joe!!! With some of the rumors we hear about their TRUE wealth, I wonder how well off they are or are not? I think you’re right Irene……..they’ll drain the Gorga’s dry. But you can already see Joey putting up some resistance with the possible “15 hr.” days. I’m with him tho…..will she leave it up to her nannies to raise their kids? It seems like Joey is from the old school. She can’t out that voice off till the kids are a bit older? She doesn’t impress me with her voice and for her to compare herself to Celene……OMGosh, what an insult!!!

    • I don’t think it’s in the Bible, it’s more of a tradition in and teaching of the Catholic Church. Not sure but I bet early Christians did it to identify themselves as such and “bless” themselves.
      And no, there’s nothing about blowing kisses to Jesus. I went to Catholic school long enough and am old enough to have been taught be real old-school nuns that if blowing kisses to Jesus would get me anywhere, I’d have taken a class in it.

      • Thanks AOM. Perhaps its sacrilegious to blow kisses to Jesus? It looks like a jacked up pageant move to me. I get the feeling Jesus dont really need all that hullabaloo.

        • I don’t think she’d do it in front of the Pope but she’ll get excommunicated for it either.

          I’m there with you on Jesus not really needing a lot of the hullabaloo he gets all the time.

  2. My Hubby, Father What a Waste, does it when we pass a cemetary. He does it after he says grace, and when you enter a Catholic church, with the holy water. That kissing the sky, is crap. I’ll get anymore info you need, from Sister Ann Marie, a cloistered nun for 35 years, his sibling. She said she knew she wanted to be a nun when she was 6yrs. old. She even wears a habit, and I always laugh at the nuns Nike Tennis Shoes.

    • Thanks click . I would appreciate it. I want to take a gander at the scriptures that backs this up. Went to a catholic funeral once and my knees bought gave out from all the squat thrusts they made us do. My daughter tried to take communion when she was in Philly with her cousins cause down here we let anyone take communion if they feel lead to so so but apparently you have to be in the Catholic Club up there before ya can partake. Twas a bit of a culture shock for her. Anyway, I know that’s a whole different ball of wax so I will just stick with the sign of the cross thing for now.

      • Yes, Catholics have strong thighs. Well, those Catholics who go to Mass regularly do. And yes, Communion for Catholics is a Sacrament for which you have to be schooled. I won’t bore you with the whys.

          • Yup, I know it very well. But maybe I don’t get your meaning. Each time you take Communion it’s considered a Sacrament but you only have to go to “school” for it the first time.

            • WHat I was talking about took place a catholic church celebration of all the graduates. Cant remember the name of it. But my daughter was fixin to take it( she understands is signified the body and the blood and she loves Jesus so….)and her cousin’s aunt gently asked “are you catholic?” my daughter said no and she was told not to take it then.

            • AOM, I went to public school, but had my First Holy Communion Ceremony in 2nd. grade. We had to wear all white, an even long white veils. Kinda like a little kid in a wedding dress.

      • So True! You are suppose to be a Catholic to take communion in a Catholic church. If you get invited to a Catholic Wedding that has mass, you’ll be all up and down, and kneeling. But we all go to confession on Sat, get our penance, for whatever sin, 6 Hail Mary’s and a few Our Father’s and poof…you are forgiven. Catholic Bibles are not the King James Version.

        • oh wow. I had no idea that we had different bibles.interesting. Confession would freak me out. I prefer to just pray to God myself .. goes sumpin like this “Dear God, You know. I am sorry. help me do better and thanks. I love you ttly” Its like a daily thing with me and Him.

          • The Protestant bible has several (I think it is 6) more books included that the Catholic bible does not have. It was up to the people making the decisions at the time what got included or not. There are other ‘books’, other accounts of the gospel from others of the time that are in neither bible.

  3. First of all most Catholics like my self when they have to do some communicating with God do it in confessional through a priest. Messy crossing herself constantly like its a fashion statement and saying “thank ya Jesus” working so hard to make that her new catch phrase is offensive to me. I hate it when people pray for materialistic things like that and its not a joke and its not cute she is serious. It just makes me feel like she thinks she is that important that her dumb wish to be a singer supercedes everyone elses prayers i.e. all the people in Japan that just got hit by a earth quake, the violence that happens to children in their own homes everyday etc. I find when people get all chummy with God like he is a neighbor or Santa clause or those people that wear t-shirts that say Jesus if my home boy and crap like that tend to be incredibly self-centered. So thats my take on Messy and her cross-a-thon on Bravo its definately a “make it stop!!”

    • I totally agree with you SD. What is Messy saying with all her Thanks youz Jezuz!? That Jesus is rewarding her for being a devisive figure in her husband’s family – speaking ill of all her in-laws and passing judgement on them? She specifically came on the show to be Tree’s antagonist so she could advance her singing career. She came onto the show with hate for Tree. I have not heard her say a single nice word about Tree or Joey’s mom and dad – not on the show – not on her blogs. So apparently we are to believe that Jesus approves of this behavior by rewarding her with a singing studio in the basement. In Messy’s small mind Jesus is a short-order cook. She’s the worst kind of “christian”.

      • All I can say Entree is, she’d better not be standing outside in a lightning storm!! For one thing I do know that’s in the Bible……..God hates hypocrites!!! She’s the worse kind. But I’m a firm believer…….what you put out will come back on you in spades!!!

    • I think she’s trying to be cute. Based on her, “There’s a lot to be jealous about.” comment. She obviously thinks a lot of herself, but this Catholic does not think the word cute should enter your mind when you are doing the sign of the cross. Also, never do we, meaning Catholics, ever kiss the sky for ANY reason! She looks like an idiot and that is HER thing not in any way a Catholic thing and I hope she doesn’t do that in church on Sunday. Of course this might just be another reason why her in laws don’t want anything to do with her… I don’t blame them! I hope a real Catholic writes in for the reunion show and calls her out on that thank you Jezus crap. Or better yet, aren’t they on WWHL soon? Call in! I don’t have the stones… :-)

      • Romo, doesn’t Teresa do that too? Remember in the family chapel? I have NEVER in all my Catholic years seen anyone make the sign of cross, then blow a kiss?!!! Think that’s an Italian thing? I agree, they both look like idiots doing that.

  4. I have wondered if she was actually rasied Catholic or is she converted after she and Joe married. I mean we all asumed she was Catholic but maybe she was not raised that way. It would explain alot.

    • I think she was raised catholic. Her uncle commented on here(he was blurry guy at the Christening) anyway I got the feeling he was catholic too since he was highly pissed off that they trashed up a sacred event. But catholic, baptist, methodist, whatnot I think we all agree that blowing kisses to Jesus is obnoxious at best maybe even sacrilegious since it is done merely for cameras..MeGo is the Benny frickin Hinn of housewives. All show no glow.

      • Speaking of trashing of a sacred event…………what in the world do you think happens at the Gorgas Christmas party? Looks like all hell breaks loose!!! Cause Joe G. said he wasn’t holding back this time. Maybe they should had waited till after the holidays to have any get togethers. Holidays are stressful enough. And I can see Melissa trying to pull Caroline and Jacqueline in to get at Teresa.

  5. Is she kiddin us with the whole pop star bit? They can autotune her bad voice ala KimZ, but what about her lack thereof dance moves? A popstar has to dance! That’s why they wear the Janet Jackson style mic on their head. And Miss Mess ain’t got IT. Jesus blessed her with two left feet. I wonder what Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Britney think of The Golden voice? I couldn’t even finish typing that without laughing!

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