Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 7-2-11 UPDATE

Stoop Housewives

Wretched photo celebrating 4th of July… here.  

Video of Vicki Gunvalson being interviewed by the worst interviewer everhere.   The interviewer’s a HS kid!

“Internationally known designer” Lynne Curtin talks with Scott Stewart of “What’s Up OC.”  Lynne’s daughter, Raquel shows up around the 3:59 mark…

Alexis Bellino talks with “What’s Up OC” (that guy’s busy!) and says that Peggy Tanous will not do the next season of Real Housewives of Orange County if Alexis is involved.  Alexis says that filming will begin October/November 2011 when Bravo starts season seven of RHOOC. Alexis talks about her clothing line… 


Ramona Singer pushing her Pinot at Al’s Warehouse in CT…  Just don’t get turtle time… never will.

Celebuzz will be live tweeting with Tree Joodice on July 6 and you can participate… here

Nice article re George Maloof and the Palms… here.  George tried to talk his sister, Adrienne, out of becoming one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… until he got hooked on the series himself.  Video included in article…

Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, ANDERSON, premieres September 12… Anderson tells the incident about Leakey Nene drunk dialing him…

Camille Grammer feels ‘liberated’… here.   Yesterday marked the one-year mark of Camille filing for divorce from Kelsey…

If you’re a SH reader, live like a Real Housewife and live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, this is for you… here.  If any SH reader(s) enter and win, keep us posted…

14 comments on “Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff… 7-2-11 UPDATE

  1. If Vicki had been there, she would’ve told him WHAT to do, or spanked him. Get rid of Alexass, keep Peggy to spite Alexass, which I didn’t hear her Alexis Couture? She change the name on her branding? And when I saw Lynn’s daughter Raquel, I just thought of Hello Kitty. And is KKKelly, copying Lynn with the one feather earring? Who had that idea first? I still like Ramona.


  2. MS.SH, When they were on the way to Scary Island, and Ramona, Alex, and Bethenney, went dancing at that bar, wasn’t it called the Turtle something? And Ramona I think got it from there. They showed the turtle on the outside of the bar. That’s my guess.


    • Your guess is as good as mine. This reporter dont know about turtle time either. Her thought bubble should say “OMG would these parents quit doping up their kids with ADD meds and sending them to the fair!!”


  3. Regarding the piece on the Minneapolis/ St Paul “try-outs”, I think I would rather sign up for those “carpet conversation” a few articles down… WTH is a carpet-related learning event? Sounds like some cockamamie idear that Zarin Fabrics would come up with. I love me some cockamamie.


  4. hey, Alexis says she had post-pardum (spelling?) with the twins…didn’t she have a surrogate with her twins?


  5. I love how Vicki’s interviewer is trying to sell it as an “exclusive interview”. Haven’t I seen her on like a thousand interviews recently? The interview is via skype and she’s downing a starbucks in the middle of it. I don’t even think she is in full make up… Yup, very exclusive stuff.


  6. I like Ramona because she’s always fun. She can be a twit, but they are all twits. And she doesn’t act all holier than thou like Lunut or dog faced Jill.

    I can’t believe I watch this and my husband goes nuts! But now it’s so funny, I can’t help it. It is getting a little boring though. They need to shorten up the stories.


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