2011 STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE: Is From The Real Housewives of New York…… KELLY BENSIMON!!!

The 2011 Stoopidest Housewife is…..


KKKelly is in her own world.  Had she not met up with some photographer guy and had two kids with him, she would be eating in those soup kitchens that she visits for a ten minute publicity shot every year.  Now don’t turn this around and think that she’s smart for meeting the guy… the guy divorced her, left her everything just to get the hell away from her.   Her greatest wish is to find a guy and have another child… keep wishin’, Kell.

In her mind, she is here to share with the world the many experiences only she has the privilege of knowing.  Her love of mankind brings us this unforgettable lesson:

She does everything for us guys!

KKKelly always has that ‘beachy’ hair look because she loves to just stop in the middle of a conversation that she may be having with someone while walking along the beach and make sand angels…

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: bestiality enthusiast or just likes making sand angels, while a random dog licks her face? You decide. (Please tell notify me the second there is a gif of this)

When Kelly has a discussion with anyone that has a different opinion or if Kelly cannot think during the conversation, she slips into name calling.  “Weird” “That’s not normal” and “Just Weird” and her favorites…

Kelly makes ugly jewelry…

                  The “Teddy” is $98 and the “Sea” is $88…  (Walgreens $1.99)

In her mind, Ms Bensimon is still a 15-year-old teenager, and this is pathetic…  (See sand angels and gummy bears on Scary Island)… poor stoopid thing. 

It was a tight race between Melissa Gorga and KKKelly Bensimon, even with the stuffed ballot box.  But there is one thing that made KKKelly rise to the very top of the bunch of all those Housewives vying for the title… and the one thing that Melissa Gorga does not have…. yet:

AN ARREST RECORD!!!!   Kelly beat the crap out of her boyfriendhere.

Kelly is also stoopid for ripping off her co-worker’s jewelry design… here.

More proof that KKKelly Bensimon is very capable of carrying the weight of the title of “2011 STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE” is this video from last night’s Real Housewives of New York when Kelly had a sit down with Alex to talk about Alex’s husband, Simone…

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          • C,mon click! That was funny–Alex either has an ass-face OR her head is so far up hers that it now rests on her shoulders. SN–did I miss anything?? If I’d thought of it quick enough I would have said “standing next to her.”
            Now I gotta go get the drinks ready for the closings–how about every time Joan Baez starts a sentence with “and.” take a sip of khalua and coffee. Does he remind you of an overweight Shia Lebeouf?
            And, finally, yep Prince Albert’s bride did look like Grace!! That was a great ceremony. Hey, how about a Real Royal House Wives of Europe franchise??? Miss Andy, you listening? Oh, and the Countless need not apply.
            Finally, and this time I mean it, Happy 4th of JUly!


            • “Who” ROFL!!! I to will be watching the trial. “Go Team Ashton!” AND, she was shocked that they wouldn’t let in the courthouse AND, note to self AND, to you, DO NOT FLIP THE BIRD IN COURT!!! Hypothetically speaking. AND, I loved when Ashton said that. AND, Happy 4th to you AND yours!


            • What did yall think about the bird flippin TGIFridays server? Cant really give him the youth pass since 28 is old enough to know how to act in a public courtroom… unless his offense on appeal (Can you believe that?) will be mental dysfunction. “your honor my client is not responsible be is literally too stupid to know any better”
              I swan first thing i thought of when he said he worked at TGIFridays was wonder how many times he has spit in food just because he had an urge come over him. Judge Perry was sooo funny “Are you illiterate?” Oh welll boy gonna be lookin for a new 15k job regardless. The question is how is he gonna handle the question “what was your reason for leaving your prior job?”
              Question: how in hades does one live in Orlando on 15k a year?


            • I was afraid that the “psychic” on the phone with Dominick Casey was gonna be Allison Dumbwha. Wonder why the defense didnt call the “psychic” to the stand? perhaps because no psychic exists.


  1. Koo Koo’s biceps are in full force in the hair cocktail video. Her man muscles are really disgusting.


  2. Well, I, for one, am glad that KKKelly is 2011 Stoopidest Housewife. Melissa wasn’t on RHONJ that long to get the coveted title, and I’m not sure if Melissa is stoopid or just mean… there’s a difference. I think Kelly is stuck in her head and she’s still in the 4th grade. So that would make her 12? She needs a shrink, but most of the stuff that she does is pure stoopidity, so congratulations to KKKelly!!! Back to the Kelly’s hair… I wish she would do something with it, because she’s constantly playing with it, just like a 12-year-old!


  3. Woohoo! I’m so glad she won! I wanted to hurl large objects at my TV last night. I cannot even stomach that clip with Alex again. It made me so raving mad!
    Ugh, I despise Kelly so dang much!
    So glad she won!


  4. SH, you are so mean. I now must explain why I was laughing out loud in my office and have a smile on my face. You’ve really ruined my reputation for being Angry (I’ve still got the old covered). Thanks a lot….

    The Walgreens and “arrest record” really got me – Thanks for the laughs!


    • Antonella: Welcome! The poll was taken down at midnight last night. Melissa was taken off the poll three days ago because of ‘voter-gate.’ Melissa’s numbers were skewed, so taking that into consideration, along with some other factors (on the masthead you can read about them in ‘The Club’), KKKelly took the title. Everyone was wondering how Melissa had skipped ahead of the other HWs on the poll and had such a wide lead; a reader who had the ability to direct others to vote for Melissa did exactly that. The reader did apologize; however, the phony votes had to be taken into consideration. Melissa will have another chance… Thanks for commenting! SH


    • SH, Finally! 8 ) (Sorry, forgot all my blog ways!)

      Anywho, I love your blog and read everyday. Don’t have much time to post anymore but appreciate your format. I especially love your ‘Stoopid Housewives Stuff’..lots of fun info!

      Kadooze (Ramona style) on Kelly being the stoopidist HW!! Spot on Sweets!

      Keep up the great job you do here and I will always be back! xo


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