Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 6-30-11… Update

Stoop Housewives

NOTE FROM SH:  There was no recap of the last RHONY or RHONJ.  Why?  I go for the funny and could not find it in either episode, the last RHONJ in particular.  There WILL be a recap of tonight’s RHONY… if it takes a week to find the funny, I swear, I’ll find it!!!!

Big gala for “Artists Against Abuse” in the Hamptons… here.   LuAnnie was there, Ramona and Mario were there… but why wasn’t the big Hamptonite KKKelly there?  Here’s why… because she beat the crap outta her boyfriend!!!  … here.

Bawbee and Jillz were busy at another par-tay in the Hamptons… here.   

Awwwww… there are some women who are trying to get a “Real Housewives” show goin’… here.   Note to these HWs:  Sorry, people, but Bravo’s not gonna pick youz guys up, maybe try the Hamptons cable station…

And, strictly for the funny… this just never gets old…

While looking for another item re RHOOC, found this video, which was just put up.  It was recorded over a year ago.  Honestly, Wretched needs to get some skin care if she’s gonna be the ‘face’ for her cosmetics line… Oh, maybe it’s her ‘Gretchen Christine Beaute’ that’s causing the problems…


Re the discussion on SH about Slimey’s child support:  listen very carefully to the conversation between Tamra and Michelle (Grayson’s mother) that took place during the Real Housewives of Orange County’s Reunion Show… here.   Michelle says that Slimey has not been paying “expenses”… she did not say that Slimey was not paying child support. Therefore, his statement that he is up-to-date with his child support payments is probably true.  Grayson’s care involves a great expense.   As his father, Slimey should willingly offer everything and anything he has towards the expenses incurred for Grayson. However, it looks like Slimey is doing just the basics of what the Orange County Court ordered of him… he’s keeping up with child support payments and nothing else.  Jerk.

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          • That was funny Nunya, Especially the way he agreed when Chris said he spreaded easy. That picture could have been used with the caption of what parlor tricks the Joo-dices plan to use to divert the bankruptcy judges attention on the next court appearance.
            I watched the re-run again last night and picked up another nuance about my pet-peeve-the pronunciation of the Guidice last name. Chris said it the “American” way but Caroline’s friend said it the “Italian” way. Papa Guidice didnt act like he cared one way or another.


  1. screen shots of Amazing Wench’s Eyes rolling into the back of her head during the sit down with captions about what a great “thinker” she is would have been funny


  2. LMAo im so glad kelly did that! That whole season she spent trying to act normal not crazy was all for nothing.HAAAAAAAAAA


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